The Diary of Cinderella

Image Credit: Kathryn R., Shelby, NC Entry 1: My preppy sisters are going to the ball. I have to stay here and cook and clean like a slave! I suppose I could always put some more acne causing potion in their tea again.. I mean, I’m an innocent little slave that does nothing wrong! I’d never do that.. And I’d never leave things out to purposely trip them, either. Entry 2: I gave my eldest sister some acne potion. She never suspects. The other’s feet are swollen so bad she won’t be able to walk for weeks. Guess she won’t be going to the ball.. Yesterday I met my fairy-god-freak. She calls herself my fairy godmother. She made me a beautiful dress. The ball is tomorrow. My hair is a mess. She says she’ll fix it for me. Entry 3: Today is the ball. I gave the eldest sister more potion. She can’t get rid of the zits. Happy feelings. -- Tonight I went to the ball. The prince was amazing. I’m sure I’ll be able to survive forever on the money I get from him. I mean, he was wonderful, I hope he loves me too. (Just because the book says I loved him doesn’t mean I didn’t divorce him.)


I float beneath the ceiling. On the red carpet, my body glows: satin, silk, jewelry worth ten times my parents’ house. My body hugs cast members, producers. Gets felt up. I miss home. The afterparty. I ride a thick line of cocaine back into my body. Feeling whole… doesn’t last. Maura Yzmore is a Midwest-based … Continue reading MAURA YZMORE: Ephemera →


Fibonacci was fascinated by spirals. Mathematical patterns in flower petals, repetitive details in seashells – Nature’s inescapable, infinite cycles. As I hear you arguing with your father, drink-fuelled tempers curdling love to spite, I wonder: are we all like this? Caught in eternal circles, passing around the point where we began. Jo Withers writes micros, … Continue reading JO WITHERS: Spirals →


Every Tuesday at four in the afternoon hearts racing the trio of princesses zips down the hill and skips across the cobblestones to the village library Why all the excitement? The Harry Potter book club that’s why Every princess knows nothing compares to the secrets of wizardry hidden in books Roberta Beach Jacobson is a … Continue reading ROBERTA BEACH JACOBSON: Giggles and Magic →


He loved her all his life. He waited, growing up knowing she was out there, even before he met and married her. The sun settled behind the hills every day, but today had special meaning. He would be facing tomorrow alone for the first time. Now, she waited for him. NT Franklin writes cozy mystery … Continue reading NT FRANKLIN: Waiting →

AUTUMN LALA: Bloody Blanchett

Something wasn’t right. Detective Tift examined his suspect. Newlywed Scott Blanchett scratched the dried blood flaking his wrists, sobbing all the while. This case was clear-cut. They had enough evidence. “Why don’t you just admit it?” Tift asked. A pause. A sniffle. “I can’t admit to what I can’t remember.” Autumn Lala lives in Ohio, … Continue reading AUTUMN LALA: Bloody Blanchett →