How it Should Have Ended

Image Credit: Calvin C., Salt Lake City, UT The author's comments: I was inspired to write this piece because of my great intrest in The Vampire Diaries. The show's ending upset me, and ever since I finished the last episode, I always had my version planned out in my head. Now, I finally got the chance to make it happen. Well, that’s how I felt the show should’ve ended. I apologize for all of you people who like Damon more than stefan, but I felt that Stefan was always the one being the better brother for Damon instead of it being the other way around. I can honestly say that I feel much, much better about the show now that I have my ending written out instead of just being a thought or idea in my head. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing this and I strongly encourage you to do the same with your favorite show or movie that has a bad ending. I’m sick. Sick and tired of my favorite shows ending entirely in sadness and depression. Our favorite, most beloved characters being killed off. It hurts to get so attached to someone over a period of time, and get your heart ripped out of your chest when your eyes are exposed to something so gruesome. I’m sure we have all been in this position with one show or another, so, I will be writing about one of my favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries. Turn away from this story if you have not yet finished the show, or do know know what happens in the last episode.  With that said, you may know, Stefan, my favorite character dies in the last episode of a very sickening death. This is not okay with me. He deserved endless love and appreciation. This fictional narrative will be the last few episodes of the show mashed into one story -how it should’ve ended.   June weddings. Pretty sunsets on the horizon. Warm air blowing in the wind, with the sound of soft waves crashing on the hot sand. This is exactly what Caroline always dreamed of for her perfect wedding day. She had always envisioned her perfect day with the love of her life. Though she never thought it would be with Stefan Salvatore. Even though he and Caroline had pretty much always been close friends, they never really thought that they would end up having feelings for eachother like they do now. Caroline and Stefan both have very kind and loving personalities. They always put others first no matter what. They care very deeply for their friends and would do anything for them. Despite this, he had always been in “the likes” with Elena. But life goes on, and people change. Feelings change. So here we are on this very sunny June day watching as Caroline walks down the aisle with her two flower girls in her lacy gown and crown covered in sparkling diamonds. The twins were sprinkling bright red rose petals on the white carpet, and filling the air with happiness and love as they went. All of their friends, Elena, Damon, Bonnie, and Alaric watching as all her hopes and dreams come true. Along with all of the compelled guests. However, this wasn’t your typical wedding. The new Queen of Hell was paying a visit and planned to destroy the small town of Mystic Falls. Katherine was not directly doing the dirty work, though. Filling the place of Cade, (the previous leader of hell that Damon and Stefan killed), she managed to bribe people into doing her work by promising something no one would turn down. Katherine was a first love to both of the Salvatore’s. They fell head over heels for her and she lead them on like it was nothing. Katherine was the reason they were turned into vampires. She messed with their heads, compelling and changing their memories of her. When they turned, and the compulsion broke, they realized what she had done. Stefan and Damon found other people that actually valued them, Elena and Caroline. They were much more supportive, and loving than Katherine would ever be. They would do anything to protect Damon and Stefan. When Katherine found out, she didn’t like it, and was set on ruining their perfect love stories. Back at the wedding, sitting in the third row back, Matt’s mom was playing in cool. They had no idea that their perfect wedding would soon be ruined by someone they would never imagine. For now, though, the lovebirds continued with their ceremony led by Damon. When the time came for objections, they all expected for Katherine to make her appearance and crash the wedding. But she had other plans. So, they went on with their vows and exchanged the sweetest words. “One day, you told me that I would madly fall in love with someone without realizing it. Day by day, year by year, bit by bit, I did. With you.” said Stefan. Then, Caroline fought back tears by telling him how much she loved him. They shared a moment that they hadn’t had before. With something always going on, they never had stood in front of each other and said how much they truly loved and valued one another. People could only imagine of sharing the kind of love they had. Everyone, including compelled guests, enjoyed the wedding like it was the real one. At the reception, everyone was still waiting on Katherine’s appearance, but they still enjoyed their first dance as a married couple. To the soft music playing in the dimly lit room, they danced slowly. Matt’s mom was left alone in the house. She unhooked the gas line from the back of the oven in the kitchen and put a propane tank in the fire. Unaware, Bonnie and the twins were finding their way to the bathroom in the large mansion. Back at the reception, the mood was interrupted by Damon’s heartfelt toast. Caroline and Stefan listened the speech that must’ve been practiced nearly 100 times to make sure it sounded perfect. Near the end, Kelly barged into the tent, and took the mic from Damon. Caroline whispered to Stefan, “Great. A drunken toast from Mattie’s mom.” As soon as she started talking, they all caught on to what was happening. Damon quickly took the mic as the speech was getting out of hand. The compelled guests left and they sat Kelly down to finally get some answers. At this point, they had no idea that when the wall between the real world and hell was torn due to the first few rings of the bell a few weeks ago, anyone that pleased could wander into the opposite side. Katherine, being her greedy self had made arrangement with a few people who had recently died. Including Kelly, Matt’s mom. She was a bad mother who was always drinking and sleeping around. Matt had to live most of  his life without any parents. Matt had no idea she died from a fall. Katherine had promised Kelly eternal peace after she was gone, again. On one condition. She had to distract everyone at the wedding while Vicky was getting ready to ring the bell to bring hellfire over Mystic Falls and destroy it forever. Still being questioned, Kelly told them everything just as Katherine instructed her to. Just after they got what they needed, Kelly fell to the ground. Her lifeless body lying on the oak wood floors with blood spilling out of her mouth. Over her corpse, they still had no idea about the propane tank in the fire. Then, BOOM! The house went up into flames as Bonnie and the young girls were still inside. Realizing where they were, Caroline went running into the house. Another explosion blew her away from the house. Stefan held her frantic body back from the burning house for her own safety. Little did they know, Alaric, the twins father, had one of his close and trusted friends, Valerie, put a protection spell on them so they’d be safe. In the house, The twins both had one of Bonnie’s hands and appeared to be taking power from the ex-witch to fend off the flames. So, together they walked out of the house, safe and sound. Running into Caroline’s arms, they hugged each other and she was so thankful that they were okay. After the moment was over, and she had forgotten all about what was going on, reality set back in. They needed to find a way to save Mystic Falls. They turned around, and there was Katherine, finally making her big appearance. Damon said, “Okay, Katherine, let’s just skip to the part where you ask for something and I give it to you, then everything goes back to normal.” Unfazed, Katherine told him, “No. I have everything I need. There’s nothing you can do. This town is going down.” In the distance, the Maxwell bell was ringing. They were so confused. Only someone from the Maxwell bloodline could ring the bell to have the kind of effects she needed to destroy the town. Matt and his dad were right there, Vicky was dead, and Kelly was on the ground next to them. Unless, Vicky came through the wall when there was a tear. She must be the one ringing the bell. They couldn’t stop her. This meant they had less than an hour to find a solution before the small town would be gone forever. Back at the Salvatore house, they were all brainstorming a way to take her down and save the town. Maybe they could kill her the same way they did Cade. A glass knife made of their bones. It was worth a try. They had very limited choices now. Luckily, they knew exactly where Katherine’s human bones were. The Lockwood cellar. When Stefan and Damon got there, they quickly packed a few bones in a black bag and were off to make the knife. Katherine payed them a quick visit. She told them all about how it would send her to hell, but since she was in charge of it, it couldn’t keep her there. After a while, she wouldn’t shut up, so Stefan stabbed her in the shoulder. It worked. But it wouldn’t for long. They were off to make the knife, leaving her unconscious body in the dirty tunnel. They now had 35 minutes left before the last bell would ring and send hellfire over the small town. Matt, chief police, was evacuating the town because things weren’t looking too good. Meanwhile, now that Bonnie had her powers, she was looking for a way to save the town. She knew that one day, when Elena woke up, if the town she grew up in was gone forever, she would be devastated. She had so many memories in this town. It was all she had left of her parents who died in a car accident. Bonnie couldn’t let her down. But, in the case that she couldn’t do it, she was at the armory with Alaric, the twins and hopefully Caroline once they find Elena’s body. Katherine had taken Elena’s body and hid it so that when the town went down, she would go with it. Stefan was looking all over the town with Damon and Caroline. He finally found her at the high school. In the boiler room. He rushed in to get her unconscious body and when he picked her up and tried to leave, he couldn’t. She was spelled in. He could leave but she couldn’t. Katherine didn’t need to spell them in. There was no way they would leave her behind. But giving them the choice made it that much more interesting. Bonnie was losing hope. She was already weak to begin with, from not doing magic for months after Enzo’s death. It broke her. The love of her life was gone forever. She was having a hard time living without him, let alone using a spell for something this big. She called everyone to let them know that she probably couldn’t do anything. Knowing this, Damon would never let Elena die alone so he was already in the school, holding her weak body in his arms. They all thought this was the end. They sat in silence overwhelmed by all these feelings. But then, Bonnie yelled to Alaric and the twins, “That’s it!! We definitely can’t stop the hellfire, but maybe, just maybe, I can direct it through the tunnels under the town instead of above ground, so it won’t destroy anything. And you can take down Katherine with it, so that the spell on the room Elena is trapped in will be broken!” Just then, Caroline walked in and Alaric told her they needed to leave immediately. He wouldn’t tell her why because she couldn’t know that Stefan was at risk. They ran out with the twins and were on their way far away from Mystic Falls just to be safe. He and Damon would have to choose who was going to hold Katherine in the tunnels and put the knife in her, so she was in hell when they destroyed it. One of them would have to die.   Bonnie quicky called Stefan and Damon to break the news. Stefan was always the good brother, always willing to sacrifice himself. Damon however, was different. Yes, he had changed in their time at Mystic Falls, but there was no telling what he would do. Maybe he would come through for once, and be the selfless brother when Stefan really needed him to. With only 20 minutes left, they had to make a decision. So did Bonnie, though. She hadn’t been practicing magic so the chances were slim that she was going to be able to control the fire. But anything was worth trying at this point. What happened in the next twenty minutes is something they would never imagine. Damon, Katherine, and Stefan were all in the dirty, old tunnels. It was quiet. They were thinking. This was the one time they would actually have to sacrifice something major. Their life. Stefan had just been married and had his entire human life ahead of him with Caroline. But so did Damon. He loved Elena and couldn’t live without her. And Elena might not be able to make it back after one day she woke up and was told Damon had sacrificed himself. The question was, which one of them would be brave enough to do it?  Finally, Katherine broke the silence, “So, who will it be boys?” After a good thirty seconds of silence and blank stares, they went on and on about why each of them should or shouldn’t give themselves up. But there was one thing. Stefan was human now, and Damon wasn’t. That meant that he could compel him. And that’s exactly what he did. “Go. Go as far away from these tunnels as you can. Run. I will stay here and be the big brother you always needed me to be. Sorry it took this long to realize what it really meant, but just let me do this one thing for you. I wish you the best, brother.” As tears streamed down Stefan’s face, he did as Damon told him to. He walked and walked down the dark, empty streets of the the sad town. There was nothing more to do. He left Damon and Katherine in the tunnels to wait until the last bell rung. There was only ten minutes left now. Back at the armory, Bonnie was preparing for the amount of magic that would have to be used to do this. She was scrambling through tons and tons of spell books to know exactly what she had to do. There was no time to waste. With only five minutes left, she just had to wait until the eleventh bell rang. In the distance, the clang of the last bell could be heard by anyone in a ten mile radius. Fire began to shoot out of the base of the bell and down the building as Bonnie was shouting the spell as loud as she could. It was working. The hellfire was travelling through the tunnels under the town and right towards Katherine and Damon. “Please, don’t do this. We can figure something out. We will make it through like we always do. Please, Damon.” “No. There’s nothing you can do now. I have everything I need to take hell down with you in it.” Tears ran down both of their faces as this was the end. Damon plunged the dirty knife into her chest. He held her lifeless body in his arms and the hellfire quickly approached. Even though he was a vampire and could really only be killed by a wood stake in the heart, or it being completely taken out of his body, the kind of destruction this was going to cause him was irreversible. Then, he slowly closed his eyes as he took his last breath on this Earth he had been on for over 150 years. After it was done, Bonnie collapsed on the floor as it was too much for her. Her uncultivated body was left on the cement floor. She died alone. No one with her to comfort her. It was for a good cause though. The town was safe. And soon, its human inhabitants could return and live out a normal life. Katherine was gone, and hell with it, so the spell that was keeping Elena’s body in the school was broken. But, Bonnie and Elena’s lives were linked together. Bonnie was gone now, so this meant that she would soon wake up. The compulsion that made Stefan walk away was gone now, and there was no sense in going back to the tunnels, because it was still unsafe, so he ran to the school to get Elena. But he had no idea that she would be awake. He ran into the school, busting through the double doors and when he turned the corner, there she was. They met again like they had the very first time at school years ago. He held her in his arms. 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