Ice and Fire

Image Credit: Mohini S., Brookline, MA The author's comments: The show Game of Thrones  Sitting in tension and awkward silence. So I decided to ask my company if they would like to join my quest to defend the throne of the 7 kingdoms. And destroy the Night king. Danny the Targaryen, Jon Snow the king and queen of Winterfell also Dragonstone, husband and wife. The family with three full grown fire breathing  dragons and one little baby boy. “I am guessing you know why you two are here with me right now am I correct? You see, you either win or die in the Game of Thrones, and I can tell you something I am not dying til the sun sets in the east and rises in the west.” “Aye”, Jon says, were in. You shall meet at Winterfell. The battle against the dead. Bang! Bang! Bang! On my door. “King Delvin there is someone here for you.” We meet again sweet Ragnar I said. “Owen my brother I heard you need a fleet of ships and an armie” Indeed I say, did you bring your Vikings. “Indeed-” Ragnar said, “We sail to winterfell tomorrow.” We arrive at Winterfell. Jon and Dany great us and prepare the Vikings for camp. Later that day Jon wants me to follow him to meet his brother. He is at the seeing god tree. “My brother is a seeing into the future he sees everything”, he says. Bran, Jon’s brother, barely breathing. He says I seen him, his army, blue flames on our home.”  “There coming,” he says. “Jon go spread the word,”I say. Vikings gather your armies meet in the battlefield. Archers and Ballistas to shoot down the dragon are in winterfell in cover. All the sudden a blizzard is coming we could hear the screech. “Stand tall armies! We shall live another day!” A swooping dash from an ice dragon a blue flame and an unbelievable ear wrenching screech. The ballistas missed and the arrows did nothing. “Arrows”!! “Dip them in fire!” “Ready loose”!! It was really hard to see the white walkers because they bring deep snow with there armie. As the arrows are taking a good one third or the night kings armie out we have the Vikings, with Ragnar, the Free Men, the unsullied, and the dothraki. There is to many! Get in to the retreat tunnels. There is screams of thousands of panicking people.  Ragnar lead the people to dragonstone now is the time to use our secret weapon. The dragons. The white walkers will be at dragonstone. In less than an hour. “Then we see a fleet of ships. “Armies!” March to the beach draw your swords and be ready to use them”. I say. It's the raging queen fire queen Melisandre. Her fleet of about one hundred ships. Each ship raised a white flag. As the fleet stops. Melisandre  demands to be taken to the shore. “Owen, I'm here to help.” Why should I trust you. We failed our first attempt to defeat the long night because of you. “I'm here to give you my armies and something else. I was reading scrolls from long ago. I might have found something that could help you.”    “I was reading and then I came across this prophecy. Called Firebird. If you stab your sword through my heart. Your sword shall ignite with a flame. And we will bring Ice And Fire together and end the long night forever.”And one you complete this prophecy you will be crowned king.  We shall complete this prophecy right now.” The sword pierces her heart and I take the sword out of the dead body it catches flame. Trenches were dug around dragonstown and were lit with fire. Arrows Man were ready and had pots of fire to dip the arrows. The ballistas were ready to take down The dragon. Our two dragons were ready to defend the castle. We are in battle formation waiting to take down the armie. Then we see lots of blue eyes. Arrows Loose! There are two dragons Danny hops on one then I hop on the other. I tell danny to take the white walkers out while I torch the night king. Then an ice spear flies right by my head. I give the dragon the command to go full speed at the night king The dragon lets out a roar then torches the king but he only falls out of the dragon. The Dragon crashes and crushes a part of my army. I tell the armie to fall. The armies stop fighting I take out my flaming sword of heros. “ I shall challenge you to a one on one combat sword fight.” He takes out his sword. It's like staring into the devil's eyes. I rush at him and swing for his head he blocks it and swings back slicing a piece of leather off my scared body he swings again quick as whip this time slicing my arm forcing me to use my less dominant arm. I take the flaming sword and rush at him and put it through his chest. He crumbles into a million pieces. Then his army of ice zombies fall with it. The flaming sword has steam coming off of it. Later that month back at winterfell.I start walking through the crypts of Winterfell looking back at all the statues of all the former past kings and queens. Then Bran walks in and says, “Owen there is something important I have to tell you. Your real father was Jon's dad Lord Eddard then he points to his statue your his son.” I have no idea how to respond but by saying thanks for telling me lord Bran. I walk back up to the throne room and everyone that survived was there and started clapping then Jon says “we shall party brother” I walk up to the throne and sit down. A crown was placed on my head then the people of the 7 kingdoms cheer in joy.  


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