Without Wings Chapter 5 -- A Maximum Ride Story

Image Credit: Gracie G., St. Louis, MO Max's Point of View Believe it or not, Jeb was the one who accepted my plan. After Fang refused I told Jeb, hoping he could help. He actually wanted me to get my wings back. To save the world, he said. Whatever, I just wanted to fly again. I had to make sure Jeb was telling the truth, so I told Angel my plan. I sat down next to Angel and said, “I’m sorry for snapping at you.” She looked up at me and said, “Your plan won’t work.” Well, glad I got that out of the way. “I’m going through with it either way, but it will be easier if you help me.” “Okay, I’ll help. Oh, and Jeb is telling the truth. He’s not sure if he’s important enough for the trade, though. You might have to kidnap someone more important.” “How will we do that?” “Jeb can help.” I got up and walked over to Jeb. “How can we kidnap someone more important than you?” He raised an eyebrow and I said, “Angel.” “We would have to get into the School and take an employee hostage.”

TYLER ASHTON: Praying For Rain

The first drops of rain were a relief; the dry earth lapped them up greedily. Eventually the ground’s thirst became satiated, and the puddles started to grow. When the road washed out we began gathering at the church, not just to pray, but because it was built on a hill. Tyler lives in Denver, where … Continue reading TYLER ASHTON: Praying For Rain →

LAURA BESLEY: Her Glorious Face

Every morning, on the 8:04, I look for her face. Sometimes I see individual stars, but never the entire constellation. This is her train. The train that took her face and scattered her stars into the darkness around it. All I want is to see her face one more time. Laura Besley writes short fiction … Continue reading LAURA BESLEY: Her Glorious Face →


Turn on lo-fi music. Drive my car so I can nap. Wake me up anyways to kiss. Roll down the windows, wind tangling my hair. Take me later for a bike ride; take me anywhere. Let me pick scabs off my knees without judgement. Let me be a kid again. Autumn Bolte is an undergraduate … Continue reading AUTUMN BOLTE: Young Adult →


The story of the week for June 17 to 21 is… The View After the Climb by Bob Thurber


Jane was trapped in a world of low ceilings and high furniture. At a charity event, she met an avant-garde decorator specializing in purple lighting. She told Jane, “Stand out. Be bold and bright. Shine. No excuses.” So nowadays Jane lives in a beige cube with powerful splashes of purple. Roberta Beach Jacobson is a … Continue reading ROBERTA BEACH JACOBSON: Apartment 317 →