Drama, Drama, Drama

The author's comments: A fictional review of the party held by Lady and Lord Capulet, at which Romeo and Juliet first meet. Lady and Lord Capulet held a splendid party at their home last night. Between the music, dancing, and a huge array of refreshments, the affair was a definite success. The table was spread with wild boar, chicken, lamb, and turkey. The biscuits were fresh from the oven, and as soft as puffy pillows. As for the vegetables, the Capulets had every vegetable available for purchase in Italy. There was not a morsel of food missing that anyone could ask for. As for style, Lady Capulet was sporting a dress that turned several heads—perhaps too many for this estimable married lady. Her daughter, Juliet, was also stunning in a wine colored gown and creamy sash. In comparison, Rosaline’s (niece of Lord Capulet) dress left something to be desired. Signior Martino’s daughter shimmered in a violet gown. Although there were many fine dresses at this assembly, the Lady and Juliet Capulet certainly stood out. The party had a large attendance. In addition to the entire Capulet family, Signior Martino and his wife and daughters were present, as well as County Ansemo and his sisters. The lady widow of Vitruvio was there. Signior Placentio and his nieces attended, in addition to Mercutio and his brother, Valentine. Lucio and Helena also appeared at the function. The Capulets seemed to be convinced that at their get-together, the more the merrier. Of course, a party wouldn’t be a party without some sort of vicious scandal, and this was no exception. There was no shortage of scandal at the affair. Juliet Capulet was spotted repeatedly kissing a masked stranger in the center of the dance floor! He was rumored to be Romeo Montague! There is no question that this romance will be the cause of inevitable anger and even violence between the two families—archenemies! Tybalt, the fiery Capulet, and cousin to Juliet, will be especially prone to starting a fight. To add to the already building controversy, Juliet is thought to be considering an engagement to Count Paris. What will her mother say!? Rosaline Capulet, cousin of Juliet, says she saw her ‘stupid cousin’ and the rumored Romeo on the dance floor. She spoke quite openly about the incident—“That creep! He was obsessed with me! He followed me around constantly! That was bad enough, but now he’s chasing after Juliet! Who’ll be the next girl, I wonder? Signior Martino’s daughter is rather pretty, perhaps she’s next on the list?” Here Rosaline turned her head in disgust and stalked out of the room. Despite the finery and festivities, drama certainly managed to gate crash the assembly. If this is how the other half lives, I’m not so sure that I’m interested.

JEN MIERISCH: Chicago Shall Rise Again

Tomlinson raged to his feet, scattering the table and playing cards. “Cheater!” he hollered at O’Leary. “Go home, Tomlinson, you’re drunk!” As Tomlinson stumbled toward the barn door, his boot knocked over the lantern. For three days, Chicago burned. Tomlinson blamed it on O’Leary’s cow. Nobody alive could contradict him. Jen Mierisch draws inspiration from … Continue reading JEN MIERISCH: Chicago Shall Rise Again →


Lily sits on a park bench. Pigeons know her. They cluster… fight… peck. The children recognize her too: the one who feeds the pigeons. Lily giggles, opens her purse, sets it on the ground. “She’s crazy,” the children taunt. Pigeons though, coo, bob… fly into her purse filled with sky. Judy DeCroce is a poet … Continue reading JUDY DeCROCE: Lily →


“The demons are coming,” the old woman said from the corner of her cell. “When,” the sheriff asked. “As soon as you kill me,” she replied. “What if we don’t kill you?” Cries from the townsfolk rose above the window. “That’s not how this goes,” she said, her smile anticipatory. C. P. Lopes is a … Continue reading CP LOPES: The Lot →


Her heavy legs had stood and waited. Her aching arms had pushed through the crowds. A salty tear rolled down onto her tattered jacket as she watched the doors of salvation thud closed. The city was full. Now she had nothing left to do but head back into the sand. After graduating university with a … Continue reading JENNIFER KENNETT: Into the Sand →

HENRY BLADON: Being Judged

He says, tell me what you see. What should I say? A handsome pig? A rabbit? I see a mix of Miro and Dali, but I can’t say that. If he thinks I’m showing off, that defeats the object, because I came here to understand my fear of being judged. Henry Bladon is a writer … Continue reading HENRY BLADON: Being Judged →