Assassin's Creed: Darkness part 1

Image Credit: Trisha L., Neosho, MO Robert brushed past the crowd of people; he had to get to his meeting. He thought himself high and official; he was nothing but a deer in a scope, my scope. I walked casually behind him, he had to slow down because of the crowd of people; he didn’t notice me. I quickly drew my hand around his neck, letting the blades on my fingers cut through his neck, and then threw a smoke bomb. Some people gagged, some choked, and one girl even let out a high pitched scream. I quickly melded into the shadows, watching as people screamed even more when they noticed Robert’s body. I walked back out and walked away from the scene, I had done my job. “That’s the tenth one this month.” John, or as he was known around the office “The Hunter”, said, shaking his head. The Brotherhood held strong for centuries, times had changed. Yet one man acted as though he was back in 1450. The Brotherhood had been started in 456 B.C. (or so the old records say), and is still alive even in 2020. Now they had different sections that raised different fighters. Carolyn, or “The Courtesan”, walked up and glanced over the paper. “One man did all of this?” she asked. “He seemed to use a claw or something.” John said, turning to Mike. Mike, The Banker, stood angrily. “No one has used the claw in ages.” he said, “It is a sacred relic.” The Noble had a point, only a selected few killed in the old styles anymore, but people mostly killed with guns. “Our side still uses needles.” Robert, The Doctor, said matter-of-factly. “I wasn’t accusing you Mike.” John said patiently, “I just wanted to know what you knew about his weapon.” Mike glanced at my paper, “From what this says, this claw has five fingers, so this person likes his kills up close and personal.” “All of these people seemed to be businessmen for the United States,” Travis, The Priest, said, shaking his head sadly, “this goes against the Creed.” The Assassin’s Creed is a set of rules that assassins must follow. There were no exceptions. “We will have to send someone against him.” John said. “I’ll go.” Jake, The Harlequin, said eagerly. Everyone looked at each other. “Let’s send Jack first.” John said, “Then you.” Jake’s face fell. “Is everyone in agreement?” John asked. No one said no.

CASEY LAINE: Photographs of the Condemned

Capturing those final shots On the eve of an execution I wonder what words Her lips do not speak I wonder, yes, but I do not ask Because I know In my shadowed heart That a look as blue as her eyes in that light Is an answer in itself. Casey Laine comes from a … Continue reading CASEY LAINE: Photographs of the Condemned →

STORY OF THE MONTH: November 2019

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month. The finalists for November were: Sundays by Una Nine Nine Rain Dance by Raymond Sloane Surrender by Eileen Hansen Shadows by Dmitri Christopher The winner of the November 2019 Story of the Month, and the $10 … Continue reading STORY OF THE MONTH: November 2019 →


The Balloonman presents the poodle, smiles and begins another. The child lifts it overhead; refracted color splashes his face. Autumn engulfs the horizon—the carnival sags. The Balloonman squints as summer burns itself out. The swan completed, he bows to one last girl, sighs, and turns toward evening and home. Melody Leming-Wilson lives and teaches in … Continue reading MELODY LEMING-WILSON: Balloonman →


The story of the week for December 2 to 6 is… Balloonman by Melody Leming-Wilson


I’ve been collecting things since I was very small. Conkers, feathers, snow globes. Then onto stamps, butterflies, coins. It was only natural for me to progress to larger, more beautiful and precious things. Hard to find, harder to keep. People demand their freedom in a way that stamps never did. Charlie Swailes writes short and … Continue reading CHARLIE SWAILES: Assemblage →