Pretty Little Liars

Image Credit: Kimber E., Yorktown, VA The author's comments: Its based off of a real tv show It was two o’clock in the morning and it was really eerie outside. There were no lights, except the glare from the moon; it was a little foggy, and really quiet. Aria woke up with a headache and when she got up, she noticed that Spencer and Ali were both missing; she panicked and woke the rest of us up. Aria, Hanna, Emily, and I were so confused. Right after we woke up Spencer came into the barn and looked really worried because she had just been looking for Ali. When we saw her the only thing she said was, “Ali’s missing and I think I heard her scream.” Ali was missing for about a year. All of my friends and I separated and lost contact with each other for a while. Ali was the one who brought us all together so it was hard to be friends without her. We lived in a small town called Rosewood. Rosewood is a quiet town, there’s not very many people and not much to do. We have our own high school, store, coffee shop, gas station, and park. There was some stuff there but not a lot. Nothing ever happened there so Ali’s disappearance was still posted everywhere. People were still in shock because they had yet to find her. Especially me and my friends. If she got abducted we knew she would have been smart enough to figure her way back home. She can get whatever she wants from anyone, so we though she would have used that talent to escape. The only explanation for all of this was that she ran away, but we don’t know why. After about a year of Ali being missing they found what they thought was Ali’s body in her backyard. After, they had a funeral and we started to get weird messages from someone who identified a themselves as “A”. We were all very confused because we didn't know who it could possibly be. They told us things that only Ali would know, but we went to her funeral. Sometimes “A” would send us to do random tasks in exchange for “A” to keep some of our secrets from everyone. One day we were at a coffee shop and we all got a text from “A” telling us to meet at a city park and further instructions were gonna be given when they got there. “A” was always looking to get something from us. They would send us stuff in the mail, through text, even through email just to get a scare out of us. Whoever it was knew all of our secrets. They made it obvious because they told us what they were when they texted us. They also gave us clues as to where Ali was. We were pretty sure Ali was still alive because she was the one who knew everything that “A” had been telling us. We had already been through the same stuff for a long time. We knew what to expect from”A”, but more importantly we were more worried about figuring out their identity. Their number was blocked so we couldn’t trace it. We could've asked someone to trace the call but they would’ve been able to tell and would’ve spilled everything. After about going through all of this for about two years we started to get really close to finding out who “A” was. Today, “A” said they were going to leave something for us in a public library. We knew they would’ve had to of showed up at one point so Spencer suggested that we should try and trap him or her. Hanna was across the street in a car, Aria and I were waiting inside the library to tackle them. Spencer and Emily were two blocks away waiting for Hanna to tell them when to come. When Hanna told them, they were gonna go and wait outside of the library for A. It was like 7:00 pm and we all went to where we needed to be. We were waiting there for “A” to show. It was about an hour later a van pulled up. A person in a black hoodie broke in and we knew that was ”A”. Hanna signaled Spencer and Emily and they were on their way, but before they got here “A” had already ran out to their van and sped off. Aria and I tried to tackle them but they threw us off and hurt Aria so when I went and helped her they had already left. We went back to Spencer's house now. We are all so disappointed that we didn't catch them. Then, at the same time all of our phones buzzed. It was a text from “A”. I knew it wasnt gonna be good. We all knew we were in trouble with “A”. The message read “That wasn’t a smart decision. Better luck next time, -A” The next day we went to school and had a completely normal day. We weren’t bothered by “A” at all, which was really unusual. I liked it a lot because it was one less thing for me to worry about. When we were let out of school, Hanna and I went back to Hanna’s house. We were there for about thirty minutes and then Aria and Spencer came. We all had a test in Government the next day so we started to study but when we were studying, Aria pulled out her study guide and the letter A was written in red paint over it. Once again we let “A” get way too close and then we didn’t even catch them. We all wanted to catch “A” so bad. We just didn’t know how. We have gotten so close so many times it’s just so frustrating to know we let him or her get away. I wish we could just go back to the way things were before Ali disappeared. Everything was perfect. I wish I could just go back to the night Ali disappeared and I would have stayed awake with her so she wouldn’t of left at all. But it’s way too late now. The end.

JEN MIERISCH: Chicago Shall Rise Again

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ERIN GILMORE: With apologies to William Carlos Williams

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I wake up to greet my old friend, Anxiety. How will I battle his belittlement and negativity today? “Distressing but not dangerous,” I tell myself, “strive to be average. Do the things you fear to do and wear the mask of security. Endorse for every effort, then keep moving forward.” Margie Nairn wrote this story … Continue reading MARGIE NAIRN: A New Day →