Without Wings Chapter 5 -- A Maximum Ride Story

Image Credit: Gracie G., St. Louis, MO Max's Point of View Believe it or not, Jeb was the one who accepted my plan. After Fang refused I told Jeb, hoping he could help. He actually wanted me to get my wings back. To save the world, he said. Whatever, I just wanted to fly again. I had to make sure Jeb was telling the truth, so I told Angel my plan. I sat down next to Angel and said, “I’m sorry for snapping at you.” She looked up at me and said, “Your plan won’t work.” Well, glad I got that out of the way. “I’m going through with it either way, but it will be easier if you help me.” “Okay, I’ll help. Oh, and Jeb is telling the truth. He’s not sure if he’s important enough for the trade, though. You might have to kidnap someone more important.” “How will we do that?” “Jeb can help.” I got up and walked over to Jeb. “How can we kidnap someone more important than you?” He raised an eyebrow and I said, “Angel.” “We would have to get into the School and take an employee hostage.”


Every Tuesday at four in the afternoon hearts racing the trio of princesses zips down the hill and skips across the cobblestones to the village library Why all the excitement? The Harry Potter book club that’s why Every princess knows nothing compares to the secrets of wizardry hidden in books Roberta Beach Jacobson is a … Continue reading ROBERTA BEACH JACOBSON: Giggles and Magic →

AUTUMN LALA: Bloody Blanchett

Something wasn’t right. Detective Tift examined his suspect. Newlywed Scott Blanchett scratched the dried blood flaking his wrists, sobbing all the while. This case was clear-cut. They had enough evidence. “Why don’t you just admit it?” Tift asked. A pause. A sniffle. “I can’t admit to what I can’t remember.” Autumn Lala lives in Ohio, … Continue reading AUTUMN LALA: Bloody Blanchett →


I ate it. All of it. It was terrible. My taste receptors burned with acid and salt. Still, my digestive system accepted it, converting the mass consumed into precious needed energy. My next meal was twice as big, mostly blue and green, much more delicious-looking. Third rock from the sun. AJ Joseph gardens while waiting … Continue reading AMELIA JINDI: Ravenous →


Her father noticed she was still playing with the pile of tea bags. “Shall we put them away now, darling?” “Leave them. They’re my friends.” She had discovered beings that exactly resembled her true form, albeit of limited intelligence. Her next report would certainly create a stir on the mothership. David Mark Williams lives in … Continue reading DAVID MARK WILLIAMS: Tea Bags →


The architects studied the plans for the umpteenth time. There was something missing, but what was it? Gabriel turned the drawings upside down and then Michael turned them sideways. “This won’t work. It will fall apart,” they both agreed. “Just get on with it,” sighed God. “It’s not that important.” Patrick Mc Loughlin is an … Continue reading PATRICK MC LOUGHLIN: Cowboy Builders →