The untold part of THE MARK OF ATHENA Chapter One

Image Credit: Lindsey W., Woodinville, WA If you plan on being a demigod, just don't. It is horrible, and you will most likely get yourself killed in the process. Its better just to stay at your computer and pretend like the world outside is your enemy. Because for me, it is. It was just a normal Friday morning when I woke up. I had planned to try my best on my Latin exam, and I knew that since I started reading Rick RIordan's series, I would Ace this thing. It was the last day of the semester, and I wasn't going to screw anything up this time. I grabbed a slice of bread and popped it into the toaster. "MOM!" I yelled, waking up the neighborhood, "TOASTER'S BROKEN!" "God damn it Samara!" My mom came out of her bedroom, her blonde hair a mess and a cup of black coffee in her hand, "Can there be one day where I don't get disturbed from waking up fully. "Sorry, I can't get my breakfast," I mumbled, shrugging past her. I grabbed by backpack on the floor, and slug in on my back, feeling momentarily like the Hulk. "I'm going to miss my bus, so I'll just starve today." My mother waved her hand and turned around, walking back into her room. I rolled my eyes, grabbed the keys from the counter and walked outside, slamming the door behind me. I hadn't noticed I was trudging on the sidewalk until my friend, Henry called, "What's wrong Samara, you look murderous." "Same old s***," I said, not looking at my friend. "Oh," Henry put his hands in his pockets. "Are you still thinking about running away?" I shrugged, looking my gay friend right into his pure blue eyes. "My mom is a b****, but she's nothing without me. I'm nothing without her." The rest of the walk was silent, leaving me to think. I don't like thinking. Being I usually thought up such crazy crap I'd be sent to a mental institute if I told anyone. We finally reached the bus stop, and just in time. Henry and I ran up the bus stairs, and jumped in our seat. “That was close!” Henry said, smiling and kicking the seat in front of us. I took my backpack off my back, and rummaged around for my copy of THe Lighting Thief. I always had it with me, no matter where I go. I wouldn’t even look at in for months, but only to take it out of one place and deposit it into another. I had carried it around for almost 4 years, since I was in fifth. Now I’m almost 16, and I will freak out if it wasn’t with me. THe boy in front turned around, his black eyes full of rage. “Hey you gay fag, stop kick my chair. I don’t want any homo germs to touch me, they might be contagious.” He turned to look at me, his black eyes seeming to undress me, and make me feel insecure. I mean, besides my blue streaks in my black cropped hair. My green eyes were ordinary, and my “Doctor Who” shirt wasn’t really all that fancy. Henry sniffed the air, and slinked back, looking out the window, and adjusting his fedora. I looked at the goth boy as he flipped his dark brown hair. “There’s a special place in hell for people like you.” I sneered. The boy smirked “Oh I know. I’ve been there.” I decided to look out the window for the duration of the ride, listening to the chit chat of the bus, or the gossip of the skinny bitches who called themselves ‘popular’. WHen the bus arrived at the school, I had to wait for everyone else to get off, being Henry and I were in the back. THe goth boy ahead of us, moved aside, and said slyly, “Ladies first.” I felt tempted to punch him, but instead, I bit my lip, clutched my Lightning Thief book, and looked down as I walked past the bastard. THat was one of the many mistakes I made that day. Before I got off the bus, I went head first into the bus door, falling down. I rubbed my head, disoriented. “Crap,” I said, looking at the closed bus door. Henry ran over to me, and helped me up. “What the big idea lady?” He cried, looking at the bus driver. She turned, a forked tongue slipping in and out of her mouth. I shook my head, sure I was hallucinating because I was having a concussion. Do you hallucinate when you have a concussion anyway? Henry jumped up on a chair and bleated like a goat. “You- you’re not-” He looked over at the boy, whose black eyes had started to glow a pure silver. “I am the true son of Hades!” the boy roared and skeletons erupted from the ground, breaking into the floor of the yellow bus. The bus lady was now a snake, and she slithered to the boys side, hissing as he pet her head. I would like to say I was heroic, or that I had help to defeat the army of the undead in front of me. But then I would be lying. In truth, I screamed my freaking head off as the bones advanced, probably alerting the whole school. I tried to remember what Percy would do. He would slash them with this sword. One problem. I was short a sword or a pen. I just kept screaming bloody murder, backing up as the skeletons took their slow silent steps toward me. The “son of Hades” laughed at my panic. “They said that you were tough. Well who’s tough now?” More like, who’s gonna die now? I thought, looking at Henry, who was frozen with fear and shock. I slowly took my screaming down a loud whimper. I knew I had to get Henry out before he got hurt. I slapped myself, and charged the skeletons, running straight at the Hades boy. The skeletons jumped me, bringing me to the ground. They pulled my hands behind my back, and pinned my legs and head to the floor. I heard footsteps and the unsheathing of a sword. “Your head will be my prize!” the boy laughed. I closed my eyes waiting for death to come. All I saw was my mother who was smiling and saying “Good riddance,” and that gave me new strength. I was not going to give this boy or my mother the satisfaction of my dying. I threw the bones off of me, and some broke apart as they slammed into the sides of the bus. I lashed out, punching Hades’ son in the nose. He dropped his sword, and clutched his nose, black blood smearing on his face. I heard a scream and a bang from outside, and then “OLYMPUS!” as four well known demigods came charging into the bus. The boy I could only describe as Percy slashed and hacked at the skeletons as a blonde who I could guess was Annabeth went for the Hades kid. THe Cherokee princess, or Piper, went to help a terrified Henry off of his chair, and a boy with flames for hands and a Latino grin (I could only guess was Leo) went for me. I took a step back, in shock, tripping over my own feet, and taking a dive for the “holey” floor. Leo grabbed for my arm, his flames still on, and I yelped, not in pain, but in amazement as they didn’t burn me. But they were getting hotter by the second. He let go of me quickly, and I stumbled into his chest. “Umph!” I cried as I grabbed his tool belt for support. I then tapped in Morse Code a quick I’m fine on his chest. He nodded, the grin never leaving his face. He then charged with Annabeth, cornering the son of Hades. Percy finished off the skeletons, and Piper had charm spoke the snake to fall asleep. I wobbled over to the boy, unsure of what was happening. “Now tell me,” Percy got in the boy’s face, “Who are you? YOu might claim to be a son of Hades, but you are clearly not my friend Nico. I think I would know.” THe boy just smirked, and sank to the ground, leaving nothing but a pool of black nose blood. The three by the boy turned to me, Piper looking after Henry, who had fainted. “Uh, hia.” My knees could no longer support my weight, and I went down. Percy rushed over, catching me before I said hello to the ground. He helped me over to a chair, and sat me down. Annabeth flipped her blonde hair back in disgust, and I felt horrible that Percy caught me. I didn’t want to ruin their relationship. They all looked at me with a straight face, regarding me with worry. Even Leo wasn’t smiling now. “WHo are you?” Annabeth said, breaking the silence. She said it rudely, as if I were the reason why this all started. “I’m Samara. Just a regular mortal that can probably see through the Mist. What’s this about?” Percy looked at me, shaking his head slightly. I knew what he meant right way. He was telling me do NOT mention the books. “How do you know about the Mist?” asked Annabeth crossing her arms. I thought fast, trying to think of an excuse. “I don’t know,” I finally said at least, “Just came to me, I guess.” I looked over at Percy, and he nodded on subtly, only I could see it. Annabeth eyed me, and I could feel that she knew I was lying. “Well guess what girl, you’re not a mortal, you are a demigod. Half greek god. I’m Annabeth.” SHe pointed to Percy, “THis is my boyfriend Percy,” Her eyes said stay away from him, b****, “And this is our go to fire/ mechanical guy, Leo.” I tried hard not to fangirl, but I had to smile. Annabeth looked at me accusingly, “Why are you smiling?” I stopped, “No reason.” I looked at Piper who had her hand on her hips and was looking over at us, “WHo she?” “My name is Piper,” she said, smiling kindly. “I hope your friend is alright.” I jumped up, forgetting about the shock of seeing my favorite characters come to life.”Henry!” I cried, kneeling at his sleeping face. He opened his eyes, and looked at me. “You’re alive!” He cried, sitting up, and hitting heads with me. I rubbed my head as his fedora fell off, his blond hair flying all over the place. “S***.” I said, handing him his hat, as he readjusted. “Sorry man.” “You’re sorry?” Henry laughed, “I’m the one that hit you!” We both stood up, smiling stupidly at each other. “You see Piper, that’ the kind of relationship I want with you,” Leo whined. Piper rolled her eyes, “They closest you’ll get to a relationship like that is with Buford.” Leo rolled his eyes, and looked at me. “You yeah, you’re a halfblood. Not sure what side though. WHo do you life with, mom, or dad?” “I, uh, guess, my mom.” I looked at the broken glass that was near the bus door. I knew people wouldn’t notice what happened on the bus because of the Mist, so I didn’t bother asking. “So you have a god for a father.” He smiled, “Now we have to get you to camp.” “If there’s any camp left,” Annabeth said. I looked past her, and saw a ripped piece of green paper. Gasping, I pushed passed the group, and ran to the paper, see that it was the cover to my Lightning THief. I bit my tongue, holding back tears as I stuffed the page into my pocket. “No one cares about Camp Half Blood at the moment. I want to find the bastard that stole my book.” Annabeth looked at Percy and then back at me, “Girl, I never told you the title of the camp.” “It’s freaking easy. You call it camp, Leo called me half blood. It’s called putting two and two together, wise girl!” I knew I had literally catapulted across the line, but I didn’t care. I was pissed to the max. Annabeth took a step towards me. Now, under normal circumstances, I would step back because I knew how badass Annabeth was, but today was not the day to mess with me. “What did you call me?” Annabeth said in a strained voice. I turned to see her looking at me, her grey eyes almost flaming with rage, and her dagger poised to strike. “I suggest you put that knife back before I take it away from you.” I said calmly. Piper jumped in the middle of us, “Annabeth, Samara, please, lets not fight.” I could feel the magic from her words, but I was too angry to give a damn. Annabeth looked confused, and Piper said, “Yes Annabeth, please put your knife back. We’re not here to fight.” Annabeth looked at her knife for a second, and strapped it back on her belt. “Now let’s fight hand to hand,” I said, grinding my teeth. Piper took a step from me, surprised. “Why didn’t you fall under my spell.” “Because spells are crap.” I stormed out of the bus, not realizing how much my favorite characters could get on my nerves. Annabeth was being a b****, something I didn’t think she would do unless she felt jealous. I smiled smugly, happy that I made Annabeth jealous. “Samara,” I heard Leo call from behind me. I turned to see the Hispanic come running to me. “Don’t be angry with Annabeth. She has a lot going on.” “Yeah, worrying about Camp Jupiter taking over Camp Half Blood.” I muttered, crossing my arms. “What?” Leo asked. “Nothing,” I sighed. “Just, wasn’t this supposed to be a rescue mission, not a b**** competition.” Leo scratched the back of his head, “Actually, we were in the neighborhood when we heard someone scream. We knew it wasn’t just any scream, it was the Panic. We came just in time to stop what was going to happen here.” He gestured to the now empty schoolyard. “Oh.” Leo looked at me, his brown eyes glistening, “How did you know I knew Morse Code?” Because you were my favorite character, and I wanted to learn Morse Code like you.“That was Morse Code? Oh, I was just tapping on your chest.” “I never said where you did it.” I turned as bright red as Apollo’s sacred cow. “Oh, uh....” Henry and Percy came out just in time. Leo turned, “Oh, hey guys. Just talking to Samara.” “I noticed,” Percy and Henry said at the same time. They looked at each other and Henry smiled. Percy just shrugged and looked back at me. “You think you can go home and forget that this ever happened?” I shook my head, almost laughing. “Forget this? Hell to the no.” Leo looked at Percy, “She’ll have to come with us. That kid might show up again.” Percy nodded, “How do you feel about boats and heights?” To a normal person, those two together would make no sense, but I knew exactly what he meant. “Oh no, I’m not going on the Argo!” Leo looked at Percy, “How does she-” “Leo,” Percy said urgently, “GO inside with Piper and Annabeth.” Leo slouched, as if he was disappointed that he had to leave, “A’right.” He ran back inside the destroyed bus, and Henry followed leaving Percy and me alone. “SO you’re the girl.” I looked at my role model, “What?” “I had gotten a dream a few years back, that a girl who knew all about me and my adventures would find me one day.” “But-” “It was before I was 12, so you wouldn’t know.” “Oh,” I looked at my shoes. “But apparently,” Percy sighed, “You are suppose to save the world.” I looked at him as if he was nuts. “It sounds batshit crazy, but it’s true. If only we knew who you’re dad was, we’d have a better understanding. But until then, you’ll have to tag along with us. I never told anyone this but Chiron.” “But I don’t know that.” Percy looked at me, “Huh. But please don’t tell Annabeth or anyone else until I’m ready.” I nodded, unsure. “But it will slip out once or twice. Sometimes more if I’m mad.” “Try not to,” Percy looked at me pleadingly. I smiled, “I’ll try my best, but no promises, right?” Percy smiled, “Fine.” Annabeth, Leo, Piper and Henry came out, and Annabeth’s face turned purple with anger when she saw me and Percy so close together. She stormed past us, and we followed her onto the boat. I looked at Percy as we climbed aboard, “I still never agreed that I would come on the Argo.” And the boat lifted into the air.


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