The Toxic Air We Breath

Image Credit: Rebecca B., Marietta, GA The author's comments: I thought it was good and i was inspired by a show called the 100. Alex woke up. It was cold and dark and clammy, and the air was fridgide and moist for he and the survivors were up in the mountain sealed in a cave for better breathable air because the air outside was toxic and the people who breathed the air turned dark blue and died within seconds. Alex had knew this because his dad had died before he was born for he had ventured out of the caves and his mom did too but as they were outside a red storm had engulfed his dad and his mom ran to protect the unborn Alex, but when she looked back her husband was there and the storm was not but all that remained was a corpse with dark blue rotten skin. So she took the power her husband had and ruled and sealed the caves and kept hug cold oxygen tanks so the survivors could live. But years later the elders started to turn blue slowly and painfully but the kids did not.Alex always wondered why he or his generation did not slowly turn blue and die. He thought and thought every day why they did not turn blue so he went to his mother each day and asked to go outside but each day she said no and his theory was never proven till today. When Alex’s mother died she released the power of the people to him and gave him a picture of her and his dad.But after a days consideration he decided to see if his theory was true.He unsealed the cave not knowing if any one would die or not, and when he did he looked up and saw the blue sky and breathed in the thin air and looked below and saw the ground with a beautiful lake with trees like the ones his mother and teachers taught him about.He turned around and went back into the cave to let the rest of the survivors come out but when he came back into the cave all of the elders were dead, and all that survived were the young adults and the teenagers looked at alex and cried for their losses. Alex was baffled not knowing why he was alive and they were dead but he was the leader of the people so he had to stay strong, so he took the people out of the cave and down to the lake to hunt and collect water.But he hew know to put his people first instead of his curiosity. When they got to the lake they took their knives and cut into the trees, and made spears, but not many were made because most of them were sniffing the oak trees and drinking from the lake,trying to forget their problems. But at the end of the day they took branches and made fires and made little leaf piles to sleep on. When Alex woke up, he went for a walk with 5 other people, but the survivors were amazed when only Alex came back running for his life saying “get the spears, arm yourself, prepare yourselves, they are behind me.”after repeating two or three times they started to people to stand post while others gathered food and built little houses made of thick branches and fallen trees and used rock from the mountain to build the walls. But they did not have long because the people who killed the 4 scouters and left Alex to be the messenger said they have 3 moons till they get wiped out by them. Alex told the survivors and started drawing copies of his picture book of war, his mother gave him when he was little,and passed it out and started working on making arrows for the 10 bows nick made the day before. But after making 50 crappy arrows he knew what he had to do no doubt about it,he had to go back to the barbarians. After walking through the woods for an hour he was met by soldiers with swords and knives.After another hour walking with them as their prisoner he talked to the leader and the deal still stood three days and the third was tomorrow. So after getting beat up and getting a black eye they sent him back to his people.When alex got back he was exhausted. But he knew what he had to do. Alex took another five men out and traveled back towards the barbarians but this time they went off the dirt road and into the forest  to sneak into the camp.On their way there they  found a wheelbarrow and they bring  that to the edge of the camp, and got down on their hands and knees to crawl. After  crawling for several minutes they found their armory and they started to steal the weapons when a barbarian walked in and took of his mask and started to work.You could see the horror in Alex's eyes hiding underneath the bed with the others not only because the man was there but because of his face deformed hideously disgusting and nick barfed alex looked at nick then at the barbarian.The barbarian got up and ran towards them alex crawled out in less than a second and grabbed his knife on his side and killed him.But before the man died he screamed.Alex grabbed as many weapons as he could and found a couple of chests and loaded them with weapons and started to carry them out when he saw the mob heading towards them. They rushed back inside Alex started to panic with the others but Nick started to open the chests and took out some weapons he went to the back door and we all started to get his idea and we all graped some weapons and headed to the windows and doors Alex pulled back the bow and fired he hit one then two than three ,But the barbarians did not rush towards them they ran away back into their huts nd Alex and his men came to cheer they fought them off but when he looked he started to noticed they shut the windows and doors. Something was up. Alex went outside and looked up into the sky and saw it .The red storm his mom warned him about every day .Alex yelled get in side cover the windows close the doors nick and the others were confused but quickly did as he said .And then it hit,alex and the others stayed bunkered down collecting the weapons and making small baskets to help carry them out. The storm was not rough but they could tell by the top of the huts that it was still going down,and Alex could not count the hours that went by but to him it felt like days.The storm was getting better but they knew it was still there, so they looked for food and started to eat the watermelons they used to cut to test the blades.Halfway through eating them the stormed stopped they grabbed their stuff and started to run as fast as their feet could take them back to the wheelbarrow carrying half of the camps weapons.It was the third day and alex and his men ran a three hour trip in one back to the survivors. When they got back they were stunned ,there small fort was not small anymore but bigger and  better they took alex's idea of using rock for the wall and dubled the hit and length and also changed the huts to large logs and dirt to block out the rain and the red storm.Alex knew at that moment they had a chance, not a big one but a chance.The survivors were also amazed that alex and the others came home with good weapons ,let alone their lives.Alex distributed the goods and started to practice after about one hour the guards at their post came back running yelling “there coming, there coming”.Alex yelled “Get ready,archers get in the trees swordsmen go to the front and branch off in chunks to protect what is ours.” It was silent for the first five or so minutes but Alex and the survivors held firm waiting knowing the barbarians were sitting and pla- Alex was grazed in the arm At that very moment by an arrow. Alex screamed in pain and charged at the thicker part of the woods and slaughtered them one by one the barbarians went to the ground.Alex was enraged , deep cuts was all the barbarians could bestow on him,Jumping and sliding on his knees worked on every one of them.And all the survivors were trying to battle to save their lives but there were too many of them and one by one the survivors were dying too. But after Alex hit the ground ,there was about 40 of the survivors left all battling hard against the ten men they faced.The battle last for a good twenty minutes but the archers did most of the work in killing them.Nick sent ten of the survivors to look for survivors on both sides and to collect the deads weapons for hunting.At the end of the night Nick went to go see Alex and see if he was still alive he went back into the little fortress they made and went to see alex.Alex was awake and looked terrible but nick knew he would survive. Alex satt up in his leaf bed And said to nick”If it wasn't for you dragging me out off battle when I fell I would've died.”Then Nick said to alex  “actually you can thank the nurse that helped you and the two people that gave you a blood transfusion.” Alex just smiled and thanked god he was still alive. A week later Alex had gotten better enough to walk, and their little fort looked more like a village because they scavenged from the barbarians and improved their village. Everything felt weird to Alex, everything was peaceful and alex started to enjoy himself, so him and nick and 5 others went for a walk.After wandering around trying not to get lost in the beautiful woods listening to the amazing birds chirp like music to there ear they found a small pond to swim in and nick tried to find everyone with his eyes closed.After playing more games in the pond they Made there way back the way they came because of all the smoke in the sky and walked to the front of the village expecting to eat a mutated deer or some squirrel. So they kept walking and was amazed by the intensity of the heat and ran to the opening in the rock wall and stopped. They were all in horror and shock everyone in the village was dead and on fire. Alex went to his house quik with the nick on his tale he went to under his bed and pulled out some swords and little knives and picked up some bows and arrows and his way to the others and distributed the weapons and sprinted to the barbarians village with nick and the others and found 5 men they sat and watched them from a distance outraged with anger trying to catch their breath for the long journey.After watching them for 3 minutes Alex caught his breath and sprinted ant them he killed 4or but the last one ran so they chased him far up the mountain towards the top and Nick takes out his knife and throws the it at the back of the murderers head as hard as he could.The knife went so fast that it went straight through the back of his skull and out the guys eye.Alex was furious how could 5 men take out so many of their men. Alex stormed over the mountain to get the knife and screamed.There were ten to thousands of people like the barbarians down at the bottom of the mountain, that were all looking up at him.He took the bow from his back and started shooting arrows down the mountain hitting women and children and everything he could see till he felt a strange feeling in his heart, The horor and the pain he felt when he looked down and saw a arrow in his chest.He fell and rolled down the hill stopping before the people his vision was slowly fading away but before he died he saw a man push through the crowd to look at him.Alex died but the face of the man that will always be ingrained in his mind is the person who shot him.His dad.

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Where is he? Take a happy memory, old, rarely visited. Imagine it as a painting, oil on canvas. See the subjects, how they laugh, smile, dance. One does not. Follow that gaze to the dark corners. Someone casts a long shadow, out of view. There he is. The Shadow Man.