5th Twilight: Glistening Sin (Renesmee's Story) Chapter 3

Image Credit: Ann R., Rainier, OR Chapter 3 Carnival As we drove out of the drive way in the Volvo, I reached for Jacob's hand. He took it and braced it by his heart. He was so warm and gentle. He always seemed to be there when ever my most memorable moments were happening. He was family and I hope it will always be that way. I just think that the Cullen house hold has some type of grudge on him but I have no clue what. He could never do anything wrong. He was the most perfect man I knew next to Daddy. Just then a glinting set of teeth smiled in the rear view mirror. As I was having a conversation with myself we had turned into a long twisting dirt road just outside of La Push. As we got deeper in, the trees started to create and larger gap and let me see what was ahead of me. Bright colored trailers and streamers. Clowns and cotton candy. Sparkling lights and games. The bright colors were all reflecting off the Christmas snow. "Welcome to the yearly La Push Christmas Carnival Ness!" Jacob yelped in excitement. " The only time we can have a carnival because its the only time its not raining." I chuckled lightly and graciously said," Thank you so much!" I hugged Jacob tightly and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed like on one of those old movies that Grandma watches with me. It has the boy who gets kissed in the 5th grade by a girl they really like and then at an unnatural speed, their face turns bright red and steam shoots out their ears. I swear my grin was ear to ear by now because out of all of the experiences I have had in my short life, this was never one of them. As Daddy pulled into park, I quickly jumped out of the car before it had come to a complete stop and waved my hand for them to hurry up. This was a big moment for me. Daddy had never been to la push because their was something about him not being aloud because of a treaty, but I guess it broke because he was here now! As they all slid out of their seats gracefully and I started to walk towards the lights like a night bug attracted to lamps, and of course they were all by my side in an instant, walking with me at my "fast pace". All of them were so confident with them selves. So tall and so strong. Except for me. I was the only one not this way. The only one without the ability to not have fear. Daddy stared at me in confusion. He looked as if he was about to be taken from this earth. Why the sudden mood change? Then it clicked, he heard me again. He probably would have given me the talk if Jacob and Mommy weren't around. " You are beautiful and at a much higher level than any of us." It gets annoying after be told it many times. I guess that's how brain washing goes, it's annoying because you hear it so much but then it sticks in your head forever. Although there is a difference between brain washing and my situation, when your brain washed you do and believe anything your told. With me, I never will believe that statement. As we walk through the main entrance, a ticket man in a black trench coat, with a large stomach, and a greasy bald scalp, asks for our tickets and I look over at my parent's, just to make sure that they had them, and of course, they did. Walking into the carnival was so magical. It felt like my own little fantasy story, without the crazy villain trying to destroy the infamous hero. Instead of shuffling my feet to every carousal and cotton candy machine there was, I decided to skip to them, and hum the beautiful claire de lune. The song that was played at the cottage almost every hour of every day. In the background everywhere I wandered that seemed adventurous, and fun. Then I saw it, the most beautiful thing to ever be created on this wonderful world. The Tea Cups. They spun in circles so fast that they became a blur of rainbows after ten seconds of the ride beginning. Now that's my kind of adrenaline. I pulled on Jake's arm and yanked him in line. "Ok, Ok Nessie I know you want to ride now could you please let your precious body builder hands off my arm?" He said kind of screechingly. Funny enough, I had more muscles than him because technically I was a new vampire, and they were extremely strong. If there was anyone I wanted to ride with first it was him. He could make that cup spin faster then any creature to have been created. Ah.. I chose a great best friend or maybe it was the other way around. Mom and Dad understood that I wanted to ride with Jake and just told us to have fun while they played darts at one of the stations they had. Mom really wanted the stuffed bear for some reason. I mean it's a stuffed animal, they don't do much ya know. Dad then looked at me in a sort of disappointed way, like I had ruined a surprise or something. As Jake and I hoped inside the cup, it made a creaking noise. He was a little to heavy for the whethered old ride. After putting on the seat belt, [that probably would not help at all if anything happened anyway] the ride was off! Then it was just me staring straight into Jacob's eye's and his into mine. It was really nice. We spun round and round for a time that felt like forever and we just kept our eyes on each other. It was like we were both empowering each other to keep going and not throw up. It would really be bad for me if I upchucked because it would not be the chunky pale colored regurgitation, it would be bright, red, blood. You see I have the same stuff that any other human has to deal with. I get sick and I can eat regular food and still get the same amount of protein I get from blood, it's just the red liquid tastes better, hands down. If Jacob's stomach ended up giving up on him, well then he would be fine. It would look normal and everything, but it would be extreme amounts of it. While using my time with Jacob to think about the bodie's waste, my favorite adventure came to a slow but sudden stop. I was the first to hop out and let me tell you, things were not looking good in the visionary department. My eye's seemed like they were still on the ride and I could see the same thing was happening to Jacob. He was no longer walking but swaying. But this ride had so much to it. With it's long time recovery after, and exhilerating fun during you just can not go wrong with it. I would have ridden it 50 more times that day if I was able too. "So did you two both have fun?" Mommy asked with a sarcastic grin. "What a, what a," then it was all over. that poor trash can. Having to go threw all of that torture. Jacob's grunts and sound effects were not helping either. Of course, when he was done he had to finish his sentence with acid breath,"What a rush." I giggled as I began to see the relief on his face. "Way to show Ness just one more vivid picture Jacob." My mom spoke trying to be angry but it was just not working out for her, so she laughed. "Okay, I think we should show her just one more thing." Daddy spoke in his smooth voice. "I'm in...." Jake answered So then I nodded my head and said, " I'm with him." As we wandered through the sea of people to my next and last ride at the carnival, I watched snowflakes fly on to my face one by one. Every one landed and then instantly melted. It was a light sprinkle nothing as bad that they would have to close the carnival for the day. Just enough to realize that every snowflake just glided past Mom and Dad. Every flake just deflected off their skin. It was like the Matrix Christmas special. For Jacob, before they even touched his skin they turned into a rain drop because of the heat that came off of his body. Workers are keeping the rides clean of snow by sweeping it and plowing it off. It is fun to watch them sweat and put such effort in to pushing frozen water. I could do that with my pinky if I wanted too. Then Dad stops suddenly right in front of a gigantic lit up wheel. It has these bench like things hanging from it and people start to sit down on them and are strapped in with a seatbelt. I guess this is a ride that goes maybe less than five mph. Dad, mom, and Jacob got in line, so I followed. "What is this?" I thought out loud. "The Ferris Wheel." Mom answered. " Your grandpa would take me here almost every christmas eve. He would tell me that if I looked hard enough I could see Santa Claus and his reindeer doing their magic for Christmas. I wish there was a magical man out in this world like him." She whirled around and gave Dad a sarcastic grin. Hopefully I would find my perfect match too. It would be so nice to have someone to be with almost every second of every day and want to be with that person. Sadly, I don't know if that will ever happen. When I stop aging at 13, it will be hard to find a life long partner that stays 13 forever like me. We were suddenly at the front of the line and that made me excited. The ticket man told us that there were two- four to a bench. Lucky for us we had exactly that. As we buckle up I am squished in between Daddy and Jake. Dad Is on the farthest left then me, then Jake, then Mom. The ride starts with a jerk. In front of us are two heads of two people. A girl and a boy. They seem like high schoolers or freshman in college. I can't tell. They were on the ride before us. so I was not able to see their faces. The girl turns around while laughing, and then as she sees us her face turns into a puzzled expression. " Bella? Is that you?" "Angela?"


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