Image Credit: Jason B., Colorado Springs, CO While the dragon ascended to the top of the monument, I took in my surroundings. The ocean of writhing tentacles below represented the vast, ominous landscape. My mind churned at the thought of falling thousands of feet into the mass. I would be imprisoned; the continent’s last savior would be gone. The horizon was a dark cactus-green poisoned with inky tints of blue and black. His thousands of eyes floated like clouds, watching my progress. Old Herma would have his way, and I would fight his champion. We descended onto the ebony tower where the battle would ensue. There the Champion stood with Herma’s gifts: harrowing green robes, a sword engulfed in tentacles, and a mask, as hideous as the old god’s face that gifted it to him. Herma, the god of knowledge, would meet me here in his realm. Amidst the books and eons of knowledge, I would fight his pawn.


Just keep breathing. Their seats are still empty. My mind immediately comes up with a thousand old tired excuses: maybe traffic is bad; maybe the car didn’t start. Holding out hope? Two more then I’m up. I look at their seats again, still empty. Disappointment and relief wash over me. Sophia Austin works in Marketing … Continue reading SOPHIA AUSTIN: Empty Seats →

STORY OF THE MONTH: November 2019

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month. The finalists for November were: Sundays by Una Nine Nine Rain Dance by Raymond Sloane Surrender by Eileen Hansen Shadows by Dmitri Christopher The winner of the November 2019 Story of the Month, and the $10 … Continue reading STORY OF THE MONTH: November 2019 →

KENT OSWALD: Color Him Unimpressed

She farted the color yellow. She perspired the color blue. Her most angry thoughts created a greenish aura around her head, while both her lusty imaginings and lightning-like pangs of envy created an orange fog around her feet. Her tinder date was color-blind. It might have worked. It did not. There are no answers at … Continue reading KENT OSWALD: Color Him Unimpressed →


When I saw him the other day, I felt the strangest urge to strike up a conversation. Most peculiar, seeing as we’ve hardly been close. But the moment passed and I saw it wasn’t him, remembered it couldn’t be so. A curiosity indeed that we’re always friendlier towards the dead. Gretchen wants to make being … Continue reading GRETCHEN IVERS: Hey →


The story of the week for December 2 to 6 is… Balloonman by Melody Leming-Wilson