Saving Princess Peaxh

Image Credit: Emma J., Tuck, GA The author's comments: My first time writing a fanfiction... Clearly not my strong suit. "Stop it! Stop! Don't you understand anything?! I'm trying to save you!" But the princess didn't lower her guard. Her and the poofy pink frills she wore had been effortlessly tossed over the shoulder of a big, shelled beast. Bowser. She pounded her fists against his spiked shell and flailed her feet wildly until her perfectly pink heel finally made contact with his jaw. "OWWWWWW!!!!!! RRRRAAAAAAA!!!!!" The princess was thrown down against the wall of bowsers castle, she sat in shock and awaited her death, hoping it would be fast. "Try to save someone and I get a fat lip. Try and be the good guy and just look what happens!" She turned to get up and run while bowser was distracted, but then he gently grabbed her shoulder. "Wait... Wait. I'm just trying to do the right thing. I see how Mario is, he's no good for you. Actually, princess, you're too good for him. I see his addiction, always has to have those mushrooms. Sneaking out with the the goombas at night, going down into the pipes. And his anger issues! Oh, such anger! One little flaw and he punches right through bricks! Well, rather the bricks than you. Nonetheless, Princess, you need protection. Stay with me in my castle. I can save you from him! Please let me help."


Fibonacci was fascinated by spirals. Mathematical patterns in flower petals, repetitive details in seashells – Nature’s inescapable, infinite cycles. As I hear you arguing with your father, drink-fuelled tempers curdling love to spite, I wonder: are we all like this? Caught in eternal circles, passing around the point where we began. Jo Withers writes micros, … Continue reading JO WITHERS: Spirals →


He loved her all his life. He waited, growing up knowing she was out there, even before he met and married her. The sun settled behind the hills every day, but today had special meaning. He would be facing tomorrow alone for the first time. Now, she waited for him. NT Franklin writes cozy mystery … Continue reading NT FRANKLIN: Waiting →


The architects studied the plans for the umpteenth time. There was something missing, but what was it? Gabriel turned the drawings upside down and then Michael turned them sideways. “This won’t work. It will fall apart,” they both agreed. “Just get on with it,” sighed God. “It’s not that important.” Patrick Mc Loughlin is an … Continue reading PATRICK MC LOUGHLIN: Cowboy Builders →


Her father noticed she was still playing with the pile of tea bags. “Shall we put them away now, darling?” “Leave them. They’re my friends.” She had discovered beings that exactly resembled her true form, albeit of limited intelligence. Her next report would certainly create a stir on the mothership. David Mark Williams lives in … Continue reading DAVID MARK WILLIAMS: Tea Bags →


Every Tuesday at four in the afternoon hearts racing the trio of princesses zips down the hill and skips across the cobblestones to the village library Why all the excitement? The Harry Potter book club that’s why Every princess knows nothing compares to the secrets of wizardry hidden in books Roberta Beach Jacobson is a … Continue reading ROBERTA BEACH JACOBSON: Giggles and Magic →