Doctor Who Short Stories

Image Credit: Kelly L., Brooklyn, NY The author's comments: SPOILERS! Doctor Who Spoilers! Thank you.  Reunion “Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Was Donna’s quick response to The Doctor’s question “What else did she say?” But for a second he did not know what she meant. Then something clicked inside the Doctor’s mind. He whipped around not daring to believe what Donna had implied but at the same time desperately hoping. His insides disappeared and that reappeared very quickly. Then he began to run to her not even bothering to call her because she was running to him as well. They hugged for what felt like an eternity, and then everything jerked and went black violently. Bad Wolf The Tenth Doctor stopped looking around the unkept barn as two words pierced his conscience. He must of misheard. “Sorry- did you just say ‘Bad Wolf’?” His question had barely left his mouth when time stopped. His two counterparts froze in the act of talking to Clara, explaining. The Tenth Doctor looked around. He did not have to look far. “I was wondering when you would get it Doctor…” The woman said. She was sitting on a wooden box a few inches away. The Doctor stared and then stepped back a pace. “Rose?” He questioned disbelievingly. The woman smiled. “A little different in this form but, yeah. It’s your Rose.” She hopped off the box, “But in this form I’m called Bad Wolf.” “Rose…” “I’m so sorry but can you say anything else?” “I love you…” Still staring The Doctor came back towards her. She sat back on the floor. “I kind of figured that out thanks, I was already inside one of your heads. I saw everything. I saw-” Her words were cut off however, because The Doctor had grabbed her and forced her lips against his almost desperately. They stayed like that for a long time, and The Doctor didn’t even notice when time came unstuck again. Not until he heard First. He never told anyone that he had seen Rose. No Sleep “Doctor,” Rose shook the Tenth Doctor’s limp shoulder, “Doctor, we’re here!” The Doctor slowly lifted his face up from the control pad, “What? Oh. we’re here…” He sat up and Rose had a glimpse of bloodshot eyes and a slight five o’clock shadow peering back at her “Did you sleep last night Doctor?” Rose asked, even though she already knew the answer. “Not a wink.” He answered tiredly. So Rose took it upon herself to fix this problem before it got any worse. That night after a short but exciting adventure in the Aztec jungle, Rose sneaked up to the Doctor’s door and listened. She was checking for nightmares and she had been expecting only one. She got ten. All about past companions as far as Rose could guess. She had known that The Doctor had traveled with past people besides her, but she had not known that he had cared so much about them. It was like hearing about your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Rose hated to admit it, but she felt a bit jealous that she had not been the first. And she probably wouldn’t be the last. All the same, she did decide in the end to go in and offer some comfort. She knew that if she had nightmares like these, so long and each so numerous, that she would have wanted someone to hug. So she did just that. She hugged him until The Doctor regained some control over his shaking limbs. Then he hugged her back. “Rose?” “Hm?” “Please try not to leave... or die to soon.” “I’m not going to die. Don’t worry about that.” Then Doomsday came and everything changed.


Jane was trapped in a world of low ceilings and high furniture. At a charity event, she met an avant-garde decorator specializing in purple lighting. She told Jane, “Stand out. Be bold and bright. Shine. No excuses.” So nowadays Jane lives in a beige cube with powerful splashes of purple. Roberta Beach Jacobson is a … Continue reading ROBERTA BEACH JACOBSON: Apartment 317 →


Turn on lo-fi music. Drive my car so I can nap. Wake me up anyways to kiss. Roll down the windows, wind tangling my hair. Take me later for a bike ride; take me anywhere. Let me pick scabs off my knees without judgement. Let me be a kid again. Autumn Bolte is an undergraduate … Continue reading AUTUMN BOLTE: Young Adult →

LAURA BESLEY: Her Glorious Face

Every morning, on the 8:04, I look for her face. Sometimes I see individual stars, but never the entire constellation. This is her train. The train that took her face and scattered her stars into the darkness around it. All I want is to see her face one more time. Laura Besley writes short fiction … Continue reading LAURA BESLEY: Her Glorious Face →

CANDACE KUBINEC: The Art of Forgetting

My old dog knew how to forget unkind words and raised voices. He always forgave being left behind, didn’t hold a grudge. Instead he’d greet me with a wag and a silly dog smile. After you left us behind, a tender look from his chocolate eyes helped me forget, too. Candace Kubinec posts her stories … Continue reading CANDACE KUBINEC: The Art of Forgetting →

SUSAN GALE WICKES: Harry the Magnificent

“Harry the Magnificent” the sign read. “You’ll be amazed by his magic fingers” it added. “Oh, please,” I thought. “I’ve never been amazed by any carnival magician.” The act was boring, bland. Harry’s claims, however, were spot on. I was amazed to discover my wallet and watch were both missing. Susan Gale Wickes lives in … Continue reading SUSAN GALE WICKES: Harry the Magnificent →