Frodo Baggins

Image Credit: Allison F., Langhorne, PA The author's comments: I love Frodo and I hope you love this story as much as I loved writing it! Please comment! Frodo Baggins awoke in a white room. It was not really white, like Gandalf, and it was not gray either. It was not blinding or hurtful to the eyes. This whiteness was soft, almost yellow in color. It was almost the color of butter, but more so. Frodo sat up, for he had been laying down, he realized. It was quiet and warm in the room. Galadriel was walking toward him. She leaned down and kissed his forehead. “You have come far child,” She smiled down at him, “You have suffered much.” Frodo stood up and felt, for the first time since the start and end of his quest for the ring- and the return to The Shire- truly happy and whole inside. He returned the smile curiously. “Is this the Undying Land?” He asked. Galadriel stroked his hair, “Not yet child. First I will give you what you deserve, for all your grief.” “What do you mean?” Frodo questioned, even though somewhere inside him, he already knew what she meant. “You have earned you’re wings.” “My- my what?” “You’re wings child, you’re wings!” Galadriel laughed and Frodo felt his back. “I don’t feel any-” he stopped short. Feathers poked out from under his skin, he could feel them pushing out. It did not hurt but it did unnerve Frodo a bit. He let his hands drop to his sides. The wings were growing rapidly, expanding out from his back until they were full-flanged angel wings. Five feet in width and a wingspan of three yards, they were magnificent and strong. Frodo was speechless. He had wings, he Frodo Baggins, a hobbit, had huge wings. “Oh, oh Galadriel, I-I love them! But however did I-“ “You sacrificed so much my child, with so young a soul. You deserve them.” Frodo rushed forward and wrapped his thin arms around Galadriel’s waist, thanking her silently. Galadriel embraced him and lifted his face up to her. “No need for tears little one,” she wiped them from his face, “you have shed enough tears.” “No, I’m crying because,” Frodo sniffed, “because I’m just so … so happy… Oh, thank you!” The she-elf smiled, “I have another surprise for you Frodo.” Frodo lifted his head, his black curls, now longer in length, falling over his face lightly, “Another? What is it?” “How would you like to be my… student for a while?” Frodo’s wings flapped excitedly at the prospect and he hugged her once more; there was a pleasant silence. Then with a bliss filled sigh, “I would like that very, very much.”  Galadriel detached herself and straightened herself up again. “Now get some rest.”  She put Fordo back to bed, folding his wings underneath him, and kissed once again on his brow. And then she was gone, and Frodo fell into a deep sleep.                                                                       

CANDACE KUBINEC: The Art of Forgetting

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