A Challenge

Image Credit: Mandi Z., Phoenix, AZ The author's comments: Based on a picture of a kitten in a blender. Also based on Thor and Loki kittens. I guess... Thor was stuck. He was stuck and he did not like being stuck. His avocado green eyes looked out through the clear glass with longing for the outside. He sat in this place ashamed of how he had gotten into this mess. First he had been lying in the sun all curled up by the front door. The family was gone and he had the whole house to himself. Then he heard a jingle of bells. He lazily rolled his head up to see where the noise came from. His yellow fur and fat stomach covered his view of the rest of the house. He turned over and yawned. When he opened his eyes, he saw him. Loki, the cat of mischief. His blue-black fur was on edge and he hissed as if taunting Thor. Thor couldn’t take this mockery. He jumped up on his four paws and stretched for a moment. If he was to be chasing his brother, he needed to stretch. When he was finished he sauntered into the kitchen. There was Loki sitting in front of the food bowl. ‘A challenge?’ Thor wondered. He began to growl and hiss at his brother who sat stone still. Then Loki leaped into the air and landed on the countertop. Thor followed shortly behind. Thor lunged at Loki and they began to scratch each other. Suddenly Loki went for Thor’s feet. ‘No one dares to touch the feet of Thor!’ Thor internally screamed. He hopped high into the air and then landed in a tight bowl. He stared out at Loki who pushed the lid on the blender cup, which was in the sink. Then Thor watched as Loki went over and ate both of their food for the day. Thor was stuck and he did not like it.

SASHA VICTOR: Honeymoon Patch

The honeymoon patch of sunlight grew darker, obscured by the thick tangle of unknowing surrounding us. I looked up. She hummed silently. The song resonated in her eyes, as if seeing the work already done. I followed her, also humming, and we worked together, feeling ourselves victors through the pain. Every day Sasha tries to … Continue reading SASHA VICTOR: Honeymoon Patch →

MIRIAM STEIN: Last Chance?

Michael really likes you, Her parents insisted When she was 20 I find him dull, she countered You can’t be too particular, her father said You have to think about what you have to offer. Was it her extra pounds he meant? Or her personality? She wished she had asked Miriam Stein is a social … Continue reading MIRIAM STEIN: Last Chance? →


I think your atoms and my atoms were pressed close in that dense, hot ball at the beginning of the universe. Then everything expanded, but not us. Maybe that’s why you annoy me so much: because we’ve been stuck together for infinite eons, and I just really need some space. Lex T. Lindsay is a … Continue reading LEX T LINDSAY: Close →

KIM FAVORS: The Illusive Garden

Exposed to light, the misunderstood memories skitter away like startled insects. Slowly, I clear more rocks from the landscape of my childhood. When I find the courage to pull weeds, I might replace them with roses: Their beauty comes with thorns. Or perhaps cacti, which can survive neglect, even abuse. Kim Favors worked as a … Continue reading KIM FAVORS: The Illusive Garden →


The story of the week for May 13 to 17 is… Close by Lex T. Lindsay