The gem

Image Credit: Jenn T., Dover, NH The author's comments: GEMS                 It all started with a gem…… I was on my way to the park, to meet up with some friends. I new that if I took the woods, it would be a short cut. So, I took the woods. As i was walking thru the woods I looked at my surroundings.I could here the birds chirp and feel the wind as it wooshed by like a summer breeze. I have to admit the woods were quiet beautiful, but I also had to remember the woods were forbidden. The last five people who entered didn’t come back out…. As I was walking thru the woods, noticing every insect and all the beautiful colors, I heard something. It sounded big, it sounded mad…. I started running...It was a wolf. I ran like I've never ran before. I ran until I couldn’t breath, so I had to stop, and as I turned around I realized I had taken a wrong turn, but the good thing about that wrong turn was that the beast had stopped following me. I started walking around wondering what part of the woods I was in and how deep I went. As I was walking I seen theses long vines with lots of leaves hanging down from a tree. I still thought I wasn’t safe so I decided to move the vines, there were so many vines and it felt like it was taking forever to walk threw them and it was dark. I moved a couple more vines and then I seen a light. I went for the light. I soon came to a wide open space that was so beautiful. It head healthy dark green grass, with beautiful flowers, it had a river and it had a waterfall. Above that waterfall was a beautiful rainbow. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I ran over to the waterfall, letting the nice sunny breeze hit my face and blow my hair in the wind and while I was running i could smell the scent of the flowers. Once I got to the waterfall I decided to touch the water. The water felt magical. As I was feeling the water, something caught my eye, something shiny. I decided to climb the rock wall behind the waterfall. Half way up there was a cave,I went in it. I seen the shining thing, it was on like a stoned stand that was skinny, I went towards it. Once I got to it I realized it was a beautiful clear gem, that was so shiny. I picked up the gem…. I heard a big ruble rocks started falling. I was frightened so I put the gem in my pocket and ran. I ran as fast as I could.  I ran threw the vines. I ran so far that I ran out of the woods. I seen my house and I ran to it. I almost got hit by a car on my way in. When I got home my mom asked me why my face was bleeding. I was thinking it must of happened when I was running thru the woods, but I knew I couldn't tell her that without getting in trouble. So I told her I was just ruff housing with my friends. After saying that I walked away. I new she didn't believe me but it was worth a try. I went to the restroom to wash up. After that I ate dinner. I went to bed right after dinner. I had a dream…. The dream involved a unicorn.  The unicorn looked sick and weak and I seen her talking to a wolf, it looked like the same wolf I was chased by. The unicorn said “we need to get it back.” Just then I then woke up, and I seen something glowing in my pocket. I took it out and it was the gem. I realized I had to give it back. I looked at my phone it said 5:00 a.m I new I couldn't go outside right now….. But I did. I put on my shoes and I put on a jacket, then I headed out the door. As I was walking to the woods I almost got hit by a car again. I thought to myself it was probably just karma for taking the gem. I reached the woods, I was unsure which way to go. I started going straight. The woods were so quiet I could hear my footsteps. As I was walking I wondered where all the animals were. I turned left when I got to a big tree that I barely Recognized. It was dark I could hardly see a thing. I heard a twig snap. Behind me… I turned around and I seen the beast staring at me with big, round, yellow eyes and sharp white teeth. It started growling. As it was growling the gem started to glow in my pocket. The wolf stopped growling….then he spoke. He asked “is that the gem?” I pulled it out of my pocket and said “yes.” He then said I have to give it back, the queen is very ill. So I went to hand it over, and He said I have to do it sense I removed it. I then said “but I don't know where it is.” He said he’ll take me. I walked beside him. I asked him who the queen was. He replied, “a unicorn.” From then on it was silent until we reached the vines. I walked threw first, then him. When we got to the other side it looked bad, really bad. The grass and flowers were dead, the water had stopped flowing. When we reached where the waterfall use to be, we climbed up boulders. It was hard climbing. The rocks were out of place and the rock wall was no longer a wall. When we got to the cave we had to move a couple of rocks to get to the stoned stand. Once we moved the rocks, I carfally placed the gem back in place. After that the place lightened up, the water started flowing,the waterfall was back, the rock wall was rebuilt, the grass was green, and flowers were up. Everything was once again normal. I faced the wolf and told him I was sorry. He replied.... “I ain't the one you should be apologizing to.” I was confused at first, but then I heard something. It was her. The queen of all nature, the one that made everything look the way it did. She was so beautiful her pink fluffy hair flowed perfectly in the wind, she smelled like cotton candy, and her smooth white fur glimmered in the sun. I bowed and said I was sorry. She could tell how terrible I felt for taking the gem. She forgave me. Her voice was so calm and gentle. We took a walk and talked about the gem, but then my legs got tired so I sat, and she laid down by a big tree. She told me all kinds of stories about her sister, and how her sister wanted the gem so she could rule all animals and make them worship her. While we talked I braided her hair. We soon got up and started walking up the hill. She used her big, purple, shiny,sharp horn to do magic and a bridge appeared behind the waterfall. We walked on it looking at our surroundings. Everything was beautiful. The unicorn and I had so much fun together running down hills, and chasing butterflies in the meadow, It was fun while it lasted. But then I got tired...So I told queen Anna that i was heading out for the night. She instantly stopped smiling. I asked what’s wrong? She said “I had a really fun time today, but I wished You didn’t have to forget.” I asked “what do you mean?” But I knew exactly what she meant and my eyes filled with tears, as did Annas. I cried and gave Anna a hug. Anna said “I wish you didn’t have to forget.” I said with tears in my eyes, “then don't make me forget”. She said “I have to it’s not safe if you know.”  I hugged her one last time and said “goodbye.” Just then she shined her magic horn and I was back in my bed. I woke up and the last thing I remembered was seeing a bright light. So basically I thought this was all a  dream.

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