Sherlock: The Empty Houses - Part 2

Image Credit: Elyse G., Wilmington, MA The author's comments: This is part 2 of my "Sherlock" fan fiction script. Please see part 1 if you haven't already. If you have, thanks for continuing! I hope you enjoy this second half. EXT – WAREHOUSE – NIGHT The outside of the warehouse is alight with flashing police and ambulance sirens. Sherlock is being carried out on a stretcher by paramedics, unconscious. John is right behind them, closely followed by Lestrade. John’s bleeding from his temple where Moran hit him, but he doesn’t seem to notice. An unoccupied paramedic approaches him with a first aid kit, but John pushes her away. JOHN No, I’m fine. He pushes past her to get to the paramedics loading Sherlock into the ambulance. JOHN [cont] Make sure you get him on an IV, and if he wakes up, don’t let him sit up- Lestrade pulls him away from the ambulance. JOHN Hey! What-? LESTRADE They know what to do, this is their job. Now get over here and have that head looked at. We don’t want you passing out too. The ambulance pulls away. John touches his head and seems to finally notice all the blood. He sways a bit, and Lestrade sits him down on the curb. The paramedic with the kit cleans him up. LESTRADE [cont] Now, do you want to tell me what you found? JOHN Sherlock figured out that this is where Adair was being tortured. You might want to get a forensics team in there. Lestrade nods and walks a few steps away to make the call. The paramedic finishes cleaning John’s head and bandages it. When she’s finished, John puts his face in his hands. Lestrade comes back. LESTRADE They’re on their way. I’ll have someone give you a ride home when they get here. You need to rest. JOHN Home? No, I’m going to the hospital. Lestrade sighs. LESTRADE I knew you’d say that, just thought I’d try. Ok, I’ll have someone take you to the hospital then. INT – ST BARTHOLOMEW’S HOSPITAL, WAITING ROOM – NIGHT John is sitting in a hallway outside the operating room where Sherlock is being treated. The bandage on John’s head is dark with blood; he’s already been waiting a while. Harry walks up to him hurriedly. HARRY Oh my God John, are you ok? JOHN Yeah Harry, I’m- She sits down in the chair next to him. HARRY What happened then? Why are you here? What happened to your head? JOHN Sherlock got shot, I got hit in the head. She gives him a concerned look. JOHN [cont] But I’m fine Harry. It’s Sherlock I’m worried about… He looks anxiously towards the surgery room. HARRY Oh come on, I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s already come back from the dead once. JOHN Yeah, well that’s because he never was dead, he just lied to everyone. He can’t lie his way out of this one… HARRY So that’s what happened? He just survived the fall and let everyone think he didn’t? JOHN Yeah, pretty much. HARRY [in an undertone] Some friend… JOHN What did you say? HARRY Nothing. There’s a long awkward pause. HARRY [cont] Why do you care about him so much? He obviously doesn’t feel the same way about you. JOHN Shut up Harry, of course he does. He’s my friend. HARRY Then why didn’t he call you? He put you through hell for no reason! That’s not what I’d call a friend! JOHN He couldn’t tell me, it was too dangerous! HARRY Dangerous? Why? What would have happened if you had known he was alive? John starts to falter. JOHN I don’t know, but he says he couldn’t and I trust him. HARRY I think that’s your problem. You trust him too much and he takes advantage of it. John doesn’t say anything back. He just stares across the hall at the surgery door. Harry watches him, but she doesn’t press the matter anymore. Then she stands up. HARRY [cont] I’m going to the loo. John nods but doesn’t say anything. As she’s leaving, MYCROFT HOLMES enters the hall, and John stands up to greet him. MYCROFT How’s he doing? JOHN He’s still in surgery, we won’t know for a while. MYCROFT So what happened? JOHN [coldly] He got shot. MYCROFT John- JOHN You knew. You have my number, and you aren’t opposed to kidnapping me in your fancy cars when it suits you. One phone call, one text, one kidnapping: that’s all it would have taken. MYCROFT John, I would have, but he asked me not to tell you. JOHN What, and you listened to him? Since when do you two get along?! MYCROFT No, John, he ASKED. He nearly pleaded with me. He genuinely thought it would put you in danger if you knew. I’ve never seen him like that before. So I decided to trust him. JOHN He actually asked for something? He didn’t just command it like he always does? Mycroft nods. MYCROFT I think that whole Moriarty incident changed my brother. He sits down next to John and looks at his phone. John is still processing. Outside, the sky is starting to lighten. Sherlock has been in surgery all night. JOHN Did he… you know, talk about me when he was… dead? Besides asking you to keep me in the dark? MYCROFT About you? No. To you? Yes. It’s a habit he’s had for a long time, talking to people when they aren’t around. I’ve tried to make him stop, but… Well you can guess what his response to that was. John chuckles. JOHN Yeah, I can imagine. MYCROFT Did you by any chance receive my text this morning? JOHN Oh yeah, sorry. At that point, I was still mad at you. What did you need to tell me? Mycroft hesitates, troubled. MYCROFT Well, I received some information a couple of days ago- Suddenly, a DOCTOR exits the surgery room and walks towards them, interrupting Mycroft. They both turn to him, waiting for good news. JOHN How is he? DOCTOR He’s fine. We got him all patched up, and he’s in his room recovering. He’ll have to stay here for while still. JOHN Can we go see him? DOCTOR Of course, but he’s still coming down off the anesthetics, so he might be a little out of it still. INT – ST. BARTHOLOMEW’S HOSPITAL, SHERLOCK’S ROOM – MORNING Sherlock is lying in a hospital bed dressed in a hospital gown, hooked up to numerous machines and IV needles. His right shoulder is heavily bandaged, and his arm is in a sling. There’s a rose on his bedside table, a gift from the nurses. John, Mycroft, and Harry walk into the room, and Sherlock sits up. SHERLOCK John, there you are. I have your new phone… His speech is slurred, and he’s not himself. JOHN What? Where did you get a new phone? Sherlock holds up an iPhone with a purple flowery case. JOHN Sherlock, where did you get that? SHERLOCK I pick-pocketed one of the nurses. Don’t you like it? It’s not bloody like yours. JOHN Yeah, sure, thanks. He takes the phone from Sherlock, shaking his head. Sherlock looks sideways and sees the rose on his nightstand. SHERLOCK Oh! Look at this rose! It’s so lovely! John raises his eyebrows. Mycroft is very obviously trying not to laugh at Sherlock’s state. Sherlock reaches over with his good arm and plucks the rose from its vase. SHERLOCK You know, everything in life, our powers, our desires, our food, are all really necessary to our lives. But this rose, this beautiful rose, is an extra. Its aroma and color are embellishments of life, not conditions of it. Only goodness gives extras, so I think we have a lot to hope for in life, because of the existence of this beautiful thing. He sits quietly, examining it. John, Mycroft, and Harry just watch him, incredulous. MYCROFT [to John and Harry] Well, I can see that he’s his usual self, so I think I’ll be off. I’ll come by later when the drugs have worn off. Goodbye! Mycroft glances again at Sherlock, who is still examining the rose, and leaves. JOHN Yeah, Mycroft’s right, there’s really no point in staying at the moment. If you want to go home, that’s fine. Thanks for coming by. HARRY No problem. Let me know when he’s back to normal. I want to have a word with him… JOHN Oh, uh, ok. I’m going to stay here, so I’ll let you know. HARRY Ok. Bye then. She exits. John sits in a chair. Sherlock finally looks up from the rose. SHERLOCK John, just look at it! It’s so beautiful! JOHN Yes, it's gorgeous. Why don’t you go to sleep? SHERLOCK Ok. He lays back down, still holding the rose, and falls asleep. INT – ST BARTHOLOMEW’S HOSPITAL, SHERLOCK’S ROOM – EVENING Sherlock is sitting up in his hospital bed now, looking more himself, now that the drugs have worn off. John walks into the room, leading Mycroft and Harry. SHERLOCK John, where were you? I woke up and you were gone! And why is there a rose in my bed? JOHN Oh, apparently that’s your new obsession. At least, when you’re heavily drugged. Brought you some company. SHERLOCK I don’t need company! Why am I still in here? I feel fine. Mycroft get me out! MYCROFT You only feel fine because they’re pumping morphine through you; you can’t leave yet. SHERLOCK Ugh, John! Tell him I need to leave! JOHN No way, you need to stay here for a couple days at least. You just had a huge blood transfusion and fresh stitches, not to mention a shattered shoulder blade. You’re not going anywhere anytime soon. SHERLOCK Ugh, but John! I’m on a case! I can’t just lie here covered in paper like a useless sandwich! They’re not giving me enough morphine to make this worthwhile… MYCROFT I won’t be able to keep this quiet for long. Last time you were here, you died, and people will remember. I’ll keep it quiet for as long as I can, but I think your little game is up. SHERLOCK Oh, hell, it was up a long time ago. Moran knew weeks ago; he had to plan out his little trap. JOHN Little trap, Sherlock- He shakes his head, knowing it’s pointless to argue. JOHN [cont] Lestrade has set up a crime scene at the warehouse. They got into that padlocked door, and sure enough, there were handcuffs and bloodstains on the floor. DNA confirms that it’s Adair’s. Sherlock is pleased. JOHN [cont] They still don’t know WHY he was kidnapped and tortured though. HARRY What are you two on about? Sherlock finally notices her. He looks at John questioningly. SHERLOCK Why is she here? HARRY Because I care about my brother, which is more than you can say! SHERLOCK I- HARRY Oh shut up! You didn’t have to see him go through what you put him through! You didn’t have to hear him wake up in the middle of the night, calling for his “friend”! John is embarrassed. Sherlock doesn’t need to know that! JOHN Harry- HARRY No, John, he needs to know! [to Sherlock] You put him through hell, and for what? Tell me! SHERLOCK I couldn’t tell John, because then he would have been killed, and Moriarty would have won. I would have lost- HARRY What, is that all you care about? Winning and losing sick games with psychopathic criminals? You’re insane! SHERLOCK Let me finish! I would have lost… my best and only friend. At least this way the loss was only temporary. Harry is speechless for a moment, but she seems to accept this explanation. HARRY Yeah, well conveniently, you weren’t the one suffering. Apologize. JOHN What? No, it’s fine Harry- HARRY Do it. She gives Sherlock a nasty stare. He and John look uncomfortably at each other. Sherlock shrugs, knowing Harry won’t let him escape. SHERLOCK I’m… sorry John, for what I put you through. He and John barely make eye contact. JOHN Yeah, don’t worry, it’s all fine. He aims the last bit at Harry too, telling her to drop it. Mycroft seems to be enjoying Sherlock’s telling-off and discomfort. MYCROFT Well, this has been lovely, but I’d best be off. I have something to deal with… I’ll leave you to rest now, dear brother. SHERLOCK Yes, we wouldn’t want those Americans getting what they want, now do we? Mycroft gives Sherlock a strange look to silence him. MYCROFT [to John] Would you like a ride? JOHN What? Oh, no thanks, I’m staying. SHERLOCK What? No! I’m fine, don’t worry about me! JOHN It’s not you I’m worried about. If I leave you alone to deal with the nurses and the doctor, we’ll have a lawsuit on our hands. Or you’ll kill yourself for real this time. SHERLOCK What do you think I’ll do, escape? JOHN Well, I did think you might try and leave, but now I’m sure of it. I’m staying. Sherlock looks disappointed. MYCROFT [to Sherlock] Well, I can see that you’re well cared for. Please stay out of trouble as long as possible. I’ll try to keep the media out, but you have to stay quiet. Sherlock rolls his eyes. MYCROFT [cont] Goodbye, John. Harry. They nod, he leaves the room. HARRY John- JOHN No, Harry I’m not leaving. HARRY I know. I can see why now. I was just going to say that I am. I’ll talk to you later. JOHN Oh sorry. Thanks for coming by. She walks out of the room, giving Sherlock a “you’d better behave or else” look. SHERLOCK Ugh, why’d you have to stay?! Now Lestrade might actually solve my case before me! JOHN Well, technically it’s his case, and it’s already solved, it’s just a matter of catching Moran, and you’d probably just get yourself killed if I left. Sherlock grumbles a bit. SHERLOCK What else did Lestrade find at the warehouse? JOHN Not much. There was no sign of Moran, he took off pretty fast after I shot him. Lestrade’s keeping an eye on hospitals in case he checks in, but that’s a long shot. Sherlock puts his hands together, thinking. JOHN [cont] They did find a few more of Adair’s things, his phone and wallet. But for the police they’re not very useful. They don’t need to know why Adair was kidnapped, just that he was. SHERLOCK Hmmm… I need to see that phone. It might have some valuable information. Can you go get it from the station? JOHN Ha, nice try. Look, I never should have brought it up; you need to rest. You’ve been shot after all. And don’t worry, Moran was too, so I doubt he’ll be up to much for a while. SHERLOCK Rest? I’ve hardly rested in a year and a half. I think I’ve forgotten how to. Now, his next move won’t be as clever. He doesn’t have the time he had before, and he’s realized that it’ll be harder than he anticipated. I don’t think he knew expected you to be helping me. He’ll want to end it quickly now, no more games… As Sherlock is talking, a nurse walks into the room to check on his bandages. John pulls her aside as she’s walking in and whispers something to her. She nods, injects something into Sherlock’s IV line, checks his bandages, and leaves. Sherlock hardly seems to notice her presence. SHERLOCK John, the next thing he’ll try will be quick. Probably a shot… from… a rooftop… He starts fading into sleep thanks to the sedative that the nurse administered. John sighs, relieved, and leans back in his hard armchair. JOHN Much better. He closes his eyes. INT – ST BARTHOLOMEW’S HOSPITAL, SHERLOCK’S ROOM – MORNING John wakes up in the chair in Sherlock’s hospital room and groans. Sherlock is already awake, accepting his breakfast from the nurse. He’s putting on all his charm and smiles. SHERLOCK Thank you, it looks delicious. She smiles, and turns to check something on one of the machines. Sherlock makes a face at the tray of cold toast, green jello, and a small glass of watery juice. She turns back, and he’s all smiles again. NURSE How are you feeling? Still in pain? SHERLOCK No, I actually feel quite marvelous. I slept like a baby. Sherlock notices that John’s awake, and looks pointedly at him. He knows John had him sedated. NURSE Ok, that’s good. I’ll have the doctor check in on you a little later. Enjoy your breakfast! SHERLOCK I will, thank you. He smiles again as she walks out of the room. As soon as she’s gone, he loses the smile and turns to John. SHERLOCK [cont] I need to get out of here today. We can’t waste any more time. You need to help me escape. JOHN Sherlock, it’s not a prison, it’s a hospital, and the only reason you’re here is because you got shot! They need to make sure you’re not going to kill yourself by running around town. SHERLOCK I’m FINE! The longer we stay here, the longer Moran has to recuperate too! JOHN You’ve only been here a day! SHERLOCK Only?! That’s one day that Lestrade’s had that I haven’t! John sighs, knowing that he’s fighting a losing battle. JOHN Fine- Sherlock is elated. JOHN -but you have to take it easy. No running, nothing strenuous, and you have to listen to me. I’m a doctor too, remember. SHERLOCK Yes, ok, fine. After the doctor checks up on me, we’ll get out of here. JOHN Fine. And eat your breakfast, the doctor will notice if you’re not eating. SHERLOCK Oh come on, you know I don’t eat when I’m on a case. I wouldn’t even eat this normally, it’s repulsive. You eat it. JOHN What? No! I’m not going to eat your soggy hospital meal for you. SHERLOCK Then the doctor will get suspicious, and we won’t get out of here. JOHN Fine by me. You’re the one who’s so desperate to escape. Sherlock realizes he’s gotten himself into a corner and reluctantly starts chewing on the toast. They sit silently for a minute, Sherlock making faces as he downs the meager breakfast. JOHN So tell me about your “adventures”. Where were you? SHERLOCK Well, all over the place. Moriarty’s web is huge, bigger than I ever thought. I went to China, Paris, America- JOHN America? SHERLOCK Yes, he’s got a lot of people in America. I was in Washington D.C., Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, and a little suburb outside of L.A. called “Rancho Cucamonga”. JOHN [smiling] Moriarty had men working in “Rancho Cucamonga”? SHERLOCK Oh no, of course not. It’s totally unremarkable, and really dull. No, I ran into Irene Adler in L.A., and she lives in Rancho Cucamonga. John goes a bit pale. As far as he knows, Adler is dead. JOHN I-Irene Adler? SHERLOCK Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but she’s cleaned up her act. No more “dominatrixing”. But the witness protection program is going well. John is shocked. The witness protection program was a lie thought up by Mycroft to avoid telling Sherlock that Adler had been killed. Little do they know that Sherlock helped Adler fake her death. Again. SHERLOCK Anyway, I also went to Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. I visited the Reichenbach falls there. John is surprised; Sherlock’s not really the sightseeing type. JOHN Oh you did? And were they as beautiful as that painting of them you helped recover? SHERLOCK Dunno, I was busy fighting a murderer. He almost pushed me over the edge, but luckily I dodged his blow and he fell instead. JOHN Lovely. The doctor walks into the room, and they both stop talking to look at him. Sherlock puts on his model patient performance again. DOCTOR Feeling better are we? And I see you’ve got an appetite back, good. SHERLOCK Yes, loads better, thank you. And this breakfast is wonderful. The doctor removes Sherlock’s bandages to check his stitches. DOCTOR Hmmm, looks like you’ve avoided infection. That’s good; we might be able to release you earlier then. SHERLOCK When would that be? DOCTOR Oh maybe the day after tomorrow, if you’re still doing well. SHERLOCK Ok Doctor. Whatever you say! The doctor checks the clipboard at the foot of the bed with Sherlock’s information on it. DOCTOR “Sherlock Holmes”. I don’t know why, but your name sounds familiar. Have we met? SHERLOCK [mock surprised] Oh no, I don’t think so! It must be similar to some actor’s name or something. The doctor’s still puzzled. DOCTOR Yes… Yes, that must be it. Well, I’m glad to see you feeling better. Just push that button if you need anything from the nurses. SHERLOCK I will, thank you Doctor. The doctor exits the room, and Sherlock loses his smiles and cheer. SHERLOCK Quick John, help me get dressed. My clothes are over there. He points to a bag in the corner. John looks into the bag. JOHN Ah, no Sherlock, you can’t wear this. It’s disgusting! Someone will notice if you’re walking around in a shirt covered in blood. SHERLOCK Oh don’t be ridiculous, it can’t be that bad. John holds up the shirt that he used to stop the blood flow from Sherlock’s shoulder wound. It’s stiff and almost totally covered in dried blood. There’s also a hole through both sides where the bullet went through. SHERLOCK Um… How’s my coat? John pulls it out of the bag and examines it. JOHN Well, there’s a hole in the back and some blood there, but it’s not as noticeable. I guess I got it off you before it could get too soaked. And it looks like it was open when you got shot, cuz there’s no hole in the front. SHERLOCK It’ll have to do. Bring it here. John brings Sherlock his coat and pants. Sherlock gets out of bed to put them on. JOHN I’ll go, uh, watch the door. He walks to the door and looks outside to make sure no one’s coming. But mostly to give Sherlock some privacy changing. SHERLOCK Um, John… John turns around. Sherlock’s gotten his pants on, but he can’t untie the hospital gown with one hand. John goes to assist him. He unties the gown, but he can’t take it off because of Sherlock’s sling. So, he carefully takes Sherlock’s arm out of the sling, removes the gown, and puts the sling back. Sherlock winces, but doesn’t complain. John notices though. JOHN You know, leaving the hospital means no more morphine. SHERLOCK Oh, that’s ok, I don’t need the morphine. JOHN You’re joking right? You’ll remember that I’ve had the same exact wound as you. And I know that it hurts like hell. Sherlock pauses, beat. SHERLOCK I think I have some at the flat. John rolls his eyes, but doesn’t say anything. JOHN Ok, now we have to unhook you from all these machines. We’re going to have to move fast after that though, because the nurses will come to see what happened. Sherlock nods. John quickly pulls out the IV needle and rips off the other sensors. The machines beep and whine madly in protest. John quickly grabs Sherlock’s coat and helps him into it, buttoning it all the way up to hide his lack of a shirt. The right arm hangs loose because of the sling. The hole in the back is painfully obvious because of the glaring white bandages underneath. John shakes his head. JOHN Ok, it’s not pretty, but it’ll have to do. Let’s go. He grabs Sherlock’s bag of belongings and leads him cautiously into the hallway. INT – ST BARTHOLOMEW’S HOSPITAL, HALLWAY – DAY John leads Sherlock towards the main desk, but quickly changes course. There’s a hoard of reporters and photographers clustered around the desk pestering the receptionist, asking for Sherlock’s room number, but she refuses. John and Sherlock quickly head the other way. JOHN Guess they’ve discovered you’re back from the dead. SHERLOCK Come on, we can use the exit down by the morgue. He starts to lead John down the stairwell, but John stops him. JOHN No, you’re not going down five flights of stairs. He drags Sherlock to the elevator despite his protests. Luckily, there’s no one else inside. INT – ST BARTHOLOMEW’S HOSPITAL, MORGUE – DAY John exits the elevator first, making sure there’s no one around, then motions to Sherlock to exit. They walk to the end of the hall and out an exit. INT – 221B BAKER STREET – DAY John walks into the sitting room first followed by Sherlock. MRS. HUDSON comes out of the kitchen, and is delighted to see John. Sherlock starts unbuttoning his coat awkwardly with his left hand. Mrs. Hudson gives John a hug. MRS. HUDSON John, dear, it’s so good to see you- Sherlock has finally taken his coat off and hangs it up. Mrs. Hudson sees his sling and bandages and shrieks. MRS. HUDSON [cont] Sherlock, what happened? JOHN He got shot two nights ago- MRS. HUDSON SHOT? Why aren’t you in a hospital, young man? And what were you doing to get shot?! Sherlock rolls his eyes, then stumbles and falls into John. John catches him and helps/drags him to the couch. Mrs. Hudson stops rambling and rushes into the kitchen. JOHN [to Sherlock] I told you you weren’t ready to leave. Sherlock is about to say something, but Mrs. Hudson comes back into the room with a glass of water and a wet towel. MRS. HUDSON Here you go dear. She lays the wet towel on Sherlock’s forehead and makes him drink some of the water. She then retreats a few steps to talk to John. MRS. HUDSON [cont] [to John] Why isn’t he at a hospital? You’re a doctor, how could you allow him to run around in his state? JOHN Well, he was in a hospital, but I couldn’t stop him from trying to “escape”. MRS. HUDSON [shakes her head] So he finally told you. JOHN Yeah. Yesterday. MRS. HUDSON Oh, John dear, I’m so sorry. I wish I could have told you. The way he just sauntered in like nothing had ever happened… Nearly gave me a heart-attack, I was so happy. JOHN Yeah, he’s not being too gentle about it, is he? MRS. HUDSON No, but what else would we expect from him? She turns back to look at Sherlock, who’s trying to sit up. MRS. HUDSON [cont] No, no, no, you stay there. I’ll make you some tea and soup. She gently pushes him back onto the couch. He reluctantly complies. She goes into the kitchen to get the tea, and Sherlock reaches for his laptop on the coffee table. He opens it awkwardly with one hand. JOHN So what’s our next move? SHERLOCK We set a trap for him this time. Mycroft walks up the stairs. Sherlock is surprised and looks up. SHERLOCK [cont] What are you doing here? MYCROFT Just thought I’d check up on you. I knew you’d be home by now. Sherlock looks back at his computer screen, bored. JOHN How did you know we were here? Sherlock looks back at his computer screen, bored with the conversation already. MYCROFT He never was one for being babied. He started patching himself up at age 7. SHERLOCK Well, you can be on your way, Mycroft, I’m perfectly fine. JOHN Fine? You almost passed out a minute ago! SHERLOCK Oh please, that was just to shut Mrs. Hudson up. He looks up from his computer for the first time, at John. SHERLOCK [cont] I’m not as delicate as some people. John rolls his eyes. Sherlock looks back at his computer. JOHN You’re not going to let me live that one down, are you? SHERLOCK Nope! MYCROFT Also, I came to warn you. Moran’s credit care was used next door in the café last night. Sherlock looks up, excited. SHERLOCK So he’ll know I’m home, if he’s in the area, probably staking the place out. Time to set our trap, John. MYCROFT Make sure he doesn’t kill himself, John. John nods, and Mycroft leaves. Sherlock closes his laptop. SHERLOCK Where’s my dummy, John? JOHN How should I know?! You’ve been here more than me in the last year and a half… Mrs. Hudson leaves the kitchen with a tray of soup and tea for Sherlock. She sets it on the table, but he doesn’t touch it. MRS. HUDSON There you are dear. There’s some in the kitchen for you too, John. JOHN Thank you, I’ll- SHERLOCK [to Mrs. Hudson] Where’s my dummy? MRS. HUDSON It’s in the closet down the hall, dear. She notices Sherlock’s bloody and holey jacket hanging on its hook. MRS. HUDSON Oh, your poor coat! She takes it off the hook and examines it. MRS. HUDSON I’ll be downstairs if you boys need anything. John smiles at her as she goes down the stairs, taking the coat with her. JOHN Now what? SHERLOCK Get me my dummy. John rolls his eyes, but complies. INT – 221B BAKER STREET – NIGHT Sherlock has a shirt on now. John is helping him put on his newly mended and cleaned coat. Mrs. Hudson stands by watching, worried. Once it’s on, John helps him put his arm back into the sling. Sherlock grabs his phone and puts it in his pocket. SHERLOCK [to Mrs. Hudson] Now remember what you’re to do. MRS. HUDSON Yes, I know. Oh, do be careful boys. I don’t like this. SHERLOCK We’ll be fine. Sherlock gives her a quick kiss on the cheek to reassure her. She smiles weakly, then goes into the kitchen. JOHN How are we going to leave if he’s watching the house? Sherlock heads upstairs. SHERLOCK [OS] The fire escape! JOHN What? Sherlock, no- John grabs his gun off the table and runs up the stairs after him. EXT – 221B BAKER STREET, FIRE ESCAPE AND ALLEY– NIGHT John and Sherlock are standing on the fire escape on the back of the house. John is looking apprehensively over the edge, worried about how Sherlock is going to climb down the ladder with one arm. JOHN Ok I’m going first. When you come down, remember to go slow. There’s no rush. You’ve only got one arm, and we don’t want you falling. SHERLOCK I know, just hurry up! John starts his descent. Sherlock follows after him, going surprisingly fast with one arm. John watches with concern. Sherlock finally makes it to the bottom safely. They walk down the alley past a couple houses, then turn out onto Baker Street. EXT – BAKER STREET – NIGHT John and Sherlock emerge onto Baker Street from the alley they were just in. They cross the street, and enter the alley behind the houses, identical to the one they just left. EXT – OPPOSITE BAKER STREET ALLEY – NIGHT Sherlock and John hurry along the alley past a few houses. Then Sherlock stops John behind the one he’s looking for. John jumps up and pulls down the fire escape ladder. Sherlock climbs up slowly with his one arm, followed shortly after by John. INT - THE EMPTY HOUSE - NIGHT Sherlock pulls the boards off the window, and they climb in. It’s dark, but they can make out the faint outlines of furniture covered in sheets. The floor is bare wood, and their footsteps creak ominously. They proceed cautiously down the stairs to the room below, which faces across the street. There’s a dusty, broken couch at one end of the room. The windows are new, but they’re covered by sheets of plywood. Sherlock moves one of the panels a small amount, allowing them a view of 221B. In the warmly lit window across the street, there’s a silhouette of someone who looks exactly like Sherlock. As they watch, the silhouette moves slightly, eerily alive. The real Sherlock watches intently out the window, scanning the multitudes of people walking by. They talk quietly. JOHN Good thing this place stayed empty after Moriarty blew it up with his “gas leak”. SHERLOCK Yes, I suppose so. Now we wait. Moran will most likely take the shot from the street or a rooftop. He’ll wait until the streets are less crowded though, so we may have a long while to wait. You should go to the roof and watch from there. Lestrade’s got plainclothes on the street, but who knows if they’ll be any help at all. John nods. JOHN Ok, but be careful. SHERLOCK Aren’t I always? John shakes his head and starts to leave the room. As he reaches the doorway, they both hear someone closing a door downstairs. John freezes and looks at Sherlock. JOHN [whispers] I thought you said this house was empty?! They hear creaking footsteps on the stairs. John and Sherlock back into a corner, looking for someplace to hide. SHERLOCK [whispers] It is! Look at the state of it! Sherlock looks around, then notices something on the floor: scuff marks in the dust, not theirs, and a bloody rag in the corner. Flashback. Sherlock is standing outside 221B. He sees the wood panel in the window across the street move back into place. Back to present. SHERLOCK [cont] [whispers] Oh no. John this is bad. Get behind that couch and don’t breathe. He and John duck behind the couch, and just in time. The person walks into the room. It’s Moran. He’s walking strangely, labored, because of his gunshot wound. The sliver of light from the window glints on his bald head. John realizes how much trouble they’re in too, and pulls out his gun. JOHN [whispers] What’s he doing here?! Did he see us come in?! SHERLOCK [whispers] No, this has been his hideout the whole time. This is where he’s been watching me and Baker Street from. I’m so stupid! Moran approaches the couch, causing Sherlock and John to tense. John takes the safety off his gun with a small click. Moran pauses, listening. Sherlock and John hold their breath. Moran decides it was nothing and reaches under the couch. He pulls out a long flat box; a gun. He carries it towards the window, opens it, and begins to assemble the gun. Sherlock takes out his phone and silently texts Lestrade: “He’s in the house across from 221B. So are we. Hurry up. –SH” SHERLOCK [whispers] Ok, on the count of three we tackle him- Moran crouches and points his gun out the window, across the street. JOHN [whispers] No, are you crazy?! You’ve only got one arm! SHERLOCK [whispers, getting louder] Yes, but you’ve still got two! If my math is correct, we have three arms against two! JOHN [whispers, getting louder] Well, if you recall, last time we had four arms against two, and what happened again? I can’t remember… Oh yeah, you got shot! Moran is starting to hear them and look around, but they don’t notice. They’re too busy arguing. SHERLOCK [louder whisper] Well that was hardly my fault, you were a little slow- Suddenly, Sherlock receives Lestrade’s reply to his text. His phone vibrates loudly. Sherlock and John immediately stop their bickering and freeze. Moran gets up from his crouching position by the window and slowly walks towards the couch, gun aloft. Sherlock and John stare at each other, trying to silently communicate. John mouths “He’s coming on your side!” and points behind Sherlock to tell him. Sherlock nods, and positions himself so that his left shoulder, his good one, is facing Moran. There’s a tense pause as Moran stops and listens again. Then he quickly jumps around the corner of the couch, pointing his gun behind it. Sherlock immediately stands up, slamming his good shoulder into Moran’s stomach. As he stands up, Sherlock grabs the barrel of the gun, keeping it pointed away from him and John. Moran is caught by surprise, and doubles over in pain as Sherlock collides with his own wound inflicted by John at the warehouse. He quickly recovers, however, and fights with Sherlock for control of the gun. He’s at an advantage because Sherlock can only use his left arm, while Moran has use of both. John has his gun trained on them, but he can’t get a clear shot of Moran because of their struggle. Moran manages to get the gun pointed at Sherlock and pulls the trigger, but Sherlock is able to move it at the last minute. The couch explodes as the bullet pierces it and sends stuffing flying. Moran uses his two arms to his advantage and punches Sherlock’s wounded shoulder while still keeping a hold on his gun. Sherlock screams in pain and crumples to the ground. Moran, standing on Sherlock’s left side, points the gun at his chest; but John has him covered. JOHN Stop! If you shoot him, you’re dead. In fact, just don’t move at all. Moran sighs, but keeps his eyes and gun on Sherlock, lying on the ground. MORAN Oh, Doctor Watson. You always get in the way. I would have killed him three times by now, if it weren’t for you. How lucky for him you decided to visit Baker Street the day he came back. JOHN Yeah, lucky for him. Not so lucky for you. Now drop the gun and back away, or I will shoot you again. And this time I won't miss. MORAN Oh really? You think that I can’t also pull a trigger at a moment’s notice? I can make demands too. Drop your gun, or he dies. SHERLOCK Don’t do it, John. All he wants is to kill me, and if you drop your gun, he’ll just kill us both. Moran shoves the gun closer to Sherlock, resting the barrel on his chest. MORAN Shut up, you. JOHN Hey, watch it! John fidgets with his gun, but doesn’t shoot. He knows they’re both trapped. Neither can shoot without losing, and they all know it. SHERLOCK John. Shoot him. Moran moves the barrel to Sherlock’s forehead. MORAN I said, shut up! Downstairs, there’s the sound of the front door being broken down and police storming into the house. Moran looks up at the sound, and John is relieved. Moran seems to make up his mind to shoot Sherlock. His finger tightens on the trigger. Sherlock notices, and looks one last time at John, then glances down at Moran’s feet. John tightens his own grip on his gun. Sherlock closes his eyes, as if in resignation. But then he swings out his left arm and knocks Moran’s feet out from under him. Moran's gun goes off, embedding a bullet in the floor inches from Sherlock’s head. An instant later, there’s another gunshot as John shoots Moran in the shoulder. Moran yells, drops his gun, and collapses against the wall. Sherlock quickly scrambles away from him, and John moves closer to cover Moran. JOHN Yes, very lucky that I paid Baker Street a visit. A group of police, led by Lestrade, storms into the room, guns drawn. A couple handcuff Moran, while another calls for an ambulance. LESTRADE Sebastian Moran, you’re under arrest for the murder of 24 people, the kidnapping, torture, and murder of Ronald Adair, and the attempted murder of twelve people including Sherlock- SHERLOCK No, no, no, you can leave that last part out. I’m still dead, remember? MORAN If only! Your secret is out now. There’s no hiding it anymore! Moran grins evilly and spits on the floor at Sherlock’s feet as the cops lead him out of the room. Just Lestrade, Sherlock, and John remain. LESTRADE How’d you know where he was? I thought the whole point of all the plainclothes cops was to find him? SHERLOCK Oh well, it was simple really. Lestrade Was it? Lestrade looks at John, who shakes his head and mouths “Luck”. Sherlock doesn’t notice. SHERLOCK Yes, he had to be watching us from somewhere close to 221B and, and… He trails off, unable to explain sufficiently. JOHN It’s ok, you don’t have to explain yourself. We know you’re brilliant. LESTRADE Well, if you’re both ok, I’d best be off. Got a criminal to book. SHERLOCK No, wait! Can I have Adair’s phone? Seeing as the case is closed, you won’t be needing it anymore. LESTRADE I don’t see why not. I’ll have it brought by your flat tomorrow. SHERLOCK Thank you. Lestrade nods and leaves the room. JOHN Well, that was a nice little coincidence. You ok? SHERLOCK Hurts a little, but I’ll be fine. They start walking down the stairs. JOHN Yes you will. No more cases until you’re healed. As an afterthought, he adds, JOHN [cont] In fact, no leaving the flat at all. SHERLOCK Fair enough. INT – 221B BAKER STREET – NIGHT John and Sherlock trudge up the stairs into the sitting room. Mrs. Hudson is waiting for them, sitting on the couch. She stands up as soon as she hears them coming. MRS. HUDSON Are you alright? I heard gunshots! JOHN We’re fine. And we caught him. SHERLOCK You played your part admirably, Mrs. Hudson. It looked real. They all glance towards the window, where Sherlock’s dummy is sitting. There’s clay smooshed all over its face to give it Sherlock’s profile, and a rainbow curly clown’s wig on its head to imitate Sherlock’s curly hair. Its hands are tied together and propped up to resemble Sherlock’s “praying hands” when he’s thinking. JOHN It looks just like you. Even the hair would have matched, if I hadn’t made you dye it back. Sherlock rolls his eyes, then flops down heavily in an armchair, exhausted. John notices. JOHN Ok, go to bed. And I mean it. I’ll sedate you again if I have to. SHERLOCK No need for that… He yawns and walks down the hall to his bedroom. John watches him go, then lays down on the couch and falls asleep. INT – 221B BAKER STREET – MORNING John is still asleep on the couch, sleeping peacefully. No nightmares anymore. Then, SHERLOCK [OS] JOHN!!! John jumps off the couch, dazed, and runs into Sherlock’s bedroom. INT – 221B BAKER STREET, SHERLOCK’S BEDROOM – MORNING John rushes into the room, expecting the worst. JOHN What, what is it? Are you okay? Sherlock is lying in his bed, still wearing his sling and the shirt and pants he’d worn the day before. SHERLOCK What? Yes, of course, I’m fine. Can you make me some tea? John groans, still waking up. JOHN Yeah, give me a minute. He exits Sherlock’s room to make the tea. INT – 221B BAKER STREET – MORNING John walks blearily into the kitchen and puts the kettle on the stove. Sherlock comes out of his room, wearing his dressing gown over his shirt and pants. The right arm hangs loose. He sits in his armchair in the sitting room. John walks out of the kitchen, wincing and stretching his back. He sits heavily in his armchair, opposite Sherlock. JOHN God, I miss my bed. That couch is terrible… Sherlock opens his laptop awkwardly with his one hand. SHERLOCK Yes, when are you moving back in? JOHN Not for a while… SHERLOCK What? Why not? JOHN I’ve got my own place now, Sherlock. Moved in a month ago. And I signed on for a year’s rent. So I’ve got eleven more months there. Sherlock looks disappointed, and John notices. JOHN [cont] I’ll stay here for a couple weeks to keep you out of trouble while you recover, but then I have to go back. And I’ve got a proper job now, so I won’t be able to help out as much with the cases. Sherlock is silent, brooding. JOHN [cont] Did you think you could just drop back into everyone’s lives after a year and a half and nothing would change? The kettle whistles, saving Sherlock the trouble of answering. John gets up to make the tea. Mrs. Hudson comes into the room, leading a young police officer. He’s in his 20’s, and lacking in self-confidence. MRS. HUDSON Someone here to see you, Sherlock. POLICE OFFICER I have this for you sir, from DI Lestrade. He says you’re not to keep it though. He holds out a phone in a plastic evidence bag; Adair’s phone. Sherlock takes the bag. SHERLOCK Tell Lestrade thank you. The officer nods, but doesn’t leave, as if he’s waiting for something. Sherlock takes the phone out of the bag and turns it on. He notices the officer is still there, and looks expectantly at him, waiting. The officer becomes uncomfortable. POLICE OFFICER Oh well, sir, I just, um, the other night at the warehouse, I was there, and um, I wanted to say, um, the way you found the warehouse was really amazing and you’re a great detective no matter what Sergeant Donovan says. How’d you know? The last bit comes out in a bit of a rush, and the officer is embarrassed. Sherlock is pleased. SHERLOCK The same way I know you’re currently living with a friend, you had toast for breakfast, you woke up late, and… you’re seeing your girlfriend tonight. Oh, and you have a sister. The officer is shocked. POLICE OFFICER How…? SHERLOCK By observing. What’s your name? POLICE OFFICER Morstan, sir. Elijah Morstan. SHERLOCK Well, learn to observe, Morstan. It will help you get ahead in work. Most officers there are so dull and blind. MORSTAN Thank you sir, I will. He leaves, happy. John exits the kitchen, holding a tray of tea. JOHN Who was that? SHERLOCK Just an officer dropping this off. He holds up the phone, then takes a cup of tea from John’s tray and sits back to examine the phone. First, he looks at the calls made on the day that Adair was kidnapped. The most recent one is to “Holmes”, only 54 seconds long, at 9:58 pm. Sherlock is intrigued. He looks at “Holmes” in Adair’s contacts, but the number isn’t his, Sherlock’s. Sherlock pulls out his own phone and opens his contacts to “Mycroft”. The numbers match. Why did Adair have Mycroft’s number, and why did he call him the night he was kidnapped? After Adair’s call to “Holmes”, there’s a missed call from him, at 10:15 pm. Sherlock opens Adair’s recent texts. There’s one from “Moran”, at 7:32 pm: “Meet me at 10 tonight. I have a job for you”. Another at 9:55 pm: “You’re dead if you tell.” Then, a text to “Holmes” at 10:01: “He’s alive.” Sherlock sits back in his chair. It’s starting to come together now. JOHN What did you find? Why was Adair kidnapped? SHERLOCK He was part of Moriarty’s gang. He found out something he wasn’t supposed to and told Mycroft. JOHN What? Mycroft? SHERLOCK Yes, Adair must have been a double agent. JOHN Well, what else? SHERLOCK Adair was supposed to meet with Moran at ten the night he was kidnapped. He must have gotten to the meeting place early and seen someone there, someone who is supposed to be dead. He ran away for some reason, fear maybe? Moran must have tried to stop him unsuccessfully, because his next text is a threat, warning Adair not to tell anyone. Adair doesn’t listen, and calls Mycroft. Mycroft doesn’t answer, so Adair texts him. Mycroft tries to call him back later, but Moran must have caught up with Adair by then. He tortured him, probably as punishment for being a traitor. He didn’t need to ask who he told; he could see in his phone that he contacted a “Holmes”. Moran must have assumed it was me, which is why he came after me and not Mycroft. Mycroft did mention having a source in Moriarty’s web. That’s how I got a lot of my information, through him. It must have been Adair. JOHN And that must be why Moran left you the message and clues at the theatre. He thought finding Adair’s body would be a shock to you, because he thought the two of you were in contact. But who did he see that’s supposed to be dead? SHERLOCK I have an idea. But I hope I’m wrong for once. INT – JOHN’S APARTMENT BUILDING – DAY One month later. John climbs up the stairs to his apartment, unlocks the door, and enters, closing the door behind him. INT – JOHN’S APARTMENT – DAY John sets his keys on a small table by the door, then takes off his coat and hangs it up. He notices a small box on the table where he puts his keys. It’s a new phone, with a note on top “John- It’s not purple this time.” John chuckles slightly and begins to open the box, walking towards the armchair to sit down. As he reaches the center of the room, a man, JACOB VERNER, stands up from the armchair. He’s middle-aged, dressed in a dark suit with a tie. John stumbles backwards, startled. JOHN Wha…? Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?! The man ignores John, and looks around the room placidly. VERNER I love the décor, and the kitchen is really lovely. I’ll pay you… twice what you’ve already put down. Plus, twice what you'd be paying for the next ten months. The man pulls a wad of cash out of his coat pocket. John is utterly confused and very suspicious. JOHN Wha- Who are you? How do you know what I’ve already paid? VERNER I work for the government, I have ways. I heard the apartment was available from a colleague of mine, so I decided to take a look. It’s a prime location. Don’t know why you’d want to move. JOHN I don’t want… Realization dawns on him. JOHN [cont] Your colleague wouldn’t happen to be Mycroft Holmes, would he? Verner looks away, deliberately avoiding the question. VERNER So, do you like the offer? I’m sure a man like you has somewhere else to stay, with a friend or something. Perhaps the person who gave you that nice new phone. John looks down at the new phone in his hand and chuckles. It’s so obvious to him what’s going on. JOHN Yeah, I’ll take the offer. VERNER Excellent. How soon can I move in? JOHN I can be out by the end of the weekend. And what was your name again? VERNER Perfect. Thank you very much. And my name is Jacob Verner. Pleasure doing business with you, Dr. Watson. Verner hands over the cash, shakes John’s hand, then walks to the door and lets himself out. John just shakes his head and thumbs through the huge wad of cash in his hands, disbelieving. INT – 221B BAKER STREET – DAY Sherlock is in the kitchen, doing an experiment. He’s wearing safety goggles and his pajamas. He no longer has the sling. He hears John coming up the stairs, and smiles a little. SHERLOCK John! Good, I need you to hold something. John enters the kitchen, and Sherlock shoves a beaker of a red liquid – blood? - into his hands. Sherlock turns back to the table, then returns with a small blowtorch. He turns it on and holds it near the beaker. John pulls back, alarmed. JOHN What are you doing? You’re going to burn my fingers off! SHERLOCK I’m seeing if there’s any difference between the boiling points of human blood and fish blood. John looks in disgust at the beaker he’s holding, and sets it down on the table. JOHN Why? And why are you using that? Where’s your Bunsen burner? SHERLOCK I’m bored. And I… can’t find the Bunsen. JOHN Well you didn’t look very hard, cuz it’s right there. He points to the burner, in plain sight on the counter. Sherlock looks, then turns back. SHERLOCK Alright, I just like the torch better. It’s more fun. JOHN Well, I’ve got something for you to do. You can help me pack. SHERLOCK Pack? Where are you going? JOHN I’m moving back in. Isn’t that what you wanted? SHERLOCK Well, yes, but I thought you still had ten months at the new place? JOHN Well, there was a man at the flat, and he offered me a lot of money to move out. Strange, isn’t it? Sherlock looks away, guilty. SHERLOCK Yes, that is rather strange. But then again, your flat is in a very desirable location, Cavendish place and all. Sherlock busies himself with his beaker of blood again. JOHN Yeah, I suppose. But he also knew my name, how much I’d already paid, and your brother. SHERLOCK Mycroft? What a coincidence. He does get around though, always the social butterfly. JOHN Yes, anyway, I accepted his offer. I have to move out by Sunday. So put down your blood and come help me pack. SHERLOCK Oh, I don’t know if I can, my shoulder’s still healing… JOHN Oh, please, you never even complained when you still had the sling. You can pack all the light stuff. Come on. John takes the beaker from Sherlock and herds him out of the kitchen. Sherlock groans as he takes off his goggles. He goes into his room to change. John waits in the living room, and notices a newspaper laying upside down on the table. He picks it up absently and turns it over to see the front page. The headline reads “SHERLOCK HOLMES LIVES: How the famous detective was set up by the most dangerous criminal mastermind of all time!” There’s a grainy picture of Sherlock with his sling, standing outside 221B next to John. John shakes his head. Sherlock comes out of his room dressed, and John holds up the paper. JOHN You’re alive again. SHERLOCK Yes, they’ve been sitting on the story for a few weeks now. The picture’s old. JOHN Mycroft must have had something to do with it. They’re back on your side again, and they’ve actually got most of it right. Oh, look at the author. SHERLOCK Yes, Kitty Riley. She finally got her front page story. John tosses the paper back on the table. JOHN Well, I’m going to try and get a cab. Meet me downstairs. John leaves the room. Sherlock grabs his scarf off the table, now blood-free but looking a little more faded than usual. He puts it on, then grabs his coat off its hook and dons it too. As he’s walking towards the door, his phone dings. Sherlock absently pulls it out of his pocket and looks, then stops walking in shock. “Welcome back to life –JM” Flashback MORAN Moriarty always makes you sound so clever, so invincible. But I guess he’s wrong, for once. I’m going to beat you right now, finish what he started. And keep Moriarty’s secret safe. Flashback JOHN But who did he see that’s supposed to be dead? SHERLOCK I have an idea. But I hope I’m wrong for once. Back to the present SHERLOCK [to himself, disappointed] Right again… JOHN [OS] Sherlock, hurry up! I’ve got a cab! Sherlock tears his gaze away from his phone and follows John downstairs slowly. SHERLOCK Coming. END TITLES

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