A Scene from the Hunger Games

Image Credit: Lauren G., Pompton Plains, NJ The author's comments: I wrote this for a project we had to do for school. It's pretty short, I hope you like it! Katniss is laying in a tall tree, trying to catch a few hours of sleep. In the distance a twig snaps and Katniss’ eyes fly open. A shadow of a person looms closer as the shape stumbles through the underbrush. “Katniss?” A choked whisper brakes the vail of the silent night. Katniss slowly pulls her bow and a single arrow out of her pack. She locks her aim on the shadow, pulling back every few seconds. “Katniss, it’s me!” “Peeta?” Katniss lowers her bow and jumps down from the tree. The crunching ground cushions her feet. Peeta’s face is illuminated in the moonlight. Katniss pulls him into a tight hug. “We have to get out of here. Hurry, the others are coming.” They begin to run and a cave comes into view. Peeta pulls her into the dark shadows and a group of people run by. When Katniss was sure they had gone, she sat down. “You just saved my life.” Katniss smiles “You have no idea the effect you can have.” He lowers himself beside her, and holds her close.

STORY OF THE MONTH: October 2019

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month. The finalists for October were: Mother Always Asked Uncle Bart to Babysit by C. Christine Fair No Returns, Exchanges, or Substitutions by Maria Cargille The Macy’s Mummy by Graham Robert Scott Like a Crow by Louella … Continue reading STORY OF THE MONTH: October 2019 →


Maple is flirting with me. I glimpse her at windows as she ducks out of sight, catching only a swirl of scarlet skirts. She leaves little crimson-wrapped gifts outside my door. I love her. I wish I knew that she loved me… but Miss Sugar Maple never says a word. Maria speaks for the trees … Continue reading MARIA CARGILLE: Miss Maple →

SUSAN GALE WICKES: The Meaning of Life

We form a club, pondering the mysteries of life. Every Tuesday night at 7 PM. We read books, attend conferences, question friends. The bottom line is, we simply cannot concur on what we’re doing here. We are, however, in agreement on one thing. There must be pizza at every meeting. Susan Gale Wickes is a … Continue reading SUSAN GALE WICKES: The Meaning of Life →

JOSHUA BENITEZ: Shower Thoughts

Someone once told me a hot shower is like a mother’s womb. Perhaps because you feel safe being vulnerable. I wonder if I ever cried in my mother’s womb. I like crying in the shower. It’s the solidarity I get knowing that something else can pour as much as me. Joshua Benitez believes the best … Continue reading JOSHUA BENITEZ: Shower Thoughts →

JUDI MacKENZIE: Maturity

Words flowed: eloquent, impressive. Everything perfect, until a fly disappeared into her interviewer’s man bun. Wouldn’t be easy, but she’d battled giggles before, and won. Two more entered the bun party. She bit her lip. Oblivious, he droned on. “We’re all abuzz…” he said. She heard no further. Game over. Judi MacKenzie is a writer … Continue reading JUDI MacKENZIE: Maturity →