Eros And Aphrodite and#39;On Persephoneand#39;

Image Credit: Jessica R., Phoenix, AZ The author's comments: I've always liked the relationship between Eros and Aphrodite. Eros doesn't seem to like Aphrodite much, but he still does everything for her. There isn't even clarity about Eros being her son or her lover, which is really strange. I also love the story of Kore, her being dragged into the underworld or just walking down herself. Hopefully, this is enjoyed.  Aphrodite sat in front of her television, frustrated as she flipped onto the channel that revealed an earth skinned young lady running wild in the woods. Kore, her niece, who wasn’t allowed to get married. Aphrodite did not approve, as the goddess of love and romance. Eros, aka Cupid, sat next to Aphrodite against his will. He didn’t like her very much, especially considering Aphrodite considered him her son which wasn’t true at all. “Why can’t Demeter just let her get married? I mean she’s like 150 years old. I had already been married for a hundred and fifty years by then!” Aphrodite scoffed. “Yes, so you’ve said.” Aphrodite didn’t catch on to his bitterness. “Who would wanna marry her anyway though- I mean, the goddess of springtime?”  He rolled his eyes. “And flowers, Eros. Flowers are so romantic! Everyone wants her- they are just too afraid to say it... even old Hades wants her.” Eros laughed, at least Aphrodite knew all the best gossip. “Do you know what would be funny?” Aphrodite spit out her Ambrosia, she was laughing so hard. “ I dare you!”” Eros shrugged his shoulders, “But he’s already crushing on her.” Aphrodite shook her head. ‘This will make him crazy for her- anyway, it’ll be cute. I think they would make a great couple!” “While I can see that, that seems rather cruel to Demeter-” Eros explained reasonably. “Serves her right!” Aphrodite snapped. “This will be great- Kore will love it. Go do it, now!”   Eros muttered something under his breath, grabbed his bow, and flew off.


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