Without Wings Chapter 3 -- A Maximum Ride Story

Image Credit: Benjamin S., New Hyde Park, NY The author's comments: Comment if you want me to continue. Max's POV We can’t fly carrying much weight so Fang and I had to carry Jeb up with us. Jeb is a pretty fit guy, but he was still heavy. He finally woke up about an hour into the hike so we forced him up the hill. It took us five hours to hike up the hill. I don’t know how regular people can do it. When we got to the top the rest of the flock was gone, looking for food. Jeb walked over to our cave and laid down. What a wimp. “I’m going to find them,” Fang told me. He took off towards the closest town, leaving me with Jeb. Great. “This is another test, isn’t it,” I spat at him. I was furious. He took away the one thing that connected me to the flock. I still wasn’t a normal person, but now I wasn’t part of the flock anymore. I couldn’t stay with them, and this hike proved it. “It wasn’t my idea,” he whispered. I glared at him. He looked away. What a coward. “You let them take my wings!” I was screaming at him. I ran toward him, my anger getting stronger with each step. I pick him up by his collar and slammed him against the cave wall. “Why did you let them?” Tears were streaming down my face. Suddenly the flock landed behind me, and Fang grabbed me. He pulled me away from Jeb, away from my anger. I collapsed in his arms and cried.

AJ JOSEPH: Guardian

It protects me while I sleep. From the eight-legged reptile under my bed. From the violent poltergeist in my kitchen. From the woman in white with midnight hair down to her feet, who waits among the banana trees in my garden. It protects me, the strange being in my wardrobe. AJ Joseph occasionally writes at … Continue reading AJ JOSEPH: Guardian →


The story of the week for July 8 to 12 is… After the Water by Evan McMurry


I wake up to greet my old friend, Anxiety. How will I battle his belittlement and negativity today? “Distressing but not dangerous,” I tell myself, “strive to be average. Do the things you fear to do and wear the mask of security. Endorse for every effort, then keep moving forward.” Margie Nairn wrote this story … Continue reading MARGIE NAIRN: A New Day →


“The demons are coming,” the old woman said from the corner of her cell. “When,” the sheriff asked. “As soon as you kill me,” she replied. “What if we don’t kill you?” Cries from the townsfolk rose above the window. “That’s not how this goes,” she said, her smile anticipatory. C. P. Lopes is a … Continue reading CP LOPES: The Lot →

JEN MIERISCH: Chicago Shall Rise Again

Tomlinson raged to his feet, scattering the table and playing cards. “Cheater!” he hollered at O’Leary. “Go home, Tomlinson, you’re drunk!” As Tomlinson stumbled toward the barn door, his boot knocked over the lantern. For three days, Chicago burned. Tomlinson blamed it on O’Leary’s cow. Nobody alive could contradict him. Jen Mierisch draws inspiration from … Continue reading JEN MIERISCH: Chicago Shall Rise Again →