The Lonely Game of Minecraft

Image Credit: Bryan S., Gladstone, MI The author's comments: I love the game Minecraft, and I also love to write. I realized that in the game, Multiplayer not included, it is a very lonely and hollow world. I’m sure many, if not almost all of you are familiar with the popular game Minecraft. It’s a virtual sandbox game where you mine resources to survive in a world plagued by monsters each night. And, after the rise of ‘Herobrine’ – supposedly the dead brother of the creator of Minecraft, Notch – I was excited to see what stories the fans could come up with, and what else would rise. Sadly, every story I’ve read so far goes exactly like this: create world, something strange, Herobrine, end. Nothing else. So, I’d like to propose the real Minecraft. Steve, or your avatar, is alone. Completely and utterly alone. There are villagers, yes, but we can’t understand their language, nor do they ours. They are simply there to trade with us. You could get companionship with a pet ocelot or wolf, but not before they are killed in some mob battle or mining mishap. Steve is alone, and his sole purpose is to mine, build, and craft. This is all he does, and all he’ll ever do. The ending of the game appears after you destroy the Enderdragon. Steve will have never found anyone to talk to. Steve will be alone. He will build. He will mine. And Steve will die.


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JEN MIERISCH: Chicago Shall Rise Again

Tomlinson raged to his feet, scattering the table and playing cards. “Cheater!” he hollered at O’Leary. “Go home, Tomlinson, you’re drunk!” As Tomlinson stumbled toward the barn door, his boot knocked over the lantern. For three days, Chicago burned. Tomlinson blamed it on O’Leary’s cow. Nobody alive could contradict him. Jen Mierisch draws inspiration from … Continue reading JEN MIERISCH: Chicago Shall Rise Again →


I wake up to greet my old friend, Anxiety. How will I battle his belittlement and negativity today? “Distressing but not dangerous,” I tell myself, “strive to be average. Do the things you fear to do and wear the mask of security. Endorse for every effort, then keep moving forward.” Margie Nairn wrote this story … Continue reading MARGIE NAIRN: A New Day →

AJ JOSEPH: Guardian

It protects me while I sleep. From the eight-legged reptile under my bed. From the violent poltergeist in my kitchen. From the woman in white with midnight hair down to her feet, who waits among the banana trees in my garden. It protects me, the strange being in my wardrobe. AJ Joseph occasionally writes at … Continue reading AJ JOSEPH: Guardian →


Her heavy legs had stood and waited. Her aching arms had pushed through the crowds. A salty tear rolled down onto her tattered jacket as she watched the doors of salvation thud closed. The city was full. Now she had nothing left to do but head back into the sand. After graduating university with a … Continue reading JENNIFER KENNETT: Into the Sand →