SeokJinand#39;s Mistake

Image Credit: Maria H., Cincinnati, OH The author's comments: Please DO NOT publish this anywhere else without my permission, thank you! Note: This is a one-shot short story and this is my first time writing like this. i sincerely hope you enjoy and am sorry for any grammer issues. Without further ado, I'll let you read. Kim SeokJin goaned as he hit his desk, trying to find his alarm clock. He hits the snooze button and gets out of bed to get ready for the day, thankful that he and his bandmates dont have anything planned for the next few days. Putting on his shirt and pants, he walked in front of the mirror in his room, checking his looks. Satisfied, he nodded and walked out of his room, through the small hall, and into the living room. SeokJin sighed and shook his head as he looked around the room. The maknae line had their faces glued to a screen, watching each other play.           "Yah, Jungkookie! Can't you let me win just once?" SeokJin heard Kim Taehyung plead.          "No, where's the fun in that?" SeokJin chuckled and walked over to say good morning to Kim Namjoon, who was doing something on his phone.         "Yah, Namjoon, whatcha doing?" He asked.         "Oh, hey, Jin-Hyung. I'm doing a Log, wanna join in?"         "Sure! Why not?" SeokJin agreed. Jin sat down and said hi to the camera. The band had not yet debuted but they where almost there, with Min Yoongi and Kim Namjoon writing the song lyrics, and Jung Hoseok teaching SeokJin and the others the choreography.         After a few hours, BTS's manager called Kim SeokJin. Jin nodded to the others and followed his manager to a private room.      "SeokJin," he started. "I wanted to ask you if you would be ok not singing in the official debut song." The mangager stated.      "I would rather sing." SeokJin was taken aback by the manager's words. "I understand that I was recruted for my looks but I can sing and would like to do so."      "SeokJin, we recruted you Specifically for your looks, nothing else, we think it would be easier if you judt didn't sing. The other members can sing and dance, but none have your looks. Same goes for you. You have charms and looks but you cannot dance and can only sing a little bit, since you haven't had the practice."      "Then give be the practice and training i need!" SeokJin responded. He had gotten over the fact that he was only recruted for his looks and so had the others, with Namjoon an Yoongi giving him lyrics and Hoseok teaching him to dance, then their manager had to go and remind him. Not only that, but tell him he can't participate because he failed to give him the proper training.     "We've been together for 2 years and you didn't say anything about me not being able to sing OR dance. you knew about Kim Namjoon,Min Yoongi, and Jung Hoseoks' planning. If you can't appriciate me for more than just my looks, then you can find someone else!" SeokJin argued, losing his temper. Walking out, he walked to the living room to find everyone staring at his directon.      "Y-You aren't gonig to leave, right?" Jimin asked, looking up from his game.     "Jiminie, I'm sorry, but if everyone HERE can't enjoy what I work hard for, then how can I know the public will? i apprectiate all the hard work that you guys put in but I just can't work with people who dont appreciate what I can do. I know that your do but, some don't, I'm sorry." SeokJin left the living room with that. Over the last week Kim SeokJin was there, the other members tried to convence him to stay, but his mind never changed.       3 Years Later   Kim SeokJin stood in the front row of the BTS concert. He still loved these boys and had never lost contact. He always managed to get front row to the concerts he goes to. BTS always acknowledged him. The boys on stage were having a break from singing and were talking to an enthusiastic audience. v, Kim Taehyung's stage name, was talking.      "There's always been a name that always goes through my mind..." SeokJin cherished that moment, knowing that he'll be able to thank him personally for what he said later. SeokJin regretted leaving this group, not because of the fame, but because of the boys. Bangtan Sonyeondan will always be HIS band.


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