A Scene from the Hunger Games

Image Credit: Lauren G., Pompton Plains, NJ The author's comments: I wrote this for a project we had to do for school. It's pretty short, I hope you like it! Katniss is laying in a tall tree, trying to catch a few hours of sleep. In the distance a twig snaps and Katniss’ eyes fly open. A shadow of a person looms closer as the shape stumbles through the underbrush. “Katniss?” A choked whisper brakes the vail of the silent night. Katniss slowly pulls her bow and a single arrow out of her pack. She locks her aim on the shadow, pulling back every few seconds. “Katniss, it’s me!” “Peeta?” Katniss lowers her bow and jumps down from the tree. The crunching ground cushions her feet. Peeta’s face is illuminated in the moonlight. Katniss pulls him into a tight hug. “We have to get out of here. Hurry, the others are coming.” They begin to run and a cave comes into view. Peeta pulls her into the dark shadows and a group of people run by. When Katniss was sure they had gone, she sat down. “You just saved my life.” Katniss smiles “You have no idea the effect you can have.” He lowers himself beside her, and holds her close.


Sugar is the enemy. Fat is poison. Mantras like these run on a loop inside my foggy mind. Staring down the overflowing plate, my heart thunders against my ribcage at the thought of eating blacklisted snacks. Grimacing, I take a bite of the Hershey bar. Recovery is a slow process. Lauren is an undergraduate student … Continue reading LAUREN EVERHART-DECKARD: Fear Foods →

AJ JOSEPH: Guardian

It protects me while I sleep. From the eight-legged reptile under my bed. From the violent poltergeist in my kitchen. From the woman in white with midnight hair down to her feet, who waits among the banana trees in my garden. It protects me, the strange being in my wardrobe. AJ Joseph occasionally writes at … Continue reading AJ JOSEPH: Guardian →


Lily sits on a park bench. Pigeons know her. They cluster… fight… peck. The children recognize her too: the one who feeds the pigeons. Lily giggles, opens her purse, sets it on the ground. “She’s crazy,” the children taunt. Pigeons though, coo, bob… fly into her purse filled with sky. Judy DeCroce is a poet … Continue reading JUDY DeCROCE: Lily →

ERIN GILMORE: With apologies to William Carlos Williams

“I’ve eaten your plums,” he sneered. A fruit fight ensued. Mangoes, a hail of cherries, a ballistic Crenshaw melon. After, we lay prone, exhausted and covered in juice, near the icebox. A non-participant plucked the last plum off the kitchen counter. It was delicious and sweet and cold, he reported. Erin Gilmore is an artist … Continue reading ERIN GILMORE: With apologies to William Carlos Williams →


“The demons are coming,” the old woman said from the corner of her cell. “When,” the sheriff asked. “As soon as you kill me,” she replied. “What if we don’t kill you?” Cries from the townsfolk rose above the window. “That’s not how this goes,” she said, her smile anticipatory. C. P. Lopes is a … Continue reading CP LOPES: The Lot →