The Cat in the Hatís Tale of Betrayal by Dr.Sleuth

Image Credit: Valerie L., Niskayuna, NY I know everyone around the world Likes Dr.Seuss a lot But the people who exploit him They should be shot! All of these films people have hated And when a new one is made I and my friends feel tired and wasted We feel worn and torn And we all feel very sick Because all the trouble began In 1966 The Grinch was the star Of a new Christmas show It beat Charlie Brown And got lots of dough! But for some other studios Their greed started to grow “We want a Grinch too! our profits are low!” “Our shareholders say were a total blow” They were mad and impatient too Because Chuck Jones was working On Horton Hears a Who. Then Freleng and Friends wherever they were at They pitched on CBS The Cat in the Hat! They made a TV special that was too crazy and fast! After I did that I thought it would be my last… But it was not, and wait not so fast… They wanted me in a cinch To do a new show with me and the Grinch And now they grew greedy and fat After they did Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat. As they did more their pockets did grow And when they did, me and my friends where filled with woe My friend the Grinch was feeling green, and he said “GREAT NOW I HAVE TO DO ONE ON HALLOWEEN?” But in 1991 all hearts were broken that day Because our friend Dr.Seuss had passed away… However, the studios and shareholders were happy and gay “Now that he’s dead we’ll all be rich in a snitch! We’ll smash all his books in a pinch And make a big musical, Suessical, NOW that’s a good pitch! We won’t care if people call it kitsch!” It was all about Horton, and all of the Whos. The Sour Kangaroo was singing the blues! At the end the Grinch said, “Finally, my dream has come true! Now all the Whos will go Boo! Boo! Boo! Because the Mayor thinks his son is a fool So Jojo his son, is sent to military school!” “We would never do that” Said the mayor with his face really red “They can’t get away with this even though he is dead! They will never get away with this once and for all! Were sick of their profits in their towers so tall!” But little did he know that change should start very small In 2000 Ron Howard wanted his stories He wanted them all! Universal gave in, and so did Blue Sky But we now know the truth, and won’t let it fly! A movie is easy to buy at the store But reading his books helps us learn more… They help us escape and even explore! The Grinch taught us that Christmas means A little bit more! The Lorax wants us to plant a new tree Because a tree is what everyone needs! So dear readers and writers please hear our plea Make his world yours for all to see!

LOIS ROSEN: Before My Second Wedding

My father-in-law-to-be mowed our yard with his tractor, transforming the tangle into a park. My son sobbed, He killed my favorite blackberry bush. “But there are more,” I argued. “Look, they‚Äôre all over.” He wouldn’t face where I pointed. I wish I’d said, “It’s painful to lose what you love.” Lois Rosen‚Äôs poetry books are … Continue reading LOIS ROSEN: Before My Second Wedding →

STORY OF THE MONTH: November 2019

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month. The finalists for November were: Sundays by Una Nine Nine Rain Dance by Raymond Sloane Surrender by Eileen Hansen Shadows by Dmitri Christopher The winner of the November 2019 Story of the Month, and the $10 … Continue reading STORY OF THE MONTH: November 2019 →

CASEY LAINE: Photographs of the Condemned

Capturing those final shots On the eve of an execution I wonder what words Her lips do not speak I wonder, yes, but I do not ask Because I know In my shadowed heart That a look as blue as her eyes in that light Is an answer in itself. Casey Laine comes from a … Continue reading CASEY LAINE: Photographs of the Condemned →

KENT OSWALD: Color Him Unimpressed

She farted the color yellow. She perspired the color blue. Her most angry thoughts created a greenish aura around her head, while both her lusty imaginings and lightning-like pangs of envy created an orange fog around her feet. Her tinder date was color-blind. It might have worked. It did not. There are no answers at … Continue reading KENT OSWALD: Color Him Unimpressed →


I’ve been collecting things since I was very small. Conkers, feathers, snow globes. Then onto stamps, butterflies, coins. It was only natural for me to progress to larger, more beautiful and precious things. Hard to find, harder to keep. People demand their freedom in a way that stamps never did. Charlie Swailes writes short and … Continue reading CHARLIE SWAILES: Assemblage →