Without Wings Chapter 4 -- A Maximum Ride Story

Image Credit: Travis G., New Ulm, MN The author's comments: Please leave comments, good or bad. After I was done crying (so embarrassing) I pulled Fang off to the side to tell him my plan. Angel tried to follow us, but I threatened to rip her wings off and throw her off the mountain. I’m pretty sure I scarred her for life. “What do want to talk about?” Fang asked. “My wings.” “Last time I checked they were gone.” I started choking him and he yelled, “Kidding!” I let him go and I gave him my plan. He thought it over, and then he said, “Switching Jeb for your wings. It’s too risky. So much could go wrong.” “It’s the only way!” I yelled. “You can’t do it.” “You don’t know how this feels! I feel so…so alone.” I stopped talking. I was on the verge of another breakdown. Two in thirty minutes. A new record for me. I got hold of myself before the tears came and I squeaked out, “How can I stay with the flock without my wings?” And, for once, he didn’t have an answer.

CANDACE KUBINEC: The Art of Forgetting

My old dog knew how to forget unkind words and raised voices. He always forgave being left behind, didn’t hold a grudge. Instead he’d greet me with a wag and a silly dog smile. After you left us behind, a tender look from his chocolate eyes helped me forget, too. Candace Kubinec posts her stories … Continue reading CANDACE KUBINEC: The Art of Forgetting →


“Grandy, will you tell me about Hawaii?” A pause, and then he brushes his bottom lip thoughtfully with the edge of a thumb, the blue anchor on his forearm gone soft and blurry with time. In his eyes, I catch a glimpse of metal and fire. “Not much to say.” Erin Gilmore is a writer … Continue reading ERIN GILMORE: 1983 →


The story of the week for June 17 to 21 is… The View After the Climb by Bob Thurber

SUSAN GALE WICKES: Harry the Magnificent

“Harry the Magnificent” the sign read. “You’ll be amazed by his magic fingers” it added. “Oh, please,” I thought. “I’ve never been amazed by any carnival magician.” The act was boring, bland. Harry’s claims, however, were spot on. I was amazed to discover my wallet and watch were both missing. Susan Gale Wickes lives in … Continue reading SUSAN GALE WICKES: Harry the Magnificent →

TYLER ASHTON: Praying For Rain

The first drops of rain were a relief; the dry earth lapped them up greedily. Eventually the ground’s thirst became satiated, and the puddles started to grow. When the road washed out we began gathering at the church, not just to pray, but because it was built on a hill. Tyler lives in Denver, where … Continue reading TYLER ASHTON: Praying For Rain →