The White Rabbit Wonders...

The author's comments: Thought id post some new stuff. I hope the readers enjoy it and leave comments. I had just moved out of my families house and managed to find a sweet pad off of the hatters garden. We came to an agreement that if I took care of his garden while he was away on business he would lower the cost of living in it. I felt my heart flutter when I came up to the gates of the place, I had fallen in love with it right away. It had a huge backyard and a sun room and so on. Even a glass house for me to have a telescope in. But of course, nothing good lasts forever. My brother said that a mutual friends place had just been demolished due to the queens mood swings and asked me if they could stay with me. How could I say no? Someones place that was caught on fire. I sighed and wrote him back saying that they could stay with me for a while, keyword STAY, not live with me. A week later after getting the place to the way I liked it, I got a letter back saying that they were grateful and would meet me at the next tea party in the hatters manor. The events are as follow... I arrive at the party and am warmly greeted by the hatter and the other people of our dear wonderland. I saw a girl come into view and knew it was her...the friend of ours. I dropped my ears and sighed, it was my old friend Krissy, but we all just call her Kitty. We hadn't seen one another since her family moved out of bounds and we grew apart. She looked so different and yet, seeing her pulled at the heartstrings. I realized that I had missed her. Her hair was somewhat long and choppy with different shades of purple and her fur was nice and shiny. "Hello Bunneh." She smiled at me. I hugged her, "I missed you Kitty." She nods, "Let's grab a seat." We get some seats and tea and we talk about what happen. The queen and her mother had an argument about how pointless it was painting white roses red. Then she had cards come down and burn down the house. After a while the party started and things seemed to go back to normal from when we were kids. We brought her stuff in and I gave her the room upstairs and I kept the one on the main floor. She was an artist now, and a great one. She painted and decorated the house since I didn't have a lot of spare cash. Little did I know...this were different. She was an artist now and everyone knows that means she is lazy. I hate to admit it, but its true. She sleeps all day and is up all night. But I have to admit, she adds life to the place. Now I just hope this place doesn't go up in flames...


Where is he? Take a happy memory, old, rarely visited. Imagine it as a painting, oil on canvas. See the subjects, how they laugh, smile, dance. One does not. Follow that gaze to the dark corners. Someone casts a long shadow, out of view. There he is. The Shadow Man.


Rough and sharp, her voice is filled with demons. She hides beneath her tongue, a monster dancing before you. Angry and alert, her life is emergency. She rails and hurls insults – of course it’s all your fault. You hold on tight and pray you’ll make it through her teenage years. Eliza Mimski, a retired … Continue reading ELIZA MIMSKI: Holding On →


We woke under a perilous sun: too red, too hot, too close. How did we come here and how would we ever get back? We meant only to watch, to observe the Arcane Plane. But one cannot observe without becoming part. The mirror showed us more than our own darkness. Casey Laine comes from a … Continue reading CASEY LAINE: Affinity →


“Pa! They’re here.” “Who?” “The crows.” “Jeez, Ma, give it a rest.” “They’re watching.” “What?” “The garden, just waiting for the plants to grow, ripen.” “Ma!” “Then they’ll do their dirty work.” “Yer crazy, cut it out!” “Pa! One landed!” “Wait, Ma, no! Come back. Heck! Crow for dinner again.” Robin writes in the odd … Continue reading ROBIN D ANDERSON: Watching →

ROBERT HOEKMAN JR.: See How Much It Weighs (My Father in the Rain, pt. 3)

When someone can’t show up, my uncle asks me to be a pall bearer. I carry Grandpa to the ground with five men I don’t know. Grandpa who used to snatch my nose with his thick mechanic fingers. Grandpa whose skin is like rubber. I carry him to the ground. Robert Hoekman Jr thinks you … Continue reading ROBERT HOEKMAN JR.: See How Much It Weighs (My Father in the Rain, pt. 3) →