Image Credit: Matt F., Pierz, MN "My hatred for his actions have faded for my admiration of his skills." Watson shook his head, huffing a sheepish laugh. Holmes knew he wouldnt believe him. Nobody did. Not the bobbies in Scotland Yard, not the citizens of London, not the ordinary people who dismissed all artists of Moriartys stature--but he did. He could see it. The immensity of his crimes, the calculation dedicated to them, all contributing to a symphony of crime and war. James Moriarty shared an artistry with him, a connoisseur of all things immoral and unworldly.   A world without him would be one of the dreadful ticking of the grandfather clock, time wearing him like sand while his mind rot in its core; a world with him was one where John Watson would be in constant danger.   Sherlock Holmes sat back into his chair, quietly clasping his hands in prayer to a God he didn't believe in. For the first time since he was six, he felt uncertain for the future.


In June, she was a vision. Straight, even rows of tiny, green shoots reaching toward the sun. In July, she blossomed from summer rains. A familiar anticipation began to set in. Then came August, and she was ripe with bounty. Now, the fruits of our labor realized, we both rest. Susan Gale Wickes is a … Continue reading SUSAN GALE WICKES: The Garden →


A man wrote a song and died. Trembling, the song tried to sing herself. Each day she practised, flexing melodic limbs, strengthening pale notes, until she came to understand discordant beauty. That day, her song spilled into rivers and comet trails, spread throughout galaxies. The universe leaned in to listen. Lisa Alletson is an emerging … Continue reading LISA ALLETSON: Discordant →

DON NOEL: The Ring

Jason spotted it as he pulled radishes: big diamond. The house’s former owner had asked him to watch for it. His wife, the gardener, had fallen. Hand ballooned; ring cut off. In early Alzheimer’s, she forgot where she’d put it. Two years ago now. Looks valuable. Let it stay lost. Retired after four decades’ prizewinning … Continue reading DON NOEL: The Ring →

OWEN YAGER: Back Before We Knew the World

Sani and I stood in a hotel parking lot once and watched two children who were standing silently, holding each other’s hands and looking at the ground, while their parents fought. That night we promised each other we’d always talk gently. Those were hopeful days, before we knew the world. Owen Yager is a senior … Continue reading OWEN YAGER: Back Before We Knew the World →

RAN WALKER: How to Train a Beast

The first time the beast came to the village was by accident. He had simply lost his way. However, once he learned the townspeople were willing to feed him one of their own each year, gradually incorporating more festivities and rituals into his visits, the beast vowed to keep returning. Ran Walker is the award-winning … Continue reading RAN WALKER: How to Train a Beast →