Assassin's Creed Christmas (Sorta) part 2

Image Credit: Luke S., Montclair, NJ The author's comments: Part two. Once again based off the Game. December 20, 1490: Venice The roads were freezing as I walked across them. Now I had to kill so close to Christmas. My target was in front of me, walking through the crowd hurriedly. I walked behind him when a shout attracted my attention. I turned and saw a girl of about 19 being harassed by hooligans. I looked at my target, then, cursing silently, I walked towards the girl. “No, Toby,” she said, “We’re through, don’t you get it?” “Sure I get it,” he said, his speech slurring, “I get you’re crazy for me.” She slapped him audibly, “Porco!” she yelled, and then Toby’s friends grabbed her arms. “Hold her steady.” Toby slurred. “Hey!” I said, walking up towards them “Is there a problem here?” Toby turned towards me. “Just getten the b**** ready,” he slurred, now I could smell the wine, “so butt out.” I stepped into his face, holding my breath of course,”Listen,” I said, “Why don’t you turn around, go home, and sleep it off?” Toby swaggered back, hand in a fist, and swung. I grabbed his arm and threw him to the snow covered ground. One of his friends let go of the girl and walked towards me menacingly. I have to admit, if it was anyone else they’d probably back away. He swung at me and I grabbed his arm and held it with mine. I didn’t smell any alcohol on this dude, so he needed to learn a lesson. I punched his gut three times, then in the jaw. He fell like a sack of fruit. The other friend ran like a rabbit. Toby got up, not bothering to wipe off the snow on him, and charged me. I grabbed his arm, spun him, and threw him into the same spot. He got up again and shouted “You’ll regret this!” I rolled my eyes as he ran, he’d forget about this by tomorrow. I turned towards the girl and smiled, “You ok?” “Yeah…thanks.” She said, “I’m Charlotte, Charlotte Francisco.”

SUSAN GALE WICKES: Harry the Magnificent

“Harry the Magnificent” the sign read. “You’ll be amazed by his magic fingers” it added. “Oh, please,” I thought. “I’ve never been amazed by any carnival magician.” The act was boring, bland. Harry’s claims, however, were spot on. I was amazed to discover my wallet and watch were both missing. Susan Gale Wickes lives in … Continue reading SUSAN GALE WICKES: Harry the Magnificent →

MAURA YZMORE: Lupus in Fabula

A girl in a red hood skips along the forest path. A wolf beholds, entranced. His mouth waters. He never hears two little pigs sneak up. The pigs drag the unconscious wolf away, discuss rebuilding their flattened homes. They can afford brick now; the girl’s grandma has paid them well. Maura Yzmore is a Midwest-based … Continue reading MAURA YZMORE: Lupus in Fabula →


The story of the week for June 17 to 21 is… The View After the Climb by Bob Thurber

DANIEL QUILLEN: Death Sentence

Death comes creeping slowly, quietly, closer and closer. My Priest says not to worry about it, that the pain will only be momentary. But what does he know? He’ll still be alive. Ever closer the fatal date creeps, until at last it is here. Time to take my math final. Daniel Quillen is a retired … Continue reading DANIEL QUILLEN: Death Sentence →

LAURA BESLEY: Her Glorious Face

Every morning, on the 8:04, I look for her face. Sometimes I see individual stars, but never the entire constellation. This is her train. The train that took her face and scattered her stars into the darkness around it. All I want is to see her face one more time. Laura Besley writes short fiction … Continue reading LAURA BESLEY: Her Glorious Face →