Elven fairy tale

Image Credit: Kelly K., Fort Collins, CO The author's comments: I'm an Elven princess Eariel. Here's my own (Elven, respectively) short fairy tale story, based on real events. Once there was a human girl Turiel (Victoria was her name , but on Sindarin sounds such), lived between the elves in Lorien. But many elves laughed at her for her race. But the fact is that Victoria, knew that elves live a long time, and she - isn't. So when she was twenty years already - she felt old. She thought that she is an old woman, which will die soon, but she didn't married yet, and didn't have children. But the inner depression seemingly ended when she married the beautiful elf, bore children. But a few years later, when he died from a chronic illness, she suffered it heavily. And so we see that once again the shadow falls on her forehead - in her 35 years, and she thinks that she exactly old woman already. Maybe because she has two children, maternal cares, will You think? No, she's as many Elven women loved it. She suffered the death of a loved one. He was her husband, father of her children. That's why she felt old herself again, this time permanently. After this story maybe someone rethink something. And the moral of fairy tale is: better to enjoy life with youth, even if You're just an ordinary person, because You don't know what awaits You in the future.


The smoke pushed towards our home. When orange glow appeared behind the hills, we filled the car with our favourite things. I packed the photo albums, hesitated, then added the camera. We’d need it, I vowed. The fire could have the house, not our joy. The happy snaps would continue. G.B. Burgess wrote this while … Continue reading GB BURGESS: Fire →

SASHA VICTOR: Honeymoon Patch

The honeymoon patch of sunlight grew darker, obscured by the thick tangle of unknowing surrounding us. I looked up. She hummed silently. The song resonated in her eyes, as if seeing the work already done. I followed her, also humming, and we worked together, feeling ourselves victors through the pain. Every day Sasha tries to … Continue reading SASHA VICTOR: Honeymoon Patch →

KIM FAVORS: The Illusive Garden

Exposed to light, the misunderstood memories skitter away like startled insects. Slowly, I clear more rocks from the landscape of my childhood. When I find the courage to pull weeds, I might replace them with roses: Their beauty comes with thorns. Or perhaps cacti, which can survive neglect, even abuse. Kim Favors worked as a … Continue reading KIM FAVORS: The Illusive Garden →


The story of the week for May 13 to 17 is… Close by Lex T. Lindsay


I was six when I saw a leopard for the first time at the local zoo. Its presence had an enigmatic effect on me; inspiring. I turned, posing for a photo, upright and brave, armed with a newfound sense of courage. The leopard stood confidently behind: shoulders propped, eagerly anticipating. Jonah Ardiel lives and writes … Continue reading JONAH ARDIEL: Leap →