The Lonely Game of Minecraft

Image Credit: Bryan S., Gladstone, MI The author's comments: I love the game Minecraft, and I also love to write. I realized that in the game, Multiplayer not included, it is a very lonely and hollow world. I’m sure many, if not almost all of you are familiar with the popular game Minecraft. It’s a virtual sandbox game where you mine resources to survive in a world plagued by monsters each night. And, after the rise of ‘Herobrine’ – supposedly the dead brother of the creator of Minecraft, Notch – I was excited to see what stories the fans could come up with, and what else would rise. Sadly, every story I’ve read so far goes exactly like this: create world, something strange, Herobrine, end. Nothing else. So, I’d like to propose the real Minecraft. Steve, or your avatar, is alone. Completely and utterly alone. There are villagers, yes, but we can’t understand their language, nor do they ours. They are simply there to trade with us. You could get companionship with a pet ocelot or wolf, but not before they are killed in some mob battle or mining mishap. Steve is alone, and his sole purpose is to mine, build, and craft. This is all he does, and all he’ll ever do. The ending of the game appears after you destroy the Enderdragon. Steve will have never found anyone to talk to. Steve will be alone. He will build. He will mine. And Steve will die.

KENT OSWALD: Eternity Bytes

Someone I care for passed away But that isn’t true on social media today Their birthday notice continues to lives on Compelling “friends” to comment upon So I learn the flesh may rot but we never really die When we can still be liked in the digital by and by. Kent Oswald writes, edits, walks … Continue reading KENT OSWALD: Eternity Bytes →

SUSAN GALE WICKES: The Meaning of Life

We form a club, pondering the mysteries of life. Every Tuesday night at 7 PM. We read books, attend conferences, question friends. The bottom line is, we simply cannot concur on what we’re doing here. We are, however, in agreement on one thing. There must be pizza at every meeting. Susan Gale Wickes is a … Continue reading SUSAN GALE WICKES: The Meaning of Life →

STORY OF THE MONTH: October 2019

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month. The finalists for October were: Mother Always Asked Uncle Bart to Babysit by C. Christine Fair No Returns, Exchanges, or Substitutions by Maria Cargille The Macy’s Mummy by Graham Robert Scott Like a Crow by Louella … Continue reading STORY OF THE MONTH: October 2019 →

PETER LI-PING: Art Never Sleeps

Starlight city nestling inland Where Magic is humming And Mystery glows Interwoven between threaded crossed lines At each end is a watcher A tall figurine Stop centrally now, take care with your step Yes, just there, on that same pinprick where Stand the Artists who painted The wild silken road. Peter Li-ping lives far from … Continue reading PETER LI-PING: Art Never Sleeps →


Maple is flirting with me. I glimpse her at windows as she ducks out of sight, catching only a swirl of scarlet skirts. She leaves little crimson-wrapped gifts outside my door. I love her. I wish I knew that she loved me… but Miss Sugar Maple never says a word. Maria speaks for the trees … Continue reading MARIA CARGILLE: Miss Maple →