Cinderella-Twisted in Time

Taws long, long ago in the far land of mystery where there once lived a young girl whose father died at an age that was young. Oh where are my manners today. My name is Jaq and this is my friend Marie. We are Cinderellys best friends. Anyway in the tragedy of her loss she was sent to live with her step-mother (known as the evil step- mom). She also had two loving step- sisters who care very much about her safety. Not!!!!!!!! Ok for real they despised her and all she owned which was not much. She lived in the smallest part of the house. Which we all know as the crawl space under the cellar stairs. She owned two sets of clothes. Working rags and sleeping rags. This didn’t really matter because the young girl was forced to work all day and night with no mercy or compliment from her step -mom or her step -sisters. By the way, her sister’s names are Anastasia and Drizella. One day she was cleaning out the attic and she happened upon a bed. To whom it belonged to she did not know. It looked to be the size a match box. With cotton in it, she decided to wait until tonight while she was cleaning to come back and see who or what the box belonged to ,so later that night she snuck upstairs and into the attic. Then she saw me or should I have said us. There on the ground in front of her were me and Marie! She then shifted her wait from her foot to the other and that is when we saw her standing there looking like a giant. Cinderelly was unable to neither move nor speak. Then all of a sudden there came a loud shout from down the stairs. CINDERELLA! CINDERELLA! GET YOUR WORTHLESS BUTT DOWN THESE STAIRS RIGHT NOW! So without a peep or a sound from either side of the room she ran down the stairs as fast as she could. WHAT WERE YOU DOING UP THERE? Her step-mother asked in a tone that sounded like more of a demand then a question that could be heard from down the stairs. I was simply cleaning out the attic mother. I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU ALREADY CLEANED THE ATTIC! SO YOU LIED TO ME DIDN’T YOU? YOU LYING LITTLE BRAT! FOR THIS YOU SHALL BE PUNSHIED SO SEVERELY YOU WOULD WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN! DOWN TO YOUR ROOM NOW AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR A PEEP OUT OF YOU! So doing what her step-mother told her she made her way down the long stairs and into the cellar and then slowly as if not to be heard she crawled into her sheet and fell into a deep unwakeable sleep. The very next morning she heard a faint sound and looked up to see us standing there watching her like a creature from a zoo. She must have sensed that we would not harm her. She began to whisper to us. Hello my name is Cinderella. What are your names she asked in a tone that it sounded like she didn’t expect we would answer her! Then to her surprise we introduced ourselves as Jaq and Marie! She was astonished! She began to stutter as she was trying to speak. Finally she was able to say ,you can speak? Of course we can speak we have been around people enough that our parents tough us to talk. It comes in handy sometimes. Then we heard a Meow from the other side of the room and then all we saw were bright yellow eyes staring at us in a hateful glare. All of a sudden we saw a large cat. Guess what? It was known as the step-moms cat Lucifer. He was a black and white cat who had a very nasty reputation for being mean and nasty to any one but the step-mother. Here we are with this cat in position and ready to pounce, so what are we supposed to do? We react the same way any other mouse would react; we made a run for it we did. We stopped running when we were safely in our hose in the attic. All of a sudden we hear this noise and we peek our heads out of our little hole in the wall and we see the step-mother standing there with a broom and the exterminator. What are we supposed to do now? I ask Marie. All she can say is ugh, umm then she says the most ubserred thing I have ever heard in my whole life. Nothing! So we wait there with those two monsters outside our door. Then we hear the doorbell ring and they both leave. Moments later we hear screaming and then some loud shouts some crying and then a loud footstep along the stairs and in pops Cinderelly. She seemed so very upset and or devastated. So we ask what is the matter and she tells us “Our family has just received a letter from the royal family inviting all the maddens in the town to come to a ball tonight and I can come if I have a gown”. That is great I shout! No she argues. I don’t own a gown you see. All I have is rags and that is all I need. Well think twice about that little missy! You deserve much better then what you have and you know that. Ok she agrees. So while her sisters are getting ready she looks through all the stuff that her selfish sisters threw out because it wasn’t “fit for the king” as they put it. She found a long lace trimming, 300 beads and a few old parts from a few different dresses. With that she took it all up to the attic and began to make the gown that she would wear to the ball and meet the prince in. Unfortunately as she was in the middle of her work and the dress she was called or should I say ordered down stairs by her sisters and forced to help them prepare for the ball. You cant go anyway one would say or Even if you did go the prince would be so disgusted he would have you kicked out of his royal palace! Then with there high pitched and snooty laughs they would laugh cruelly at there sister. She would hold back all her anger, till later! Then I and Marie had an idea if she couldn’t finish that dress we would. So with the directions left on the stand we began to work. We had just finished cleaning up the leftovers when Cinderelly came in and looked at us then looked at the dress this action lasted for a moment or two then forgetting about her sisters and her steep-mother she grabbed the dress and spun around in laughter. She put on her gown thanked us for the hundredth time and strutted down stairs. “Just like a true princess” I said. Marie just laughed. We followed her down stairs. She was being stared at by all three of the women in the house. Those are my beads and that is my trim her sisters complained! Well they look great on me don’t you think? Cinderelly looked and sounded as confident and beautiful as she had looked and sounded since we first met. I and Marie felt so proud of our Cinderelly, she was growing up! Then we had some excitement, the two sisters pounced at poor Cinderelly. She was up against two bigger and stronger people but Cinderelly surprised us she kick high in the air jumped up and spun around laying a big and surprising kick to both her sisters faces. They screamed with pain and horror at the fact that she had beaten them and they were defenseless. The mother surprised us she laughed so hard we thought that she was going to pee her pants. The girls looked at her with tears in their eyes and said, mother why are you laughing at us? That worthless brat just kicked us in the face and you are laughing! I cannot help it, I have been wondering when she was going to get you back for all the names you have called her and all the brutal things you have made her do. I would have kicked you too. Way to go Cinderella! Cinderelly smiled so big that I thought her face was going to explode with joy. Then with no warning she ran up to her step-mother and gave her a huge hug. The sisters ran to there rooms and cried for the rest or the evening. Cinderelly and her mother left for the ball. But the mother came back alone and said to us “she is with the prince!” with that we all know what comes next And they live happily ever after. Till the wedding day. But that is a whole different story.

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