Assassin's Creed Christmas (Sorta) part 4

Image Credit: Kelley C., Marblehead, MA The author's comments: Sorry it took so long with snow and all. So here's part 4! “Well this is…” she paused and looked at me. “Zak.” I said, extending my hand. She took it and I leaned down and kissed hers. Charlotte rolled her eyes, “So where’s Minny?” she asked. “She’s with her grandmother this Christmas.” Her mom said, eyes still studying me. “I did make dinner for two, but if your friend is staying…” I backed up, “Oh, I didn’t want to intrude.” “Nonsense.” Her mother said, planting a smile on her face, “You simply must stay, it’s getting colder anyway.” How did I fit myself into this corner? Oh yeah, I came inside. Charlotte led me to the table and sat me down, then sat beside me. Her mother served pasta and sat across from me. “So,” she said, “What do you do for a living?” She wanted to play me in a battle of wits? Fine. “I work wherever I can find it.” I said, putting a forkful of pasta into my mouth, “I’ve never found the right job for me.” She nodded then asked, “How did you meet my daughter?” Charlotte went into great detail on how I fought three men, one being Toby, and escorted her home. Her mother nodded, “What were you doing there?” she asked. “I was going to a job offering as a cart runner’s assistant.” I said after a short pause, “Then I heard your daughter and I forgot about the job.” We ate for a while in silence, then once we were finished Charlotte asked if I could stay. “Oh I couldn’t.” I said, knowing her mother probably didn’t like me. “Of course you can stay! Right mom?” she asked, looking expectantly at her mom. Her mom was silent for the longest time, “Guest room.” She finally muttered.

STORY OF THE WEEK: November 10

The story of the week for November 4 to 8 is… Rain Dance by Raymond Sloan

SUSAN GALE WICKES: The Meaning of Life

We form a club, pondering the mysteries of life. Every Tuesday night at 7 PM. We read books, attend conferences, question friends. The bottom line is, we simply cannot concur on what we’re doing here. We are, however, in agreement on one thing. There must be pizza at every meeting. Susan Gale Wickes is a … Continue reading SUSAN GALE WICKES: The Meaning of Life →


Under the stars, Iowa poets dance from stanza to stanza, barnyard to barnyard all across the state Have you not noticed them? Let’s celebrate with the poets of Iowa and sip herbal tea together in cornfields as we share our secrets in verse by the light of the harvest moon Roberta Beach Jacobson admits to … Continue reading ROBERTA BEACH JACOBSON: Iowa Poets →

STORY OF THE MONTH: October 2019

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month. The finalists for October were: Mother Always Asked Uncle Bart to Babysit by C. Christine Fair No Returns, Exchanges, or Substitutions by Maria Cargille The Macy’s Mummy by Graham Robert Scott Like a Crow by Louella … Continue reading STORY OF THE MONTH: October 2019 →

JOSHUA BENITEZ: Shower Thoughts

Someone once told me a hot shower is like a mother’s womb. Perhaps because you feel safe being vulnerable. I wonder if I ever cried in my mother’s womb. I like crying in the shower. It’s the solidarity I get knowing that something else can pour as much as me. Joshua Benitez believes the best … Continue reading JOSHUA BENITEZ: Shower Thoughts →