My Quality Time With Shawn Spencer

Image Credit: Garret C., Copper Canyon, TX One night I was walking on the boardwalk with Shawn. “So how are things going with you and Abigail?” I asked. “Fine and dandy. Are you with anyone?” he asked. “Nope I’m just looking for the right guy.” I replied. Then I heard a gunshot and another one. A sudden pain rushed in the foot I had my weight on and I collapsed. “Shawn are you okay?” I asked desperately. “No I got shot in the shoulder. You?” he replied. “No I got shot in the left foot” I replied. I heard a voice in the distance, “Put them in the trunk….NOW!!!!!” Then everything went black. When I woke up everything was pitch black and I guessed I was in the trunk. I got out my cell phone and texted Shawn: “Where r u? I’m in the trunk of a car! Selena.” I hit SEND. A couple minutes later I got this message: “im in the back of a car too but I don’t see u. I know: 2 different cars. text my dad, Gus, Jules & lassie, see what they say. im going to start after i send this message. Shawn.” After that I called Lassie for help. “Hello?” Lassie said. “Hey Lassie its Selena. Shawn & I need your help.” I said. “What did you do?” he asked. “Get Shawn’s dad, Gus & Jules on the phone quickly I don’t have much time.” I said. A couple seconds later Lassie said, “Go.” “Well Shawn and I were walking on the boardwalk when 2 shot Shawn in the shoulder and me in the left foot. We were put in 2 separate trunks and oh no! The car’s stopping I’ve got to go! Bye!” I said and put my phone in my pocket just before they opened the trunk. The two men grabbed me : one by my arms and one by my feet which hurt like the dickens and put me in another trunk and closed the lid. “Selena?” asked a familiar voice. “Shawn!” I said excitingly. “Why are we in this mess?” I asked. “Well I solved another case. You know the one we’ve working on for a while now?” he said. “Yeah. The one where 4 kidnappers and they kill innocent people 1 by1?” I said. “Yeah that’s the one alright. the 4 people are: Ben Joe; Evil Eye; Watch Time; and Screw You! They did it for fun and you know how and when.” Shawn explained. The car stopped and 2 men grabbed Shawn and the other 2 took me. I was tied and gagged in a chair next to Shawn. Then the men started to play poker and discussing about something. So while they did that I took out my laser ring and cut all my ropes then Shawn’s. “Thanks.” he whispered. “I’ll call Lassie.” I whispered back. Shawn nodded. I got out my phone and dialed Lassie’s number. “Hello?” Lassie said. “Hey Lassie. We’re trapped in a building and can’t get out. Plus 4 men are playing poker and talking about something.” I explained quickly. “Oh my bananas! Where’s this place? How did Shawn get you in this mess?” he asked with rage in his voice. I heard the men saying, “You go check on them.” “Fine but don’t look at my hand.” I said to Lassie, “ I’m going to put a tracker on Shawn so you can find us. Bye.” I hung up and put the tracker on Shawn just before the guy came. “So somebody is trying to call for help huh? We’ll fix that.” he said. He clapped his hands twice and here comes a mini magnet. He flipped a switch there went my cell phone and against my will so did I. Oh I forgot to mention I’m part robot. I know it’s crazy but its true. “Hey guys look at this we got ourselves Miss Selena Wood!” one of the guys said. “Isn’t that wonderful!” another one of them said. I looked at Shawn and immediately I knew he was scared. “Let’s bring her down and examine her.” a third man said. So, I was going down to the men hoping they didn’t find the switch. The men started with my back side and one guy said right by my left shoulder said, “Hey I found a switch!” “Great flip it and lets see what happens!” I’m guessing the “leader” said. He flipped it and everything went black. When I woke up I was in an iron cage about 50 ft. above the ground. I got up but I collapsed because my knees were shaking. Next thing I know the floor is gone and I’m falling in midair. I hit a trampoline; fly out a window and land on the roof butt first. The four idiots were standing there just smiling away. One of them picked me up tied my arms and legs; tied my mouth and hung me over the edge of the building! I don’t know why though. All I remember after that is Lassie carrying me to the car and blackness engulfed me. I awoke and I was in a bed and Shawn was next to me. “What happened?” I asked. “Well,” Shawn started, “It was thanks to you that Lassiter found us. After they put you in that cage they retied me and everything. About a half a hour later Lassie and Jules came. Jules untied me and I told everything to them. Lassie ran up to the roof captured the guys and rescued you. He carried you all the way to the car and everything. Plus the doctors have to fix your switch because those guys broke it.” Shawn explained. “When?” I asked. “Right now” a doctor said coming up the hallway. “It’ll only take me a second.” he said. I flipped over and he did it in a second. He flipped the switch and I was able to walk again. “Thanks!” I said. He nodded and I went to go thank Lassie. I found Lassie in the waiting room drinking a cup of coffee, “How long have you been here?” Startled he turned to me and said, “Well, uh , all night actually, I was uh, worried about your surgery.” I looked at him confused, “You didn’t have to stay here all night though.” “I felt the need to though.” He said sitting down and resting his head in his hands. I sat next to him and put my hand on his shoulder, “Thanks for saving my life.” He looked up at me and I saw the dark circles under his eyes, “It’s my job.” “You didn’t sleep at all did you? Why?” I asked. “You were moaning the whole car ride home and when we got to the hospital you started screaming my name asking me to protect you and its just been going through my mind.” I stared at him, amazed, “I did?” “You don’t remember?” I shook my head and he sighed, “Well I do have one question for you.” “And what’s that?” I asked nervous for his answer. “Will you go to lunch with me?” he asked staring into my eyes pleading softly. “Yes.” I replied. He relaxed and stood up outstretching his hand toward me, “Then let’s go” I took his hand and we left together.


The sunrise woke me without a sound. I rolled off of the stiff hotel mattress and tried to get ready for the meeting, but the silence was too loud. My son called. “Dad?” “Is everything okay?” “I just wanted to say good morning.” “Oh, good morning.” And then it was. Seth Pilevsky lives in New … Continue reading SETH PILEVSKY: Good Morning →

SASHA VICTOR: Honeymoon Patch

The honeymoon patch of sunlight grew darker, obscured by the thick tangle of unknowing surrounding us. I looked up. She hummed silently. The song resonated in her eyes, as if seeing the work already done. I followed her, also humming, and we worked together, feeling ourselves victors through the pain. Every day Sasha tries to … Continue reading SASHA VICTOR: Honeymoon Patch →

MONICA WANG: What They’d Seen

Several people saw her running toward the orphanage, her hair a witch’s broom in the night. Later, they told her husband’s family. They didn’t mention, for they hadn’t seen, the tarnished jewellery in her arms. Nor could they feel the memory of an infant’s breath still warm against her chest. Monica Wang has fiction in … Continue reading MONICA WANG: What They’d Seen →


I was six when I saw a leopard for the first time at the local zoo. Its presence had an enigmatic effect on me; inspiring. I turned, posing for a photo, upright and brave, armed with a newfound sense of courage. The leopard stood confidently behind: shoulders propped, eagerly anticipating. Jonah Ardiel lives and writes … Continue reading JONAH ARDIEL: Leap →

MIRIAM STEIN: Last Chance?

Michael really likes you, Her parents insisted When she was 20 I find him dull, she countered You can’t be too particular, her father said You have to think about what you have to offer. Was it her extra pounds he meant? Or her personality? She wished she had asked Miriam Stein is a social … Continue reading MIRIAM STEIN: Last Chance? →