Across The Stars

Image Credit: Allison H., Vancouver, WA The author's comments: What inspired me to write this peace was, I've been wanting to write a story aboy romance and Star Wars in it so I finally did it! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...there lived a girl. This girl was no ordinary girl...she loved her life and she loved her family and friends. But there was just this one thing that could never get her mind and heart straight...she was hopelessly in love with...John Furtiz. Since 5th grade, ever since she met John, she just couldn't ever get her mind and heart off of him. And let's just say that ''John Furtiz'' wasn't someone ''attractive'' or ''handsome,'' no...but John Furtiz, oh John Furtiz...he was the love of Aurora Leia Peters life. John was someone truly special. He had such a personality, attitude, way of being that made Aurora fall so in love with him. She saw such good in him and she saw what a wonderful person he was, what incredible human being he was and she truly knew what she felt for him was something out of this world and something inevitable that she could never take away from her heart. Aurora truly, truly loved John and people would ask her all the time, how do you know its love, how do you know that you love him, what do you know about, love? These questions would always cross Aurora's mind...Aurora's, heart. Nevertheless, Aurora knew. She knew that she was in love with John because every time she saw him, she would feel something, she would feel butterflies in her stomach, she would feel her heart racing thousands of beats, she would get goosebumps all over her body, she would look like a hopeless in love, she would just...feel.   It was senior year in Naboo High. Everyone in their senior year of high school, were ready to graduate. Aurora was so nervous but was fully committed to focus on graduating and have a great school year. The only obstacle that always kept holding her back was knowing that she was going to see, John. Her and John were best friends for 8 years, but that all stopped since John stopped talking to her because of his mother's death who was killed by Aurora's great uncle. Aurora was 14 and John was 15 when this happened and ever since, John just couldn't talk to Aurora or to anyone in her family. John's mom was called Ahsoka. Ahsoka died because of Aurora's great uncle (Sheev), he killed her with a lightsaber. Sheev had such a hatred towards Ahsoka because she was a Jedi and Sheev was a Sith Lord. Jedi's and Sith's are enemy's. This never bothered anyone in high school though, that were either in the dark or light side because all of those stories were ancient. So it didn't really matter if you were part of the dark side or the light side. If you fell in love, you fell in love. And you were able to socialize with anyone without being in danger. (EXCEPT for the actual Jedi Masters and Sith Lords, that was never ever the exception in a galaxy far, far away). Any who, John's mom's death left him absolutely devastated. He never had the guts to actually tell Aurora how he feels about her family since that happened, or even talk to her. He accumulated hatred in his heart against everyone in Aurora's family because of, Sheev. This left Aurora with a hole in her heart. She didn't fully understand why John would do that and she would cry and cry about it and just stress over it because, someone who once was her friend, now, doesn't care about her, and that's how she felt. John had a very hard and struggling life because his father stopped being there for him, caring for him because of the death of his mother. John wanted to get revenge against Sheev and he was committed to go up against him but someone wise adviced him that, that isn't the path he would want to go to. His name was ''Yoda.'' John always went to Yoda so he could help John with any worries or problems, or the hatred feelings he was feeling. Yoda told him that he needed to keep calm and to find the peace even though, what Sheev did was horrendous and horrible. Aurora never stopped trying to talk to John or to, at times, visit him and be there for him.   There was this group of ''popular kids.'' In this group the names of the people were: Matt, Joseph, Daisy, Kayla...and, Lisa. Lisa Montgomery was the head of the group. She was mean, manipulative, conceited, selfish, cruel, but besides all of this, she was, gorgeous. She had such a physical beauty that every time she walked passed people, she would leave them awed. Lisa is someone else who has been in love with, John Furtiz. She has known him since they were 5 years old. John used to like her but the person who John has always been in love with is, Paulina Seth. ''Oh how John loved that girl.'' The sad thing is, Paulina has never ever met John. John has seen her (known her) since they were in 3rd grade. Going back to Aurora, Aurora, knew that ''John was in love with Paulina'' (supposably). Aurora has a quote, a phrase, a sentence...of love. This sentence of love was: ''You can fall in love with someone so much, so much that you can end up getting blinded by love, and not know what to do, if there isn't that same kind of love inside, that person, you love.'' Aurora would always think about this quote over and over in her head because she would never fully understand, ''how can we end up falling in love with, someone, so...much?''   Aurora would always go to this specific lake in Naboo. There she would let out her tears of sadness, she would express herself out loud crying and crying over, John. That was the only place Aurora knew 100% that she could truly express her feelings, where no one would bother her or question her, where she could take away all her stress just by talking and yelling and crying out loud, just to get the sadness she felt off her chest. Aurora had it hard. She did have a good life and a good family and friends, but ever since she's been in love with John, that's where she couldn't control her feelings...   It was the second week of senior year in high school and Aurora had already begun to worry and stress about tests, homework, projects, clubs, (people), and...Lisa. Lisa never liked Aurora. She knew how Aurora felt about John and Lisa just hated her for that. She would always bother her, make fun of her, stress her, tease her...but nevermind that...Aurora would never pay attention to that or to Lisa and her ''popular group.'' Lisa also didn't like Aurora because Aurora too had such a physical beauty and Aurora's personality was so nice and humble and Lisa envied Aurora because of the person she was. One day, after going to the lake in Naboo, and heading to period 5, Aurora bumped right into...this guy, named...Joey Walker. Here's where the good part comes...   Joey Walker is a new kid in Naboo high and his parents were: Ray and Rose Walker. They are new in Naboo. They used to live in planet Coruscant. Joey can be described as a really handsome guy and very attractive. He had dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. His skin was as white as snow and he was tall with a great body. After Aurora bumped into Joey and Joey into Aurora, they both ended up falling. Joey felt so bad for not seeing where he was going and ended up falling when he bumped into Aurora. He then helped Aurora stand up after he stood up, and then he said, ''Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! My mistake ma lady! I did not see where I was going! I am so, so sorry.'' Then for a moment...Joey's eyes stared right into Aurora's eyes. Aurora, nervous, responded with, ''Oh I am, uhh, its, umm, its all good...'' She kept stuttering her words as she looked and talked to Mr. Joey Walker. Joey just smiled and did a little laugh. Aurora couldn't get her words straight and she just kept staring into the eyes of Joey. Joey presented himself and he said, ''My name is Joey Walker. What is your's ma lady?'' Aurora got goosebumps every time Joey said, ''ma lady.'' Aurora answered with, ''My, my, umm, name is Aurora. Aurora Peters.'' Joey told her, ''What a wonderful name!'' He once again said, ''I am truly sorry for bumping into you ma lady.'' Aurora answered with, ''Oh its all good, its all good don't worry, it was uhh, umm, an accident.'' Then Aurora turned around and walked away...Joey went chasing after her and asked her, ''Ma lady, may I take you to your next class?'' Aurora still all nervous, and with goosebumps, said, ''Umm, yeah of course, why not.'' Then Joey smiled at her and they went walking to Aurora's next class. As they walked to Aurora's class, John was walking right in front of Joey and Aurora, but Aurora didn't notice him because she was too busy talking to Joey. Then, John ALMOST bumped into Aurora but they were face to face right when they were about to crash into each other. John just gave a look at Aurora. It wasn't a dirty look. No. It wasn't a comfortable look. No. It wasn't a pleasuring look. It was just, a look. A look that left Aurora thinking...''What does that look mean?'' Then Joey told John, ''Is everything all right man?'' Joey didn't like the way John gave that look to Aurora because he too was confused about John's look to Aurora. John answered with a rude comment, ''What do you care?'' Then he just walked away and gave another look to Aurora before he walked away. Aurora wanted to ignore John's look(s) but she couldn't. Joey asked her, ''Do you know him ma lady?'' Aurora said, ''Yes, yes I do...I've known him since we were in 5th grade...and he means a lot to me but he also hates me and my family...'' Joey made a confused facial expression and asked Aurora, ''How could anyone ever hate such a beautiful and wonderful person?'' Then, Aurora, blushed.   After school that day, John ran to look for, Aurora. When he finally found her, he stood right in front of her and told her, ''Hey, umm, I'm sorry about earlier.'' Aurora was very surprised because John hasn't talked to her since the incident and she was also nervous. She said, ''Oh, its all good.'' But she said this in a very low and sad voice. John asked her, ''Are you okay, Aury?'' Aurora once again was surprised and this time shocked to hear that John called her Aury because when they ''were'' best friends, John would always call her, Aury, but now that he talked to her, after 5 years, of not, Aurora was, surprised. Aurora responded, ''What do you mean if I'm okay? Why do you care? Where have you been all these years, away from me? Why did you end up hating me? I know what my great uncle did, which was horrible, but did you really have to take it out on me? And why did you just call me Aury after all these years, you jerk?'' John's response was, ''Look Aurora, my life has been hell and its all been chaotic ever since my mother died and my dad has been blaming me and blaming me for it...honestly I am truly sorry that you have felt and still feel this way, but please, just please, I'm begging you, please understand my situation...and I don't hate you, Aury.'' Aurora really wanted to understand John...but she was still pissed at the fact that John had ignored her and acted like she was invisible all these years, especially since Aurora was, and has always been there for him...John looked at Aurora and saw that she was still a little mad, but she also, had a frown on her face. He told her, ''Aury, I am so sorry...You mean a lot to me and I know that I haven't been the best friend you've wanted, but, I love you...I truly do...'' Aurora felt...thousands and thousands of feelings when John had said this...she couldn't explain was she was feeling (since John is the love of her life)...but Aurora felt like the happiest person ever, nevertheless, she was also thinking. She was thinking ''Why?'' Just ''Why?'' And ''Why, did she ask herself this?'' Well...she wanted to forgive John, but she was also confused and slightly mad at him for being such a jerk to her when all she wanted was to be there for him. Then, Aurora started to cry...she just couldn't handle all of this. So, she turned around, and, almost left...BUT before she tried on leaving...John grabbed her by her arm and pulled her to his...   There was a pause...a pause between, the girl, and the guy, she loved. Aurora, did not make any move as John hang on to her and stared at her beautiful, angelic, eyes. John, couldn't take his eyes off, of his Aury. They both just stood there...stood there looking into each other's eyes. John was grabbing Aurora by her waist. His hand rested there as Aurora's hands were resting on his shoulders...then...John started to cry...he looked at Aurora's...lips...They just stood there, like the only two people in the whole entire world...Aurora looked at John as he was moving his head towards the palm of her lips...He then, started to...kiss her. Aurora and John both felt the power of that kiss...John knew in that exact moment, exactly how he felt about Aurora, and how Aurora felt for him...   As Joey Walker was walking to look for Aurora, he saw, he saw that John was kissing, the perfect girl, he had just met that day. Joey, was looking for Aurora to invite her to go get a cup of coffee with him...But he never imagined Aurora kissing another guy, because he felt the connection Aurora had with him and him with her that day they met...After this, Aurora just pushed herself away from John. She told him, ''I, uhh-...umm, I, I have to go.'' John, all confused, asked his Aury, ''Why, umm, is everything alright?'' Aurora said, ''Yes, yes everything is alright, its just, I'm confused...'' John asked her, ''What are you confused about Aury?'' Aurora told him, ''Confused about, the fact that...I love you, and I have always been in love with you...and you mean so much to me, that I've been stressing and crying over someone who wasn't even worth it...'' she continued, ''But, I'm just not sure, if you are...'' John said, ''You love me?'' Aurora's answer was, ''Yes, yes I do.'' Then John said, ''I've always been in love with you too...I've just never had that guts to actually tell you this because I thought you didn't like me and I am sorry about everything that has happened with my mom and your great uncle, but especially, you...I'm sorry that I've hurt you...I'm sorry for not telling you how much you mean to me and how much, I love you, my Aury...I love you with all my heart, ever since we were kids...I've never stopped loving you.'' Aurora, cried more and more as she heard John talk. She felt happiness but also frustration, frustration because she was hurt but also, so in love with him. Aurora was also confused at the fact that John was ''supposably'' in love with Paulina Seth. So she asked him, ''But aren't you in love with Paulina?'' John's response was, ''I was never in love with her...I just liked her...but I never loved her...I only love and have always loved one girl...and that girl, is you Aury.''  She then said, ''I love you too John, and I will never stop loving you...'' She then threw herself into the arms of her love. John grabbed her with all of his strength and kissed her over and over again. They both felt so invincible, together. They were finally, happy. Or were they...   Joey, in the other hand, knew Aurora was and looked happy. So all he did was turn around and leave. EXCEPT, for Lisa Montgomery...As Lisa was walking out of school, she saw john and Aurora kissing, then she started to burn into flames! She walked straight to Aurora and pushed her away from John. Then Lisa told Aurora, ''You b****! How dare you! John is mine! Only mine!'' John looked straight at Lisa and said, ''Says who? You? Or your fantasy brain?'' There were a whole bunch of people looking straight at Lisa and all of them started to laugh when John said this to Lisa...especially Lisa's ''popular group.'' Lisa, frustrated, left and started screaming, she did nothing because of the humiliation she had gotten from everyone especially her ''supposed friends.'' After this little chaotic scam Lisa did, John looked right back at his love, Aurora. He grabbed her hand and they both went walking together out of school as happy as can be...Months passed and passed and now, it was already time to graduate. John and Aurora were as happy as can be and they both graduated together and continued on with their happy life and their love...   ''Across The Stars...'' that's something Aurora felt, with her John Furtiz. Aurora was finally, finally happy. Now, what does ''Across The Stars'' mean to Aurora?...It means, that she is able to go across the stars with John, she is able to be in love with him as he is able to be in love with her...There they were...standing in the middle of the night...near he most beautiful ocean...a beautiful ocean in Naboo. Aurora was wearing a beautiful, beautiful bright red dress. She had a gorgeous red color on her lips. Her hair was down and curled. She had a beautiful and big flower on her hair...John had a nice black suit on with a nice white colored shirt. His hair was all, just, perfect. Then, John told Aurora, ''Aurora Leia have made me the most happiest, most brightest, most in love have made me a better man and you don't know how thankful and honored I am to have you by my side.'' He continued, ''I want to spend the rest of my life with you and have you by my side in good times, and in bad times...I love you Aurora Leia Peters.'' After his long and beautiful speech, John put one knee on the sand, took out a little red box, opened it...and said, ''Will you make me the most happiest man ever, and marry me Aurora Leia Peters?'' Seeing this, Aurora started crying and crying and crying, and said, ''Yes! Oh my goodness! Baby! Yes of course I will!...I love you so much, you are my world and I want to spend the rest of my life with you too my love...'' John put the ring on Aurora, grabbed her, lifted her to the sky, put her down, and kissed her with everything he had...Then John said, ''Across The Stars...together and forever, my Aury.'' THE END


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