Black, Meet Black

The author's comments: This story is a Harry Potter/Twilight fan-fiction. I thought it would be cool to bring the two series together. Standing in the center of Grimmuald Place, was a shaggy black dog sitting curiously still. He seemed to be staring at the place between the houses marked 11 & 13. Suddenly the houses started moving apart and a new house grew in between them. The black dog immediately bounded up the steps leading to the front door. Once inside, the black dog transformed into none other then Sirius Black. “Kreacher!” called Sirius. After hurried footsteps, an elf like creature entered the room. “Yes master Black?” squeaked the elf. “Go up to the attic and bring me the picture of my family tree.” “Right away master.” And with a low bow, he left the room. Ever since that morning when Sirius was looking through the old records at the Ministry, he’d been wondering if what he saw could somehow be related to him. As he walked into the drawing room, the little elf turned the corner carrying a huge frame above his head. “Ah!” said Sirius, “Now we shall see.” Blowing the dust off of the frame, Sirius immediately saw what he was looking for. “Yes! I knew I’d read that name somewhere before.” “Jacob Black, My niece’s son.” “It said on the report that he is one of a pack of werewolves that doesn’t become a werewolf until he becomes older, never even has to be bitten.” A week later, Sirius located Jacob and decided to pay him a visit. He was very curious to meet this boy. Sirius thought all of his family was dead before now. He concentrated very hard on where he had to go, and with a loud “crack” he vanished. He reappeared in front of a large house located near La Push Beach. He started toward the house and stopped in his tracks when he saw that there was a boy coming out of the house pushing a man in a wheelchair. Sirius watched as the boy pushed the man over to a waiting car and helped him inside. Once the car had driven away, the boy sprinted into an old shed behind the house. “That must be him.” thought Sirius. Once again he started off, this time to the shed. It seemed to take him a surprisingly long time to reach the door when he finally reached out his hand and knocked. There were strange sounds coming from behind the door. It sounded like someone was moving things around. “Coming!” called Jacob. The door swung open suddenly, and Sirius came face to chest with Jacob Black for the first time. “May I help you?” Jacob asked in a rough tone. It startled Sirius to see how tall Jacob was, “He looks about three feet taller then me!” he thought. After Sirius got over the shock, he cleared his throat and said: “Yes, let me introduce myself, my name is Sirius Black and I am your Great Uncle.” “I came here out of curiosity….” Suddenly Jacob made a face, as if he smelled something foul. “This man has a strange scent, almost like a………” A sudden thought occurred to Jacob, “This man isn’t human, He’s one of them! A bloodsucker!” “You see, I’ve never met anyone like you before--“ continued Sirius. “You can’t fool me! I know what you are!” Jacob Bellowed. “Excuse me?” “You’re a bloodsucker! You smell just like them!” “You must be mistake----“ but Sirius never got to finish his sentence, for Jacob had changed into a giant red wolf and lunged at his uncle's throat.


Turn on lo-fi music. Drive my car so I can nap. Wake me up anyways to kiss. Roll down the windows, wind tangling my hair. Take me later for a bike ride; take me anywhere. Let me pick scabs off my knees without judgement. Let me be a kid again. Autumn Bolte is an undergraduate … Continue reading AUTUMN BOLTE: Young Adult →


Jane was trapped in a world of low ceilings and high furniture. At a charity event, she met an avant-garde decorator specializing in purple lighting. She told Jane, “Stand out. Be bold and bright. Shine. No excuses.” So nowadays Jane lives in a beige cube with powerful splashes of purple. Roberta Beach Jacobson is a … Continue reading ROBERTA BEACH JACOBSON: Apartment 317 →

TYLER ASHTON: Praying For Rain

The first drops of rain were a relief; the dry earth lapped them up greedily. Eventually the ground’s thirst became satiated, and the puddles started to grow. When the road washed out we began gathering at the church, not just to pray, but because it was built on a hill. Tyler lives in Denver, where … Continue reading TYLER ASHTON: Praying For Rain →

DANIEL QUILLEN: Death Sentence

Death comes creeping slowly, quietly, closer and closer. My Priest says not to worry about it, that the pain will only be momentary. But what does he know? He’ll still be alive. Ever closer the fatal date creeps, until at last it is here. Time to take my math final. Daniel Quillen is a retired … Continue reading DANIEL QUILLEN: Death Sentence →


“Grandy, will you tell me about Hawaii?” A pause, and then he brushes his bottom lip thoughtfully with the edge of a thumb, the blue anchor on his forearm gone soft and blurry with time. In his eyes, I catch a glimpse of metal and fire. “Not much to say.” Erin Gilmore is a writer … Continue reading ERIN GILMORE: 1983 →